Alaska in a Nutshell

Alaska offers some of the world's best cold water diving, featuring stunning scenery and spectacular animal sightings above and below the ocean's surface.


Diving Conditions

Visibility drastically varies depending on divesites.  You can expect to see anywhere between 25 - 80 feet. Keep in mind that when visibility is worse, it is due to upwellings of nutrients - which then pulls in the marine life - so not necessarily a bad thing!  Currents can be quite strong, so it is best to time your dives during slack tide (which operators will typically do anyways).

Marine LIfe

Due to all the nutrients in the water, and the lack of pollutants, there is a shocking amount of life up north - contrary to popular belief.  Halibut, octopus, rock fish, ling cod, sea lions, spawning salmon, and humpbacks to name a few.


Video: Dive Excursion with Nautilus Swell






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Alaska is the best kept diving experience secret on the planet. I gave it 3 stars for conditions because in the winter, topside conditions can be challenging.

Places like Seward, Whittier, Sitka, Juneau, Ketchikan and Kodiak offers a different dive experience from what you are probably used to. Yes it is cold water diving year 'round and dry suit qualifications are a must. But if you would like to try some challenging and exciting diving you might give Alaska a try.

Yes we dive year round in Alaska and no it is not always under ice. Water temps are around 40F in the winter and can reach 60F in the summer. And if you want some under ice diving well that can be found year round also.

There are available trips around the state such as a challenging trip to Ketchikan in February of 2014, salmon shark adventures and trips to Prince William Sound and Sitka.

Look at the pictures to see the variety of diving experiences. Wrecks, caverns, octopus, sea lions, orcas and a broad spectrum of smaller sea life.

The easiest and least expensive way to try some Alaska diving is to come to Anchorage. Dive Alaska in Anchorage, The SCUBA Tank in Juneau and the Deep Six Dive Center in Ketchikan are fine shops. Be very careful at any others. Some cater to commercial divers and some only want to separate you from your money.

Diving in Alaska is worth the trip. You can see moose, elk, musk ox and bears when you are topside.

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