Curacao in a Nutshell

Curacao has a little of everything which is why its a top choice for many divers.  Not only does it have easy and beautiful diving, it has great topside actifrivities/views as well.



The Diving

Curacao has a mixture of all sorts of diving, so whatever your preference you'll find it here!  It has a fringe reef surounding the island.  With calm waters and great visibility you can see the healthy corals, macro life, and abundance of marine life.  One of the most popular events occur in September and October with coral spawning.  The event happens 7 days after full moon and is quite spectacular to see!  There are also some wrecks (most known, the Superior Producer), a protected marine park covering the southern areas, and some great wall dives at Klein Curacao a small nearby island.


Time to dive, water temps, and visibility

The average topside temperatures are 85 degrees in summer and drop to mid 70s over the winter months.  Water temperatures are in the mid 80s in summer, to high 70s in winter.  Visibilty can be between 50 - 100 ft. 


Topside Activities

The captial of the whole Netherland Antilles, Willemstad is located on Curacao.  It is well worth a visit with over 700 historic buildings.  Sights worth seeing include some of the numerous museums, the floating market, and the Queen Juliana Bridge.  Coves and caves surround the island, the Hato Caves for example, cover an area of 4,900 meteres squared.  It holds romantic pools, waterfalls, limestone formations, and the famous Madonna statue - and keep a lookout for the long nose fruit bats! 








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