Alaska Salmon Shark Adventure 2017

Alaska Salmon Shark, Diving & Wildlife Photography Adventure 2017

Valdez, AK (7 Days / 6 Nights)

$3,100 pp

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Quick Pitch - Join Bluewater Photo Award Winning Photo Pro Ron Watkins and escape to nature in a beautiful remote area of Prince William Sound at Ravencroft Lodge. Our mission it to locate salmon sharks and have the opportunity to get in the water with them (no cages) and have the opportunity to get a very rare photograph.



Jun 17 - 23, 2017



$3,100 per person based on single occupancy

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Inclusions & Exclusions - Itinerary Overview - Accommodations - Trip Details


✓ 7 Days / 6 Nights single occupancy accommodations and meals at Ravencroft Lodge

✓ Transportation from Valdez, AK to the lodge

✓ Post-dinner group scenery and wildlife excursions

✓ Tanks, weights and tank refills included

✓ Columbia Glacier day trip included if everyone agrees to substitute a shark day 


✗ Flights/Shuttles to Valdez, AK

✗ Drinks

✗ Snacks

✗ Extra time in Alaska

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Itinerary Overview

> Day 1 (June 17th) - Travel day from Valdez, AK to Lodge. Depart at 12pm

> Day 2-6 Sharks in the morning followed by diving. Day ends at 2pm

> Day 7 (June 23rd) - Travel day back to Valdez, AK. Depart Lodge at 9am for Valdez

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Ravencroft Lodge - The lodge sits on 240 acres of private land that is surrounded by national forest on all sides with an amazing view of Prince William Sound and its impressive historic Chugach Mountain Range. There are 7 buildings that make up the lodge, one of which is the bunkhouse. It has 8 private rooms, that each has two twin size beds. Read here for more information about Ravencroft Lodge.

Alaska June 2017 Trip
Alaska June 2017 TripAlaska June 2017 Trip
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Trip Details


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Trip Overview

While searching for the sharks with local expert guide Boone Hodgin, there are often huge moon jellyfish blooms in the sound that provide a surreal diving experience and potential for truly unique and award winning images. Or, slip into the water to photograph bald eagles swooping down from the nest to snatch fish out of the water. In the afternoon, dive into the Alaska waters and experience forests of white plume anemones, kelp and view native shrimp, crabs, nudibranchs and local fish including the splendid Irish Lord fish.

Alaska June 2017 Trip Alaska June 2017 Trip Sampaguita Resort MoalboalSampaguita Resort MoalboalAlaska June 2017 Trip

Alaska June 2017 TripSampaguita Resort MoalboalSampaguita Resort MoalboalAlaska June 2017 Trip

After a warm home cooked meal, head out on the skiffs to explore the miles of coastline in search of local wildlife (dear, bears, otters, bald eagles and more). Or, head to a local pebble bottom stream and photograph various species of salmon swimming upstream among the towering pine trees. 

Alaska June 2017 TripAlaska June 2017 Trip

This excursion is only offered at peak times of shark sighting's during the summer. But there are NO GUARANTEE’S that you will see a shark. These are wild animals in the open ocean and are free to travel vast distances at any given time. Weather, food sources and other unknown factors may bring sharks to arrive/depart the area sooner or arrive/depart later in the summer.

Alaska June 2017 TripAlaska June 2017 Trip

Snorkeling and Diving in remote Alaska can be dangerous if divers do not adhere to their own safety. There is no decompression chamber in our area and medical services can be hours away depending on weather conditions. Divers looking for dangerous stunts or making deep dives are asked to stay home. Sharks can be unpredictable and guests choose to swim without the use of a cage of their own free will.

This is not your typical tropical dive resort trip, but if you are up for a truly unique diving and nature experience in the wilds of Alaska, then join our adventure.

Alaska June 2017 TripAlaska June 2017 Trip

Additional Information

✓ Snorkel Rental Gear - If renting a wetsuit, please let us know your size/sizes ahead of time to ensure that we have the correct gear for our adventure ahead of time.

✓ Special Dietary Restrictions - Please give us advance notice if you have any food allergies. We will do our best to accommodate you within reason, but are limited to Valdez, AK for any special food items. With prior notice, we will be better able to serve you.

✓ Single Supplement Rooms: Room is based on single occupancy of your group members. If you'd like to be paired with another, please let us know prior to your arrival.

✓ Required: DAN Insurance and proof of "C" card certification is required for all divers. No exceptions.

✓ Number of Dives: We plan at least two dives per day (except travel days), but an exact number of dives cannot be given. It all depends on weather conditions and amount of time spent with sharks. On this expedition, shark time has priority over diving time.

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