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Our Travel Advisors are the Best in the Industry


Our travel advisors have decades of combined dive and underwater photography experience worldwide. This large, dedicated team allows us to match you with an advisor who is not only an expert on the region you're interested in visiting, but also knowledgeable about your style of travel. So, what makes the team special? Each travel advisor brings unique skills and experience to the team, from cruise directors to photo pros to expats who have immersed themselves in the local diving. Our advisors have spent time diving with Bluewater Travel's partners and can provide general recommendations while also addressing specific concerns. Many travel advisors will be leading group trips and photo workshops during the year, presenting many opportunities to dive with the team. This personal touch, along with lowest pricing, will help you plan the trip you've been dreaming about.

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The Best of Professionals

Katie is the Director of Operations and a Travel Advisor for Bluewater Travel.

Join Katie on one of her next dive adventures the Galapagos (May 2018) or Papua New Guinea.

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Scott is the owner of Bluewater Travel, Bluewater Photo and the Underwater Photography Guide. Scott's area of expertise include Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, Australia and the United States.

Join Scott on one of his next dive adventures in Galapagos (Jan 2016 and May 2016).

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Tim is a Travel Advisor for Bluewater Travel, he also is a PADI and SDI Instructor with Eco Dive Center on the weekends.

Join Tim on one of his next dive adventures in Socorro (Mar 2016), Palau (July 2016) and Cocos Island (October 2016).

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Adam is a Travel Advisor for Bluewater Travel, recently returning from work in Thailand he is excited to plan your next adventure.

Join Adam on his next dive adventure in Komodo National Park (Aug 2016). 

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Tristyn is the newest addition to the Bluewater Travel Team. She has been diving Since 2007 and cant get enough time in the water!

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Mark is a professional underwater photographer and dive travel expert. His regions of expertise include Thailand, Fiji, Indonesia and anywhere sharks can be found.

Join Mark on one of his next dive adventures in the Andaman Islands (Feb 2016), Solomon Islands (Aug 2016) and Raja Ampat (Dec 2016 & Dec 2017).

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Vijay was a world traveler even before he got into scuba. He now leads underwater photo workshops with Bluewater Photo.

Join Vijay on one of his next dive adventures in Anilao (Dec 2015) and Raja Ampat (Dec 2016)

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Ron is an underwater photographer with extensive dive travel experience in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and Indonesia.

Join Ron on one of his next dive adventures in Alaska (June 2017), California (Aug 2017) or Truk Lagoon (Feb 2018).

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Sadie is our office dog. Email Sadie.

Tcharlie is our other office dog, and best friends with Sadie.