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Volivoli Beach Resort Quick Pitch - Volivoli Beach Resort is the ultimate diving paradise in Fiji for beginners and advanced divers alike, located in one of Fiji's best diving destinations with over 50 superb dive sites no more than 20 minutes boat ride away. The resort is also home to Ra Divers, a fully certified PADI & SSI dive center with over 18 years of experience.

Volivoli Beach Resort Quick Stat

No. of Rooms: 47

Internet: Paid

Air Conditioning: Yes

Private Bathroom: Yes

Beachfront: Yes

Family-Friendly: Yes

Nitrox: Available

Dive Courses: PADI & SSI

Skill Levels: All Levels

Shore Diving: Yes

Dive Center: On-site (Ra Divers)

Non-Diving Activities: Fishing & Kiteboarding

How to Get There -  Volivoli Beach is just ten minutes drive from the town of Rakiraki or a two hour and a half to three hour scenic drive from Nadi International Airport. Transfers can be arranged upon request.

Dive Overview -  Some of Ra Divers’ most popular sites are in the fascinating Vatu i ra Passage. These sites are a mixture of walls, bommies and drift dives, all of which are teaming with life and colour. Sites like Black magic mountain, Mellow yellow and Instant replay will soon be etched in your memory forever. For those seeking a real thrill ‘Breathtaker’ is a deep reef dive to see an incredible display of large fish, white tip, black tip, whalers and grey reef sharks. Wreck diving also available.

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Volivoli Resort Map

Volivoli Beach Resort


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Types of Rooms, Amenities and Photos

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Volivoli Beach Resort Room Overview -  Volivoli Beach Resort offers 47 rooms in 3 different types: Premium Ocean View, Deluxe Ocean View and Premium Ocean View Studio Bure.

Ocean View Room

Volivoli Beach Resort

Room Size: 40 sqm (430 sqft)

Capacity: 2 adults + 2 children

Amenities: 1 queen size bed and 2 single beds , WiFi (charges apply), deck chairs, 2 large ceiling fans, air con, tea and coffee facilities, balcony

Deluxe Ocean View Room

Volivoli Beach Resort

Room Size: 60 sqm (645 sqft)

Capacity: 2 adults + 2 children

Amenities: 2 queen size beds, a writing desk, WiFi (charges apply), deck chairs, 2 large ceiling fans, air conditioning, large ensuite bathroom, tea and coffee facilities


Premium Ocean View Studio Bure

Volivoli Beach Resort

Room Size: 60 sqm (645 sqft)

Capacity: 2 adults + 2 children

Amenities: Air con, queen size bed, 2 sofa beds, ensuite bahtroom, washing machine, WiFi (charges apply), large private balcony

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Resort Facilities


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Sampaguita Resort MoalboalSampaguita Resort Moa
Volivoli Beach ResortVolivoli Beach Resort

Volivoli's Nuku Bar & Restaurant offers delicacies prepared daily from the freshest produce of the local markets

Volivoli Beach Resort Features

✓ On-site dive center

✓ Restaurant & bar

✓ Spacious swimming pool

✓ Kiteboarding

✓ Spa services

✓ Beachfront

✓ Internet (charges apply)

✓ Fishing

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Schedule & Rates

Volivoli Beach Resort Rates

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Exclusive Bluewater Travel 7-Night Package Rate - Pay only US$2,050 per person to dive and stay 7 nights at Volivoli Beach Resort, Fiji.

Package Includes

7 Nights Accomodation in Deluxe Ocean View

✓ Full board meals - 3 daily meals with juice and milk during breakfast, rainwater coffee and tea all day

3 days of 2 tank boat diving and 2 days of 3 tank boat diving (includes tanks, weights and dive guide)

Total of 12 dives and paying for only 10

Free nitrox

✓ Free 15 minute head and neck massage

✓ Free use of kayak and other resort activities

✓ Round trip transfers from Nadi,Airport to resort

✓ Includes resort and goverment taxes (9% VAT, 10% SST and 6% ELT)

Terms and Conditions

• Rates are based in USD

Rates are based in twin sharing occupancy

• Upgrade to Premium Ocean View - additional $359 per night

• Booking should only be made through Bluewater Travel

• Subject to availability

• Cannot combine wih other specials

• Not applicable with group incentive.

• Must specify UWPG17 when booking

Volivoli Beach Resort Rates & Availability - Drop us an email at info@bluewaterdivetravel.com or call us today at 310-915-6677 and let us help you plan your dream dive vacation!
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Dive Information & Itineraries

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Fiji Dive Overview - The year in Fiji is roughly divided into two seasons; ‘wet’ and ‘dry’. The wet season, characterised by heavy brief local showers, generally begins in November and can extend through to April.

Topside Temperature - Daytime temperatures range from an average of 25°C (77°F) during the dry season, up to 31°C (88°F) in the wetter months whilst evenings are marginally cooler and can drop to just 21°C (70°F).

Water Temperature - Water temperatures are broadly similar throughout the region; the coolest waters are usually to be found in July to October with an average of approximately 26°C (78°F). Warmer waters are common in February- June with averages of approximately 28°C (82°F).

Wetsuit Recommendation - Most guests find that a 3mm shorty and possibly a rash vest is suitable for the water temperature in the warmer months, and 3mm – 5mm long for the rest of the year.However, for guests who feel the cold easily, especially with repeated diving, we recommend to bring an extra vest / hood.

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Dive Sites - The reefs in the surrounding Bligh Waters are some of the healthiest in the world, with very little pollution and few boats, so you’ll be able to see an array of marine life including anemone fish, turtles, colourful soft coral and reef sharks. Ra Divers' staff have hand picked more than 50 superb dive sites. Most of the best sites are no more than 20 minutes by boat from Volivoli Beach.

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Dive Center Information


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Volivoli Beach ResortVolivoli Beach Resort
About Ra Divers - The Ra Divers is one of Fiji’s longest established diving operations, and our staff are renowned for their local knowledge and expertise. A fully-professional SSI Dive Resort that was established in the 1980s, Ra Divers offer a variety of dive packages for beginners to advanced. With over 18 years local experience diving the Bligh Waters has allowed our crew to handpick superb dive sites for a truly unique experience. Check out our interactive dive site map below to help familiarize yourself with our sites before you come.

Dive Boats - Ra Divers has built dive boats for certified divers and an extra boat for student divers. The boats are brand new purpose built dive boats capable of carrying 35 divers total. In 2017, Ra Divers has decided to go to a Hydrofoil Catamaran Hull for the new addition to their dive boat fleet. Named the “ Volivoli Cat”, the boat will be surveyed for 24 passengers meaning groups of 18 Divers plus crew can comfortably enjoy a fast and smooth ride to the dive sites daily.

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Underwater Gallery 

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Reviews (3)


In August of 2017 I lead a small group trip to VoliVoli Resort for Bluewater Photo. I had chosen the resort due to the ease of getting there, the reputation and value of the resort and the quality of the diving in this region, known as the Bligh Waters. The experience there exceeded my expectations.

Getting to VoliVoli was a breeze. Fiji Airways offers direct non-stop flights from Los Angeles to Nadi, where you are picked up for the resort transfer. The resort is situated about 3 hours from the airport and is located on the north coast of the main island of Viti Levu. No domestic flights are required to get to the resort.

The resort, located in the village of Raki Raki, is built on a hill with beautiful panoramic ocean views. This region is well know for it's world class diving and some of the best diving offered in Fiji. The resort is well run with a selection of accommodations located towards the top of the hill. A few steps below is the restaurant and lounge area, with the pool just outside. At the bottom of the hill is the dive shop and beach bar. The downside was a lack of a camera room near the dive shop, which made it necessary to carry camera gear back to the room for daily maintenance. However, the resort was very eager and accommodating to assist with schlepping our camera gear back and forth, with use of their "shuttle service" AKA golf carts. The accommodations at the resort were very comfortable and the food was good, but the real treat was the staff, who treated you like family. All of the staff knew you by name within the first 24 hours and all went out of their way to make the stay a very pleasant one, always greeting you with a warm Fijian smile and a hardy BULA!

The dive operations were run very smoothly and the crew were a joy to dive with. They were always keeping safety in mind with everything from choosing the divesites based on conditions to assisting divers back to the boat when the seas picked up. The main reason we were here was for the diving and that certainly didn't disappoint! I was very pleasantly surprised to see how healthy the reefs were. I was a little concerned after reports from hurricane Winston were often to the effect of needing to give time for the reefs to recover. While some of the reefs did sustain damage, there were many dive sites where the reefs appeared untouched, even in the shallows in about 15 feet of water. The best dive sites were about an hour out, into the Vatu I Ra Passage. Sites such as Black Magic Mountain, Instant Replay and our favorite, Mellow Yellow, showed us just why Fiji is know as the soft coral capital of the world, with some of the most colorful reefs anywhere. The great thing was that there were some amazing dive sites within 10 minutes of the resort, so on days when it was a little rougher and more difficult to get out to the passage, we were not stuck with lesser dive sites. Some favorites were Pinnacles and Redemption.

Overall, VoliVoli Beach Resort was a great place to stay and very easy to get to from the International airport. The diving in this area is what would have me coming back at any chance I had. If you've been thinking about going to Fiji and wanted a place that was easy to get to and has spectacular diving, VoliVoli is a great way to go!

Visited on 08/2017 - Submitted on 10/31/2017
  • Reviewer
, HI
United States

Diving in Volivoli means away from the crowd, major cities, and bull sharks diving in Bela Lagoon. Volivoli is located about 2-hour bus ride from Nadi International Airport, in a town called Rakiraki, at the northern tip of Viti Levu. All the diving are done in the Vatu-I-Ra Channel, translated as "Rocks under Water". Diving here is no less than expected: magnificent, vibrant, robust hard and soft corals on the reef walls, bommies, and slopes. Schooling of barracudas, jacks, trevallies, fusiliers, surgeon fish, etc are everywhere. Scallop hammerheads, reef sharks, and manta rays are residents in the channel. For underwater photographers, there are also plenty of macro opportunities: blue ribbon nudis, hairy ghost pipefish, winged pipefish, Saron shrimps, orangutans, decorated crabs, etc.

If you think that great frigate birds, shear waters, and masked boobies are only found on Galapagos Islands or the Northwestern Hawaiian Island Marine Reserve, think again. The nesting sites for these birds are on the bird island, right in between the major dive sites of Ra Divers. Ra Divers makes surface interval stop on this island for surprise land visit. For the bird enthusiasts, inquire ahead so you can bring an extra camera for topside photos (instead of rising to flood your UW camera or getting sands and dirts on O-rings).

The Ra divers who are part of Volivoli resort are a bunch of nice DM and captain, although some of the DM are better than the others. They can definitely use a little more training and dive gears supports. I do not recommend this place to novice or newly certified divers, for two reasons: 1. The remote location from the closest hospital and decompression chamber; 2. The potential strong currents within the channel, especially during big tidal change. So buyers beware.

Another drawback at Ra Divers is for the underwater photography. When we were there in September, there was not a separate rinse tank for camera gears or table/bench to set down the camera after the boat dives Eventually we solved this problem: first rinse off our dive gears and body, then walk a 100 yards distance to the swimming pool where the housing/camera could be totally submerged for a good cleaning and manipulation of button. It's definitely inconvenient! Good news is that a brand new dive shop with camera stations was under construction adjacent to the existing dive shed, and the projected finishing date was around Christmas of 2014!

Volivoli is run and owned by the Darling family, who are real darlings and nicest people. The father and sons team was present on site everyday and were very receptive to any feedbacks and suggestions. The Fijian staff was amazing and friendly. When people try their best to remember every single guest's name, room number, and their meal preference, even though they might not see the guests ever again in a million years, that tells a lot to me!

This was my land based dive trip preceding the Fiji Siren liveaboard 7-day dive trip, which the Darling family is the partial owner. I highly recommend spending some time at Volivoli before the Fiji Siren, or even just doing the land base trip alone. Fiji Islands are very diverse and rich in term of culture and history of Pacific Islands. There are many surprising facts and stories of this mixed of Melanesian and Polynesian people. Whether you are the minimalist in activity or enthusiast of cultural exchange, Fiji Islands has it all.

Visited on 09/2014 - Submitted on 10/17/2014
New Zealand

I am a very experienced diver (used to work in the industry). We found the entire experience at Volivoli excellent.

The resort is comfortable, medium size. The staff were all very friendly.

The rooms were great (water view studio)- they had kitchen, wide porch, great air ventilation.

Food was homestyle, but nice. All staff were friendly and sincere.

Dive boats, professional and first rate.

Diving to the straits was the best. Current flows had soft corals in full bloom- and divers could duck behind the bommies to take photos out of the current.

Marine life prolific when currents running. Healthy corals, lots of reef fish. Spotted reef sharks on most dives.
Best dives were longer boat trips from the resort.

Great spot- feels out of the way .

Highly recommend- will probably return

Visited on 07/2013 - Submitted on 02/25/2014