Today was our first day diving with Gangga Divers and Lotus Bungalows in Candidasa, Bali. There are a wide variety of dive sites near Candidasa and we joined two great dives in Padang Bai as our first day. The water is currently 2 degrees cooler here than in Tulamben ( 78 F / 26 C) but the dives are just as action packed.



Dive 1 was at Jepun, which is just minutes away from the small boat harbor. We descended to a very cool small motor boat wreck and then past some artificial reef structures and rocks on the white sand slope. We saw all sorts of critters, including scorpionfish, batfish being cleaned, cardinalfish brooding eggs, several cuttlefish, nudibranchs, pipehorses and more.


The Pier

Dive 2 was at the pier, which is a relatively new site. It was built for cruise ships but isn’t regularly used, except by locals fishing off the side. There was incredible life in and around the pier pilings. Many different schools of fish filled the water column, while we found abundant critters on the sand, including a rhinopias (on our Top 5 Critters List).


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s report, as we’re headed over to Gili Tepekong and Gili Mimipang for more underwater photo and video. Scuba diving in this area of Bali is very dependent on the currents so photographers should be ready. Be sure to check out our Drift Diving Photo Tips.