It’s 2am and we made 4 dives today plus filmed, edited and posted Episode 6 – our Eco Divers Lembeh resort video. If you haven’t yet, check out our Eco Divers Minahasa Lagoon resort video and Lembeh Strait resort & day liveaboard video. That’s right… a daytime only liveaboard.


It’s been a fun three days of diving with Eco Divers:  Two great wide-angle dives in Bunaken, then two macro dives right near Minahasa Lagoon at Bulo I and Bulo II yesterday, and 4 dives today in Lembeh. Our last dive was the famed mandarin fish dive, which had more bold mandarin fish couples that I could count popping up along the reef! These last two days have been critters, critters, critters! The Eco Divers team is very nice and the guides have kept us moving from one critter to the next.


After just one day diving Lembeh Strait, I can see why it’s such a renowned dive destination for macro lovers. In a week you could probably see a huge portion of the Underwater Photography Guide‘s Macro & Muck Diving Critter List.


Instead of writing a full dive report, we’ll stick with some the photo highlights that show some of the variety of marine life we’ve encountered the last two days in Manado and in Lembeh.

All photos shot with a Canon 5D Mk3 in an Aquatica A5dMk3 Housing, using an I-Torch Pro6 Focus Light.


Diving with Eco Divers in North Sulawesi