Adam Gibson

Adam is both a Travel Advisors with Bluewater Travel, and the Marketing Director of Bluewater Travel & Photo.  Growing up with a scuba diving dad– Adam’s interest in SCUBA started at a very young age.  He obtained his Open Water certification when he was 15 and the addictions only got worse from there!
As a native Virginian Adam started off slow, only getting to dive once every few years in places like Hawaii and Aruba. But as he got older, his passion for traveling and diving grew and he expanded his reach to around the world.  He recently finished his Divemasters in Thailand, then started working as the Head DM for 6 months before joining our team.
As he's explored a large portion of the Southeast-Asia Trail, he has now focused his “diving-bucketlist” South to locations like, Socorro, Galapagos, Cocos, and throughout the Caribbean.
When Adam’s not planning your perfect getaway, you’ll find him hiking up a trailhead, snowboarding, scuba diving, or just relaxing near home at one of our beautiful beaches.


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