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Club Cantamar Resort, La Paz


I was happy to arrive in LaPaz, for my first underwater photo trip. My first interest were the sea lions and the whale sharks. It was a 6 days diving trip, with three dives a day. The dives for the week were plan around two half a day of snorkelling with the whale sharks, many dives with the sea lions, couple macro dives and a few wreck dives.
We ate breakfast around 7 AM and we were going on our boats around 8 AM. People were relax, friendly and I really appreciate the space on the boats... I could choose to be in the sun or in the shade, walk around, talk with the staff, guides, participants, or just take a nap if I want... Free beverages were available at all times like bottle water, sodas, juice, fresh fruits, and lots of snacks like cookies and chips. The lunch was given on the boat and were always good.
What I did appreciate the most was the great availability and true willing of the organizers of BlueWater trip to make our week memorable and makes us happy with the kind of dive we wanted to do and the tips to improve our underwater photography. They were generous of their time and knowledge.. We never felt in a hurry to finish a dive, for they waited for the divers to get out of the water when they were willing too, as much as possible. The dive sites were easy diving and offer great photo picturing.
The interest of the staff to makes every body happy brought us to live unforgettable experience with marine life. We went out to look for whale sharks...we find mantas...great ! we jumped into the water, snorkelling and swimming around them and taking pictures as much as we could...then went back on looking for whale sharks again, and we were happy to get the visit of a bunch of dolphins ! into the water everybody jumped again and swim with them...How awesome !... there is no words to explain the great experience it is to be free in the big blue and seeing mantas, whale sharks and dolphins coming towards you, and swimming around you...nothing to do with getting around a dolphin in captivity ...an experience I already have had...And same great experience at Los Islotes with the playful sea lions...could dive around them for hours, watching them play around like cheerful kids...great pictures too. When the boat was getting back to the resort at the end of the afternoon, I felt grateful for the experience, my best dive and snorkelling experience with so much contact with marine Life. And it was so cool to get together at night for a great dinner and get together with the group and watch and discuss the pictures taken during the day...what a memorable trip, I'll do it again and again if I could.
Thank you to BluewWater for a reel life experience.

Visited on 10/2013 - Submitted on 02/16/2014
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