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NAD Lembeh Resort


I spent 10 nights at NAD Lembeh in September 2012. The resort is located on the Lembeh island, so you need to take the boat to get there. And once there, you pretty much stay on the island until your departure. Around the resort there are some villages, but the closest big city, Bitung, is on the mainland. Something to consider if you are looking to go to Bitung to get things.

The diving, well, I don't think I have much to add about diving in Lembeh (it's GREAT, but don't expect much coral). Most of the well-known Lembeh dive sites are north of the resort. The resort also has a house reef which is free to dive if you stay for at least 5 nights, but I didn't get a chance to explore it much when I was there, just dived it briefly when I arrived to check the weights.

Here is the routine for a typical dive day. Prior to the day you will see your assigned boat, guide, and dive sites. In the morning, you wake up to have your breakfast, and then off for your first 2 dives (surface interval on the boat). After the second dive you go back to the resort for your lunch, and then you leave for your afternoon dive. Tell your guide after your afternoon dive if you want to do mandarin or night dive (it will happen if there are enough interests).

It's reasonable to expect the same guide for most of your stay, however, it might be the case that your regular guide has a day off during your stay, in which case you will dive with another guide. Also for your mandarin or night dive, you might be with a different guide, depending on which guides are available to work on the night shift. However, not to worry, all the guides are great! The guides here are not divemasters and mostly there to spot critters (they have great eyes!). Each guide usually works with up to four guests.

Food is served buffet style, mostly Indonesian food. When I was there, everyone sat on a long table, that way you could interact with the other guests. They have two kinds of rooms, beach-front, which are kind of basic, and bungalows, which are nicer but require some climbing. I stayed in a beach-front room, and my accommodation rating reflects that. Internet can be spotty, depending on the status of the Indonesian Internet provider at the particular time (evening could be slow because a lot of people in Indonesia get on the Internet at that time). Also, don't forget your insect repellent!

All in all, would I go back and stay there? Definitely! I might want to check the bungalows.

Visited on 09/2012 - Submitted on 10/29/2014
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