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I've been to the Red Sea a few times and it's a place I will keep going back to. I normally stay in Dahab, which is about an hours drive from Sharm el Sheikh airport.

The diving there is really easy, it's mostly shore diving, so you just kit up and fall in the water. The entries and exits are very easy (especially compared to the UK!). The visibility is also fantastic, you can normally see another diver clearly around 20m away. The variety of fish life that you can see is unbelievable, and it starts as soon as you put your head in the water. As a photographer, I love seeing the hundreds of lionfish around, as well as loads of different nudibranchs. There are also loads of unicorn fish, parrotfish, cornet fish and, of course, you can find Nemo! The reefs are beautiful, and start right at the surface, again, great for photography, and are surrounded by angelfish, butterfly fish and anthias.

One of the best things about the Red Sea is the warm water, it was 28 degrees C! In think September is the best time to go, but even in the middle of winter the water is still around 22 degrees, and the air temp around 20, so it's still warmer than Europe! And there isn't really any current, so all the diving is really easy.

My favourite sites are the Canyon (a big crack in the ground which starts at around 18m and goes down to 30m and beyond) and Bannerfish Bay (the bay right in the middle of town that has amazing variety- I saw lionfish, turtle, a huge napolean and seahorses all on one dive!).

Aside from photographers, Dahab would be great for all level divers, you even regularly see tech dives with their multitude of tanks!

In the evenings there are loads of restaurants along the seafront, and a couple of bars. On our last day we were going to go windsurfing, but were too tired, so we ended up looking around all the shops, and had fun bartering for some presents.

Visited on 09/2012 - Submitted on 03/01/2014
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