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Crystal Blue Resort


Crystal Blue is a great resort and I would highly recommend it.

Accommodations are local style and comfortable. One thing to note is the property is on a slope, so the rooms are located at various levels of elevation. If you do not like steps, request one of the rooms closer to the restaurant.

The dive center is right by the water, so diving logistics are very simple. Crystal Blue is very well located in the strait, so boat rides generally take less than 10 minutes. The guides are knowledgeable and keen. Marine life in Anilao is fantastic. Expect loads of nudibranchs and macro critters of all shapes and sizes. Most of the photography in Anilao is focused on macro, but you can find excellent wide angle opportunities at Twin Rocks and Beatrice.

Food is plentiful and the staff try hard, but I found the food a little bland.

Visited on 05/2011 - Submitted on 08/23/2014
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Lembeh Strait


Lembeh is one of the world's muck diving havens. Lembeh's volcanic sands are home to an amazing variety of strange macro creatures. This includes all kinds of small fish, seahorses, cephalopods, sea slugs, crustaceans, etc. It is a great place for macro photography, where you can observe marine life and animal behavior up close.

The dive sites generally have either black sandy bottoms or coral reefs. Because the dive sites are all within a sheltered strait, the surface conditions are very easy and travel time to get to the sites is short. This makes the diving very easy and not strenuous. Most sites are relatively shallow, allowing you plenty of bottom time.

Overcrowding has become an issue in recent years. The dive operators have done quite a good job of self-regulation, with a maximum of 3 boats allowed at any one dive site (if you are the 4th boat to arrive, you have to head elsewhere). Also, the mandarinfish dives are highly regulated with a maximum number of divers allowed at any one site.

There are plenty of resorts in Lembeh to suit all tastes and budgets, from high end villa/spa resorts to family friendly and budget offerings.

What Lembeh is not so good for:
- Large animal life. Most of the marine life in Lembeh is quite small and best suited to macro photography.
- Topside activities. There is not a lot to do for non-divers.
- While the area is quite picturesque, the waters are filled with litter such as plastic bags, snack wrappers, plastic bottles, metal cans, etc.

Visited on 10/2013 - Submitted on 08/24/2014
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