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I spent 10 days on the Komodo Dancer in December 2012. It is a long trip to get there, but diving in Indonesia is worth it. I had to overnight in Bali and then a short flight the following day to the port where the boat was located. The Komodo Dancer is very different from any other liveaboard I have done. It is designed as a traditional Indonesian boat, sails and all. We were very fortunate that early December is not a popular time to dive and there were only 7 divers on the boat. The boat can accommodate 16 divers so we each had a room to ourselves. The boat was clean and in good condition. Other than a few issues with hot water in the showers, there were no complaints. The food was quite adequate. Since the area is primarily Muslim and alcohol is frowned upon, liquor is quite expensive. Unlimited beer was available but wine was limited to one glass with dinner. More than that had to be paid for. Diving was done from a smaller boat. We geared up on the main boat and walked with fins in hand to the smaller boat. Back roll into the water, gear was removed in the water after the dive, lifted into the boat by the crew, then we went up a small ladder. It worked well. I had been to Palau previously, so was not my first time in the Pacific, but it was still spectacular, compared to Caribbean diving. The highlights for me were anemone fish, frog fish, pipe fish, leaf fish, manta rays, numerous nudibranchs, giant clam, manta shrimp, fire urchins, many types of small crabs, octopus, and sea snakes. One of our last dives was at a Manta cleaning station, and there were somewhere like 10-12 Mantas circling around us the whole dive. We were in just 30' of water, so we were able to stay for a long time. The crew was great, the dive masters very knowledgeable. Most dives were drift dives, some dives had more current than I liked, but most were just fine. At one point, we were taken to a beach where we able to get quite close to several Komodo Dragons. They are just amazing and not dangerous at all. All in all, it was a wonderful experience.

Visited on 12/2012 - Submitted on 01/26/2014
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