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Tawali Dive Resort


I went here for 5 days after the 10 day Solomon to PNG liveaboard trip on the Master. The dive resort is lovely, spanning two coves, one with a pool and dive shop, and the other where the boat picks you up and where you shore dive from. Also, tons of line fishermen and children by the dock, where a massive school of sardines lives.

The diving was gorgeous! Saw a mobula on the first house reef dive! Tons of nudibranch and soft corals, as well as schooling fish. The conditions were more challenging out into Milne Bay, but the action was well worth it. The divemaster was excellent at finding macro. The dive boat had enough space, though the resort was not very full at the time.

The rooms were large and comfy. I was not too fond of the food. I found the staff a bit lazy and felt I was putting them out. Not sure if it is typical for PNG.

I went to the scull cave, awesome!!!!

The village walk was really interesting, and we followed a trail along the coast back to the resort; followed by some of the children. It was beautiful! We passed many huts spaced out along the way, which the villagers live in, and the village is the school, health clinic, and church. The people were friendly and followed us around our tour. Cute kids!

Overall, a nice place and awesome scuba diving!

Visited on 04/2016 - Submitted on 05/18/2020
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Solomons Master


I went on 2 trips, both were 10 days. The first was their first Discovery trip going from Solomons to PNG. The next one was the best of. I loved the staff. So helpful, friendly, and informative. We had fish and coral ID presentations and history ones on the significance of each wreck we dived. The corals were beautiful, and marine life pristine. Not much in the way of big stuff here, except for the dolphins that would ride on the bow of the boat.

For me, it was just enough wrecks, so it did not dominate the itinerary. For those of you who are wreck fanatics, they do wreck only trips too.

My only issue with the boat is that only the upper rooms have bathrooms in the room. They also have the least amount of space to put your clothes and toiletries. Though the second trip I had my own room, so not as bad of an issue.
The dive deck was nicely spaced. Divemasters were excellent.

The village tours were heartwarming and interesting. It was wonderful to see the relationship the staff had with the local children and villagers. The food was really good. I loved the dug out canoes that would bring us our produce.

Overall, a fabulous time! I would go back again, especially that they have so many regions for different diving, including into PNG.

Visited on 06/2019 - Submitted on 05/18/2020
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