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Tommy is an avid marine life photographer, ocean lover and diver of over 20 years. His dad introduced him to scuba at a young age while vacationing in Tulum, Mexico. Now a certified dive master, he’s led hundreds of trips and has worked with both novice and the most advanced divers. Diving has provided him opportunities to travel, visit many Caribbean destinations, lead workshops in the Philippines, photograph sharks in Fiji and explore the kelp forests of California. These experiences have instilled in him a deep respect for our oceans. 

Now planted in a small beach town, Tommy enjoys a surf before work and time with his family.



  • Moorea Trip Report 2022
  • French Polynesia August/September 2024 Whale Snorkeling Trips
  • September 14 - 21, 2024
  • Our whale boat stays out all day, taking advantage of time in the early morning, mid-day, and late afternoon when many other operators (i.e. half-day boats) are not out.
  • We have selected a top-notch operator with a high level of expertise in finding whales and providing you the best chance of having a quality encounter in the water. Having an operator who knows how to get you a better whale experience is critical in Moorea.
  • Our operator’s boat has a hydrophone, which not only helps us to locate the singing male humpback whales but also provides you the opportunity to hear the whales' song in great detail!
  • Humpback whale season is from August 1st to November 1st. All trips are at the peak of the season.
  • 7N for only $2,995
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