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Alor Divers Eco Resort

Alor Divers Eco Resort from the sea.
The beach at Alor Divers Eco Resort
Diving with hammerhead sharks at Alor Divers Eco Resort
Bungalows at Alor Divers Eco Resort
A row of bungalows at Alor Divers Eco Resort
The interior of a bungalow at Alor Divers Eco Resort.
A deck of a bungalow at Alor Divers Eco Resort.
A bathroom in a bungalow at Alor Divers Eco Resort.
Sea view from a bungalow at Alor Divers Eco Resort.
A bungalow interior at Alor Divers Eco Resort.
A bungalow at Alor Divers Eco Resort.
Interior of a bungalow at Alor Divers Eco Resort.
Alor Divers Eco Resort tucked into the jungle.
Sunset view from Alor Divers Eco Resort.
Beautiful sunset views from Alor Divers Eco Resort.
Seascape at Alor Divers Eco Resort.
Restaurant at Alor Divers Eco Resort.
Beach loungers at Alor Divers Eco Resort.
Dive equipment storage at Alor Divers Eco Resort.
Dive equipment drying rack at Alor Divers Eco Resort.
Dive equipment area at Alor Divers Eco Resort.
Dive equipment area at Alor Divers Eco Resort.
The dive center at Alor Divers Eco Resort.
A boat at Alor Divers Eco Resort.
Dive boat at Alor Divers Eco Resort.


Destination: Indonesia

Jl. Tengiri, No. 1, Alor, Nusa Tenggara Timur | Full-board + 2 dives from $196/ppn

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Alor Divers Quick Pitch

This eco dive resort caters specifically to scuba enthusiasts from mid-March to mid-December, boasting knowledgeable dive staff and a pristine house reef for excellent shore diving.


Alor Divers Highlights

  • All-inclusive rates (all meals and 2 boat dive per day included)
  • 3 deluxe and 5 standard bungalows for 14 divers max
  • Low ratio divers/guide
  • Only one group/dive site
  • Unlimited house reef diving
  • Custom built fast fiberglass boats
  • Full-board healthy meals with local products
  • No extra charge for single occupancy


How to Get There

You can fly to Alor everyday either from Bali, Jakarta or many other cities in Indonesia. Alor airport/resort transfers are provided free of charge on scheduled departure and arrival days (Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays). *A 65€ surcharge applies per person one way for non scheduled transfers.  


Dive Overview

Alor is a place of numerous world-class dive sites with its astonishing seascape, colors and marine life. Here you can dive virgin slopes and walls with exuberant coral growth, scenic rock formations, pinnacles and plenty of top muck dive sites. Unlimited diving on Alor Divers' outstanding house reef is a great plus with its abundant marine life and variety of scenery. All dive sites – except Beang Bay in SE Pantar – are within 30-minute radius by speedboat.


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Types of Rooms, Amenities and Photos

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Alor Divers Eco Resort Alor Divers Eco Resort

Deluxe Bungalow

Alor Divers Eco Resort Alor Divers Eco Resort

Standard Bungalow


Alor Divers Room Overview

  • 5 standard bungalows (42m²) and 3 deluxe bungalows (65m²) all beach front
  • King size bed 
  • Hot water
  • Fan
  • Electricity 220V/24h
  • Drinking water, coffee, tea
  • Mosquito net
  • Soap, shampoo, towels
  • Free laundry service
  • Camera table with several sockets
  • Private bathroom, western standard


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Resort Facilities

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Alor Divers Eco Resort Alor Divers Eco Resort

Alor Divers Eco Resort Alor Divers Eco Resort


Alor Divers Features

  • On-site dive center
  • Seafront restaurant
  • Healthy full board meals cooked as a combination of Asian and International style
  • On-site mobile phone.
  • WiFi on the bungalows


Alami Alor Non-Diving Activities

  • Snorkeling
  • Visiting the villages around
  • Hiking
  • Relaxing on the beach


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Package & Rates

The actual rates are based in EUR. The starting price indicated above may vary based on the current exchange rate.

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package Rates 2024

Reduction available for group and returning guests, please contact us for further details. No extra charge for single occupancy. Prices are exclusive of VAT (10%).




Minimum stay 4 Nights



Add night after 4 nights stay



14 Nights (include 1 night free of charge)



Add night after 14 nights stay




Package Inclusions

  • Beach bungalow accommodation
  • Full board, drinking water, tea, coffee
  • Common dietary requests (gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian)
  • Snorkeling accompanying the dive boat
  • Laundry service
  • Airport transfer in Alor on Wednesday and Sunday*
  • Government taxes


Package Exclusions

  • Diving services and entrance fees to Alor Marine Park
  • Non scheduled transfer : 100,00 € per way ( max 3 persons )
  • Extra for single occupancy in deluxe bungalow : 35€ / night
  • Gratuities (optional)


diving rates

Diving PackageRates
Unlimited Dives* (2 boat dives + unlim-
ited non-guided housereef dives)
Two Boat Dives*€85.00
One Boat Dive€55.00
One Housereef Dive (Non-guided)€30.00
Marine Park Entrance Fee (per day)€10.00
Marine Park Entrance Fee (per stay of 5 days or more)€50.00

*Services are pre-booked.


Rental Equipment Rates




10€ / day


10€ / day

Diving computer

10€ / day

Nitrox 32%

5€ / tank

15L Tank

15€ for 2 boat dives

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Dive Information

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Alor Dive Overview

  • Best Diving Season: mid-March to mid-December
  • Visibility: 50-130ft (wet-dry season)
  • Recommended Wetsuit: 3 mm
  • What to See: Excellent macro, some shark sightings, world-class muck dives.


Coral Reef Diving in Alor

CORAL REEF DIVING in Alor is nothing short of delightful since reefs of Pantar Strait are some of the most conserved marine systems in Indonesia. Apart from the prolific coral growth and staggering color palette of corals, sponges, and anemones, diving in Alor is also well known for a great variety of reef fishes and rich macro fauna. Frogfish, leaf scorpionfish, pygmy seahorses, eels, sea snakes and a great assortment of nudibranchs are just a few to mention.Visibility ranges from 15m/50ft close to a wet season and up to incredible 40m/130ft during the dry season from June-October. In addition, Alor is a place for remarkable surprises by passing pelagic – even whales! We offer no guarantees but hammerhead shark, reef sharks, thresher shark and Mola Mola (Sunfish) are spotted frequently. The dives are planned daily and decided upon the tide table in order to ensure the best possible experience.


Muck Diving in Alor

MUCK DIVING in Alor is building a worldwide reputation as a top muck diving destination. The name comes from the muddy or “mucky” sediment on the seabed often mixed with volcanic black sand and coral rubble. It offers perfect camouflage environment for unusual critters like Rhinophias, devil fish, hairy frogfish, sea moth, snake eel, zebra crab, coleman shrimp, solar powered nudibranch, harlequin pipefish, velvet and robust pipefish, different seahorses and many more. Several muck dive sites are located in Kalabahi Bay and few more on Pura and Pantar Island. Serious muck diving enthusiasts should not miss out on Beang Bay muck diving which can be organized as a special day trip upon request and if sea condition allows (around 1hr speedboat in one direction). There will be an additional surcharge to cover extra fuel.


[Read More: Alor Dive Travel Guide]


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Dive Center Information

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Alor Divers Eco Resort Alor Divers Eco Resort


Alor Divers Dive Center Overview 

  • Distance to Dive Sites: 5-30 minutes by boat
  • House Reef Diving: Yes. From 6 am to 9:30 pm
  • Dive Boat Capacity: 6 divers
  • Dive Crew: 2 European dive guides and local dive boat staff


Dive Center Facilities & Services 

  • Fast custom built dive boats
  • Low consumption & low emission dive boats
  • Towels provided
  • Drinking water provided
  • Emergency oxygen & first aid kit on the boat

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Other Information

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Practical Information 

  • Timezone: GMT+8
  • Languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, French
  • Electricity: 220V
  • Payment: Visa credit card accepted online. Cash only at the location (in USD, EUR or IDR) 


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Underwater Gallery

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Reviews (1)


We visited Alor Eco Dive in October 2014. The weather was quite warm to hot at this time.
Getting there involved a flight from an international airport (Denpasar, Bali, in our case) to Kapung and another flight to Alor. One thing to be aware of is the baggage limits on internal flights. 20kg to Kapung and 15kg to Alor. This is not too much of a problem because the charge for excess baggage is only about $1.50/kg. From the Alor airport, there is a road trip of about 1 hour and then a 30 min boat ride.

The resort is small and quite isolated, catering for 12 divers and up to two additional people. The accommodation is basic - open wooden huts with thatched roofs. They have verandahs with water views and are basic but comfortable. Staff is sourced from local villages and are helpful and friendly (although conversation was limited due to lack of a common language). Electricity is 220V and is provided by generator that are turned off at various times, specifically during the day when dives are being undertaken. Internet access is available but limited.

Food is sourced from local sources where possible and while the ingredients don’t have the variety available in larger towns, each meal makes use of local recipes and these are very tasty and interesting. There is no shortage of food. Beer and soft drink is put on a tab to be settled at the end of the trip.

The diving day starts at around 8 am after breakfast in the comfortable, open, communal eating area. The routine involves two guided boat dives a day with access to the house reef for self-guided diving at other times. The house reef provides opportunities for excellent night dives, and we were encouraged to use it. Water temperatures were variable, ranging from 30°C with the occasional thermocline where 21°C was recorded. The chance of experiencing lower temperature currents makes a wetsuit advantageous, although not necessary. For sites that involve a longer boat trip, a double dive is run, otherwise the second dive is in the afternoon.

The diving is great - clear water, never less than 25m visibility, untouched pristine reef and plentiful small fish. We didn’t see many large reef or pelagic fish but that may have been related to the lack of usual currents. The local population uses traditional fishing traps, making for interesting photographic opportunities as well as potentially having some impact on the fish life.

Most sites are relatively shallow (less than 25m), and are near the coast. There can be strong currents and thermoclines, making diving here more suited to experienced divers, Sites near villages had little rubbish, unlike other places I have visited. While travelling to sites on the boat, we regularly saw dolphins (100+ at a time) and the occasional blue whale, although we didn’t get to spend time in the water with them.

The highlight of Alor is the variety of diving.
There are volcanic sands suitable for macro, with numerous nudibranchs, pipe-fish, rhinopias etc. Wide-angle opportunities abound on the spectacular walls and sponge life that grows on the flat reefs. Most sites are great for either macro or wide-angle photography, making the choice difficult. The dive staff was very helpful with the choice of lens. There is a wall dive where regular sightings of hammerheads are made - only one of our group was lucky enough on this trip. One highlight of the visit was anemone city, which had acres of spectacular reef covered in anemones. The second site that rates as one of the better walls I have seen is Bamah wall. It is a mass of invertebrate colour and fish. We did this twice enabling the use of macro and wide-angle lenses.

Dive guides were interested and willing to look for specific subjects. The dive staff was camera aware and careful but space is limited on the boats if the group has many large cameras. Tubs are provided for soaking cameras in the huts.

Snorkelers are catered for with the ability to accompany the divers on most trips.
There is a village about 30 minutes in each direction from the resort - best accessed at low tide to enable climbing over small rock platforms. The walk is easy and the villagers are very friendly, particularly if you are happy to photograph the inhabitants.

This is certainly somewhere I would revisit.

Visited on 10/2014 - Submitted on 10/30/2014


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