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Country: Indonesia

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Ambon & Alor in a Nutshell

Ambon, Indonesia is an off the beaten path dive area offering world-class muck & nudibranch diving, along with some healthy reefs & pelagic accessible via liveaboard.

Alor, east of Komodo and Flores, has spectacular coral reefs with great diversity, sometimes strong currents and stunning topside scenery.


Underwater Video of Ambon Marine Life


Underwater Video of Alor Marine Life


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Diving Information 

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Ambon Marine Life & Diving Conditions

Ambon has many color reef dives full of crinoids, large barrel sponges, large sea fans and table corals - especially as you get outside of Ambon Bay. Some sites will have many fish, fusiliers, bumphead parrotfish, and Napoleon wrasse. Inside the bay, you have spectacular muck sites, with critters such as rhinopia, numerous species of shrimps and crabs, wonderpus, ghost pipefish, seahorses and many frogfish.  



The main marine attractions in Alor are excellent macro life, amazing coral and benthic diversity, and schooling fish. You are also likely to spot dolphins and pilot whales from your dive boat. Due to its strong currents and remote location, Alor is generally more suitable for experienced divers.  


Ambon Dive Sites

The bay has many excellent muck sites, full of amazing critters. There is a good amount of trash and debris in the Ambon area, but the creatures seem to adapt and make it their home. The wreck dive "Duke of Sparta" is an underrated, outstanding dive. The mast of this wreck is just full of critters and invertebrate species, and the deck is intact. The only largest octopus in the area are on this wreck, along with a plethora of lionfish species. 



The diving map of Alor can generally be classified into 2 main areas: Kalabahi Bay for macro photography and the Pantar Strait for wide-angle. All the dive sites in Kalabahi Bay are muck dives in black sand. The bay plunges to more than two hundred meters, which tricks whales into entering several times a year. In the Pantar Strait, the underwater landscape changes dramatically. It revolves around coral cover & fish life. 

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Liveaboard availability

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The rates shown below are per person in USD. Some of the operators quote in other currencies and the pricing at the time of booking may vary depending on the latest exchange rates.

Please contact us for the availability of the following boats: Arenui, Mutiara Laut, MSY Aurora, Kira Kira, Panunee, and Akomo Isseki.


Travel Information 

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How to Get There

There are flights from Bali, Jakarta, and Manado through Makassar.  


How to Dive Ambon & Alor

There are dive resorts and dive centers operating in both Ambon and Alor but liveaboard trips are more recommended.  


Best Time to Dive

  • Ambon: Ambon can get some heavy rainfall, so we recommend diving Ambon in the dry season, between October and April. Mar, April, May and October are usually quite good.
  • Alor: Good to dive all year round, but the best conditions are from March to December. Current is most prevalent in October and November.


Topside & Non-Diving Activities

When you aren't diving along in Ambon, take a venture to explore the surrounding scenery. Pintu Kota Beach holds a beautiful natural bridge to see.

Alor is a volcanic region with amazing landscapes and active volcanoes. You can even make visits to the local villages and see the playful children with their homemade goggles diving in and out of the water. Even the local fishermen have a deep appreciation for the local reef/fish and try fishing in the most environmentally sustainable ways.


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Other Useful Information 

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  • Currency: Indonesian Rupiah
  • Language: Indonesian, but English might be used at most tourism sites
  • Time Zone: UTC+9
  • Electricity: 230 V 50 Hz  

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