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Fiji Dive Resorts

Famously known as the "Soft Coral Capital Of The World", Fiji has to be on every diver's bucket list of dive destinations. World-class dive sites like "Mellow Yellow" and "The Great White Wall" have the best soft coral gardens, and the Pacific Harbor and Beqa areas have some of the best shark diving in the world.

Fiji has a number of dive resorts, ranging from budget to high-end. In our opinion, Fiji has some of the best dive resorts in the world, with respect to both amenities, value for the money, and the diving. It's no wonder Fiji is featured on our 'top pick' lists for both solo travelers and family dive holidays!

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Waidroka Bay Fiji Dive Resort Swimming Pool

Fiji Diving Shark

Experience Fiji’s world-famous soft corals and unforgettable shark diving from Waidroka Bay Resort, tucked into the lush tropical coast of Viti Levu. Expect traditional Fijian warmth, unwind in cozy rooms with breathtaking vistas, and savor fresh and healthy food options. Explore one of the world’s top shark dives , and explore a variety of renowned sites, such as Beqa Lagoon and Frigates Walls, all conveniently situated within a 10-45-minute boat ride from Waidroka Bay Resort.  Save up to $230 per person exclusively when you book through Bluewater Travel

Fiji Dive Resort Areas


The best dive sites of Viti Levu, Fiji's main island, can be found on the north or south coast of the island, where several dive resorts are located. Viti Levu has something for both beginner and advanced divers, with its healthy reefs, wall dives, sharks, turtles, big pelagics and schooling fish, not to mention amazing macro life. The highlights of Viti Levu are Rakiraki, Pacific Harbor, and Beqa Lagoon.

  • Rakiraki is on the central north coast of Viti Levu, where you'll be able to dive Bligh Water, one of the best regions to dive in this part of the world, just a boat ride from your dive resort. The Bligh Water is home to sharks, turtles, and beautiful soft corals - and offers some of Fiji's best diving. Make sure you visit the dive site Mellow Yellow, where you'll find incredible yellow soft corals. VoliVoli is the top dive resort in this area. The snorkeling in the area (after a 20-30 minute boat ride) is also some of the best in the world. This area is a 2.5 hour drive from Nadi airport.
  • The Shark Marine Reserve at Pacific Harbor is considered by many to be the best shark dive site around the globe. You'll see at least eight species of shark, including white-tip, black-tip, grey reef sharks, bull sharks, lemon sharks, and even tiger sharks. There are also 400 species of fish, grouper, rays and wrasses in this area.
  • Beqa Lagoon is surrounded by over 300 km of coral reefs. This area is suitable for divers of all levels, who'll find it teeming with tropical fish, pinnacles, coral bommies, and even a small shipwreck or two. Resorts near the Beqa Lagoon area also offer the best access to the famous Fiji shark dives.


Taveuni offers amazing diving on the Rainbow Reef, a dive area in Fiji known all over the world. The Rainbow Reef can be found at the Somosomo Strait and has great soft corals and plenty of reef sharks such as whitetips, gray reef sharks and nurse sharks. There can be currents at the Rainbow Reef, so it may not be the ideal choice for beginners. But these currents show the soft corals at their best. Taveuni Island has rich volcanic soil, and is full of gardens, fruit trees and flowers - making it one of the greenest and most beautiful islands in the world. To top it off, it has an amazing waterfall you can swim at, and a "natural" waterslide that kids and adults alike will love.

Paradise Taveuni, Sau Bay Resort and Taveuni Dive Resort are all excellent choices in this area, offering amazing grounds and vistas.

Kadavu island

This island can be found south of the main island and is less frequented than other islands on Fiji. The resorts on the island offer an "Eco" experience.  Importantly for divers, Kadavu is the site of the third largest barrier reef in the world, the Great Astrolabe Reef, which is also the biggest living organism in the South Pacific waters. There are numerous dive sites here, where you'll see tropical fish swimming among the corals, Manta Ray feeding stations, and reef sharks as well.


Come to Vanua Levu to see the Namena Marine Reserve, which is south of Savusavu, in the southern part of the island. This marine protected area has a number of fantastic dive sites, where you'll see big fish swimming by reef walls, as well as amazingly colorful and robust soft corals. There is also protected diving and snorkeling in Natewa Bay, north of Savusavu. There are also excellent "local dive sites" very close to the Koro Sun and Savasi dive resorts. Savusavu can easily be combined in a combo trip to Taveuni, without having to fly back to Nadi.


Koro Island is situated uniquely since currents from the Koro Sea feed the reefs and cause incredible visibility. At Koro, you'll feast your eyes on an incredible number of fishes of all sizes, as well as sharks, particularly at Shark's Fin Point. On occasion, even whale sharks have been spotted in this area!

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Dive Resorts in Fiji

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Daku Resort
Embrace Fijian landscapes at Daku Resort’s traditional seaside resort. Expect comfortable rooms, good food, friendly staff, and exceptional service.


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