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Solo Dive Travel Guide: Best Liveaboards & Dive Resorts

Solo Dive Travel Guide: Best Liveaboards & Dive Resorts

Solo dive travel has many benefits, including flexibility, independence, personal growth, and meeting new people. However, divers traveling solo often face a difficult choice: to pay a substantial single supplement or share their rooms/cabins with strangers. As seasoned divers with plenty of experience traveling solo, the experts at Bluewater Travel have put together a guide of liveaboards and dive resorts with single-friendly policies. The list includes resorts and liveaboards with single-occupancy pricing, low single supplements, and/or single rooms/cabins. Read on for our complete guide to the best liveaboards and dive resorts for solo travelers!

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Best Liveaboards for Solo Dive Travelers

Liveaboards remain one of the most popular ways for divers to explore a more expansive area in a region or bucket-list destinations only reachable by liveaboard, such as Socorro and Malpelo Islands. Planning a dive holiday aboard a liveaboard vessel is one of the best options for solo dive travelers for several reasons, including cost-effectiveness and social experience. Some key benefits of liveaboards for solo travelers include:

Budget with Ease: Liveaboards are generally a packaged all-inclusive format with varying additional fees that may include Marine Park, fuel surcharges, Nitrox, and rental gear. Ask our advisors about the inclusions and exclusions for your trip so you know exactly what it’s going to cost.

Dive, Dive, Dive: You will maximize the time spent diving on your holiday, doing up to 4 dives a day and covering a larger area. Bonus: you typically dive with the same group throughout the trip on a liveaboard so you get to know the people you’re diving with and can share experiences and photos.

Meet New Dive Buddies: Liveaboards are a great way to meet like-minded people, with mostly divers onboard. Mealtimes are social occasions where underwater experiences of the day are shared. You’ll get even more out of your experience if you also get to know the liveaboard’s crew members!

Solo travel on liveaboards can be done in several ways: single cabins, single supplements, and sharing basis. We’ve broken down the options by explaining what they are, who they’re best suited to, and which liveaboards offer each option. 

Liveaboards with Single Cabins

If privacy is a priority for you - whether you are a light sleeper, heavy snorer, or simply prefer the comfort of a private cabin - look for a liveaboard with single-occupancy cabins. Single cabins on liveaboards are designed to accommodate one person in a single bed with either a shared or private bathroom. There are often only 1-4 single cabins on the few vessels that offer singles, so you should book early if this is your preferred option, as they often book out well in advance. Liveaboard single cabins are typically more expensive than sharing a double-occupancy cabin but cheaper than a private double cabin with a single supplement.

The Damai liveaboard sailing Raja Ampat, Indonesia is one of the liveaboards with offers for single travelers. The Duke of York liveaboard sailing the Maldives has rates for solo travelers.  

Read on for our comprehensive list of liveaboards with single cabins, and click on the liveaboard name to learn more about the vessel, itineraries, schedule, pricing, availability, and more!


Bahamas Master




Emperor Echo - MY Blue Adventurer


Amira - Cheng Ho - Damai I - Damai II - Mermaid I - Panunee Yacht - Seaisee - Velocean


Conte Max - Carpe Novo - Duke of York - EcoPro Mariana - Seafari Explorer II


Nautilus Belle Amie - Nautilus Explorer - Solmar V


Odyssey - Pacific Master



Liveaboards with Low Single Supplements

If you prioritize privacy but the liveaboard you want to book doesn’t have single cabins available, you can often pay a single supplement to book a private double cabin. This is often the most expensive option for a liveaboard holiday, but it is worth it if cabin sharing could ruin your holiday. Liveaboard single supplements are typically calculated as a percentage to add to the double occupancy price and vary depending on the vessel and cabin category you choose. 

Scubaspa liveaboard sails the Maldives and offers great deals for single travelers.

Read on for our comprehensive list of liveaboards with low single supplements, and click on the liveaboard name to learn more about the vessel, itineraries, schedule, pricing, availability, and more!


Blue Manta - White Manta 


Scubaspa Yin - Scubaspa Yang 


Nautilus Belle Amie - Nautilus Explorer - Nautilus Undersea 


SS Thorfinn 

Bluewater Tips for Solo Liveaboard Travel

Join a liveaboard full of other solo travelers, such as Scubaspa's special weeklong “Solo Travelers Cruise”, so you can live out your dream dive trip to the Maldives surrounded by like-minded travelers.

Bunk with another diver in a shared cabin so you’re only paying for your spot on the boat. If you’re worried about sharing with a stranger, keep in mind that most divers spend very little time in their cabins and find sharing a cabin can range from a minor inconvenience (at worst) to a new dive buddy for life.

Other Destinations

Looking for something else? No problem! Contact our experts to discuss your dream holiday in one of the 100+ destinations we've traveled to! 

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Best Dive Resorts for Solo Dive Travelers

Dive resorts typically offer more privacy, independence, and freedom than liveaboards; however, resort travel can be more intimidating to those less experienced with solo travel. Planning a solo dive trip to a resort is a great option for the diver who wants to enjoy a less dive-focused holiday. Some benefits of resort-based diving for solo travel include:

    • Experience Balance: You can do some awesome diving and spend plenty of time enjoying other experiences, such as cultural tours and other land-based activities.
    • Feel Free: You can sleep in, eat when you like, and take each day as it comes with the flexibility offered at most resorts. Consider whether you want to be within walking distance of shops and restaurants or if you prefer to be off-grid.
    • Meet Different People: At a resort, guests often come and go during your stay, so you'll have a chance to meet more people from different walks of life. If you’re confident in approaching people, you’re sure to have some fascinating conversations.

Whether you prefer land-based dive resorts for the freedom or to avoid seasickness, there are plenty of options to choose from in most parts of the world. A resort with a dive operation onsite will enable you to make the most of your time underwater and enjoy hassle-free diving during your stay.

Resorts with Single Pricing

While most accommodations simply have a nightly price per room, some resorts are priced per person per night (or week), such as those with dive and stay or all-inclusive packages. In this case, single supplements vary and some resorts even offer single bookings on a shared basis (like liveaboards). Read on for a comprehensive list of dive resorts that provide specific pricing for single-occupancy bookings and click the resort name to learn more about the rooms, pricing, amenities, and more!


Blackbird Caye Resort 


Beqa Lagoon Resort - Garden Island Resort - Paradise Taveuni 


Alor Divers Eco Resort

Spice Island Divers 

Coral Eye Dive Resort Bangka

Siladen Dive Resort 

Kusu Island Resort

Dive Into Lembeh - NAD Lembeh - Thalassa Dive Resort Lembeh - White Sands Beach Resort Lembeh by Eco Divers

Raja Ampat
Agusta Eco Resort - Dive Into Raja Ampat at Waiwo Dive Resort - Papua Explorers - Papua Paradise Eco Resort - Raja Ampat Dive Lodge

Eco Divers Manado - Gangga Island Resort & Spa - Lumba Lumba Manado Resort - Thalassa Dive & Wellbeing Resort Manado


Presidente Intercontinental Resort & Spa Cozumel - Scuba Club Cozumel 


Atlantis Dive Resort Dumaguete - Atlantis Dive Resort Puerto Galera - Buceo Anilao Beach & Dive Resort


Coco View Resort - Cabanas on Clark’s Cay 


Seaventures Dive Rig Resort 


Bluewater Tips for Solo Dive Resort Travel

Visit a resort with no single supplements. At some resorts, such as Alor Divers Eco Resort, you'll pay the same price whether you are a single traveler or traveling with a buddy!

Choose a dive-focused resort to ensure some friendly divers are around to socialize. This will also maximize your odds of getting out diving, as some operators require a minimum number of divers to run their dive trips.

Other Destinations

Looking for something else? No problem! Contact our experts to discuss your dream holiday in one of the 100+ destinations we've traveled to!


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Guided Group Trips for Solo Dive Travelers

Join a group trip to reduce the stress of traveling solo. Bluewater’s guided group trips are carefully planned and led by one of our experts, meaning you just sign up and show up! You get to enjoy your holiday, meet awesome people, and do incredible diving, all while Bluewater handles the logistics. Bluewater’s guided group trips are the perfect way to travel solo without truly traveling alone and are a great way to explore unforgettable destinations such as Antarctica, Norway, Africa, Papua New Guinea, and more. You might even make a lifelong friend and dive buddy on one of our group trips!

Bluewater group trip to the Red Sea  Bluewater group trip to the Red Sea


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Plan Your Next Solo Dive Vacation

Bluewater Travel is a full-service dive travel agency. We can book you a resort or a liveaboard almost anywhere in the world at the same price, or even lower, than booking any other way. Our team of travel advisors has been to most of these places, some of them even many times. We know the diving, resorts, liveaboards, and logistics better than anyone else in this industry. To get started, you can: 

Email us to start planning your trip! 

Don't forget about the importance of insurance! Read our guides to travel insurance and dive insurance, and make sure you purchase your policies before you travel!

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