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NAD Lembeh Resort

Aerial view of NAD Lembeh
NAD Lembeh dive resort
Aerial view of the pool at NAD Lembeh
View of the pool and jetty at NAD Lembeh
Bungalow at NAD Lembeh
Exterior of a bungalow at NAD Lembeh
NAD Lembeh bungalow interior
Interior of a bungalow at NAD Lembeh
Executive Bungalow at NAD Lembeh
Executive bungalow interior at NAD Lembeh
NAD Lembeh Executive Bungalow
Outdoor dining at NAD Lembeh
Interior of a beachfront room at NAD Lembeh
Outdoor lounging at NAD Lembeh
Beach loungers at NAD Lembeh
Pool loungers at NAD Lembeh
Chaise loungers at NAD Lembeh
Patios at NAD Lembeh
Restaurant at NAD Lembeh
NAD Lembeh restaurant
Bar at NAD Lembeh
Cocktails at NAD Lembeh
Bar area at NAD Lembeh
Coffee and water station at NAD Lembeh
Pool area at NAD Lembeh
Seaside pool area at NAD Lembeh
Greenhouse at NAD Lembeh
The beach at NAD Lembeh
Camera room at NAD Lembeh
Dive boats at NAD Lembeh
Camera stations at NAD Lembeh
Bar area at NAD Lembeh

Nad Lembeh Resort, Indonesia

Teluk Rarandam Kecil, Lembeh Utara, Mawali, Sulawesi Utara 95555 | Full-board + 2 dives from $180/ppn

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nad lembeh resort QUICK PITCH

NAD Lembeh is the dive resort of choice for underwater photographers, featuring a VERY low 2:1 diver-to guide-ratio, knowledgeable dive staff with trained eyes and passion for diving and little critters, comfortable rooms, and excellent photography amenities. NAD prides themselves for having the largest. and some would say the most experienced, dive team in Lembeh today.


Quick Information 

  • No of Rooms: 15
  • Dive Center: On-site
  • Amenities: AC, private balconies, ensuite bathrooms, entertainment center and library, camera charging and sharing room, wifi, nitrox
  • WiFi: Yes, free
  • Nearest International Airport: Manado International Airport
  • Airport shuttle: Yes, surcharge


How to Get There

To get to Lembeh, you need to fly to Manado (MDC). You can get there on direct flights from Singapore (SIN) and Jakarta (CGK) – we recommend these two as the major travel hubs. There are also flights from Bali (DPS), Makassar (UPG) and Surabaya (SUB).  


Dive Overview

Its location on the Lembeh Strait makes NAD a haven for macro photographers. Knowledgeable staff, a convenient location, and a beautiful house reef make NAD-Lembeh an ideal diving destination.

Learn more: Lembeh Strait Diving


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Types of Rooms, Amenities and Photos

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nad lembeh resort ROOM OVERVIEW 

NAD Lembeh Resort features 10 Beachfront Rooms and 5 Seaview Bungalows with an extra day room/ office attached. All rooms offer ocean view, air-conditioning, hot water, wifi, including full board. tHE resort has only few steps, which makes the layout extremely convenient to get from your room to the restaurant, camera room, bar and floating jetty.


NAD Lembeh Resort NAD Lembeh Resort


Seaview Bungalows Overview

Seaview Bungalows have moderate steps and great views over the strait. Ideal for those looking for a little more seclusion than the beachfront rooms. Bungalows feature new furniture, hot water shower and air conditioning. The private balcony is a great place for a drink, or to watch the dive boats heading in and out for the dives.


NAD-Lembeh Resort NAD-Lembeh Resort NAD-Lembeh Resort


Beachfront Rooms

The rooms are directly by the beach and pool. Ideal for those who do not like steps. Air-conditioned with hot water and a comfy bed.

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Resort Facilities

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NAD-Lembeh Resort NAD-Lembeh Resort

Bar & Restaurant

NAD-Lembeh Resort NAD-Lembeh Resort

Pool Area

NAD Lembeh Resort Features

  • Open-air restaurant
  • Sunbeds
  • Small pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Big, spacious camera room
  • Open-air bar
  • Business center
  • Free public WiFi
  • Laundry services
  • Return airport transfers
  • Multilingual staff
  • Non-smoking rooms


NAD-Lembeh Resort Food & Drinks

The meals are all-inclusive and served "family style". A good selection of wine (white and red), a few different types of beer, and many cocktails are also available.


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Packages & Rates

NAD-Lembeh Resort Rates

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3 Day Dive Packages 2024

All prices in USD and include taxes. Package and room rates per person based on double occupancy. Dives included in every package are DAY boat dives only. Rates do not include equipment rental or transfers to/ from resort.

For single occupancy, add $45 per night for the first 14 nights, $15 per night thereafter. Single supplement is $75 per night for peak season (Easter: March 28 - April 1, 2024, Christmas and New Year's: December 23 - January 2, 2024, and through the months of September, October, November).

Beachfront RoomSeaview Bungalow
3 Nights / 5 Dives$600.00$640.00$765.00$805.00
4 Nights / 8 Dives$880.00$940.00$1,100.00$1,160.00
5 Nights / 11 Dives$1,148.00$1,228.00$1,435.00$1,515.00
6 Nights / 14 Dives$1,426.00$1,526.00$1,770.00$1,870.00
7 Nights / 17 Dives$1,668.00$1,788.00$2,105.00$2,225.00
8 Nights / 20 Dives$1,940.00$2,045.00$2,440.00$2,545.00
9 Nights / 23 Dives$2,212.00$2,332.00$2,775.00$2,895.00
10 Nights / 26 Dives$2,483.00$2,618.00$3,110.00$3,245.00
11 Nights / 29 Dives$2,726.00$2,876.00$3,445.00$3,595.00
12 Nights / 32 Dives$2,964.00$3,129.00$3,780.00$3,945.00
13 Nights / 35 Dives$3,230.00$3,410.00$4,115.00$4,295.00
14 Nights / 38 Dives$3,496.00$3,691.00$4,450.00$4,645.00
15 Nights / 41 Dives$3,722.00$3,932.00$4,785.00$4,995.00
16 Nights / 44 Dives$3,986.00$4,211.00$5,120.00$5,345.00
17 Nights / 47 Dives$4,249.00$4,489.00$5,455.00$5,695.00
18 Nights / 50 Dives$4,512.00$4,767.00$5,790.00$6,045.00
19 Nights / 53 Dives$4,775.00$5,045.00$6,125.00$6,395.00
20 Nights / 56 Dives$4,985.00$5,270.00$6,460.00$6,745.00
21 Nights / 59 Dives$5,245.00$5,545.00$6,795.00$7,095.00


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2 Morning Dive Packages 2024

All prices in USD and include taxes. Package and room rates per person based on double occupancy. Dives included in every package are MORNING boat dives only. Rates do not include equipment rental or transfers to/ from resort.

For single occupancy, add $45 per night for the first 14 nights, $15 per night thereafter. Single supplement is $75 per night for peak season (Easter: March 28 - April 1, 2024, Christmas and New Year's: December 23 - January 2, 2024, and through the months of September, October, November).

Beachfront Room
Seaview Bungalow
3 Nights / 4 Dives$540.00$580.00$705.00$745.00
4 Nights / 6 Dives$760.00$820.00$980.00$1,040.00
5 Nights / 8 Dives$980.00$1,060.00$1,255.00$1,335.00
6 Nights / 10 Dives$1,188.00$1,288.00$1,530.00$1,630.00
7 Nights / 12 Dives$1,406.00$1,526.00$1,805.00$1,925.00
8 Nights / 14 Dives$1,591.00$1,696.00$2,080.00$2,185.00
9 Nights / 16 Dives$1,804.00$1,924.00$2,355.00$2,475.00
10 Nights / 18 Dives$2,018.00$2,153.00$2,630.00$2,765.00
11 Nights / 20 Dives$2,208.00$2,358.00$2,905.00$3,055.00
12 Nights / 22 Dives$2,419.00$2,584.00$3,180.00$3,345.00
13 Nights / 24 Dives$2,630.00$2,810.00$3,455.00$3,635.00
14 Nights / 26 Dives$2,842.00$3,037.00$3,730.00$3,925.00
15 Nights / 28 Dives$3,021.00$3,231.00$4,005.00$4,215.00
16 Nights / 30 Dives$3,230.00$3,455.00$4,280.00$4,505.00
17 Nights / 32 Dives$3,439.00$3,679.00$4,555.00$4,795.00
18 Nights / 34 Dives$3,648.00$3,903.00$4,830.00$5,085.00
19 Nights / 36 Dives$3,816.00$4,086.00$5,105.00$5,375.00
20 Nights / 38 Dives$4,023.00$4,308.00$5,380.00$5,665.00
21 Nights / 40 Dives$4,230.00$4,530.00$5,655.00$5,995.00


Accommodation & transfer rates 2024

Beachfront Room (Twin/Double) per person/ night$110.00
Seaview Bungalow per person/ night$165.00
Airport transfer per person/way$25.00
Manado Transfer, per car one way (max. 3 pax)$60.00


Additional Dive Rates 2024

Day boat dive$62.00
Night/Mandarin boat dive$67.00
House reef dive (unguided, 1 per day) package < 5N/ 11D$10.00
House reef dive (guided, 1 per day) package < 5N/ 11D$20.00
North/East Lembeh day trip (additional costs, min. 4 pax)$50.00
Bangka Island day trip (additional costs, min. 4 pax)$50.00
Batu Kapal/ 1 dive on way back (additional costs, min. 4 pax)$10.00
Blackwater Night Dive$75.00


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 Dive Information

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Lembeh Dive Overview


  • NAD-Lembeh Resort
  • Diving the Lembeh Strait is something that all divers should try at least once, these black sand bays and coral outcrops hold an outstanding amount of marine life.
  • If you are an underwater photographer, then the Lembeh Strait should be on your must-visit list, likely multiple times!
  • Lembeh Diving is normally quite simple with very little current. Divers visiting Lembeh are likely to see a vast list of must-see critters, such as frogfish, mimic octopus, rhinopias, a huge array of nudibranchs and other octopus, the Blue Ringed Octopus being a highlight. Lembeh is not just muck diving though, we explore all over the Island and beyond to find some of the best reef diving in SE Asia.


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Dive Center Information

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NAD-Lembeh Resort NAD-Lembeh Resort

NAD Lembeh's dive boats and camera room

NAD Lembeh Resort's Dive CenterNAD’s dive team is the largest in Lembeh to-date, and is likely one of the most experienced, with a focus on eco-sensitivity and environmental responsibility. They are great spotters and offer a 2:1 diver-to-guide ratio. NAD's dive boats provide towels, water, tea, coffee, cold drinks, snacks, first aid kit, GPS, camera rinse, oxygen, toilet, plus 2 of the best crew you can find. All boats are NON-SMOKING on the inside. As NAD is ecologically minded they do not anchor on dive sites and do not carry anchors as standard. They train all boatmen and guides in first aid, and use SSI for training materials.The NAD photo center was established back in 2009. Being the centre piece of the resort, Simon’s tailored this room especially to the underwater photographer’s needs – located right next to the restaurant and bar, your babies will never be far away from you and with a total of 30 individual workstations, each of our guests gets a huge space for their precious toys. Every station comes with led lights, rubber mat, camera towel and 4 international/ 8 European power sockets including USB ports – charging all your gadgets at the same time has never been easier!For those who like to spend a bit more time checking settings, preparing their cameras or reviewing photos, the benches and chairs are the perfect spot to “work” even if you’re on holidays. You will also find basic tools, a drying cabinet, tv, computer and fish ID books in our camera room. Our gift shop includes diopters, float arms and torches in case you have lost something or forgotten it at home.Our huge rinse tanks can be found in front of the camera room so that your toys can be cleaned straight after coming back from diving, including an air gun in case you need it. With lots of seating spaces either inside or outside of the camera and close by power points, we’ve hopefully created the perfect environment for you to work on your pictures and take home some great shots from your Lembeh dive trip!

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 Other Information

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Practical Information


  • Electricity: 220 Volts
  • Time zone: UTC+8
  • Languages: Indonesian & English
  • Accept Credit Cards?: Yes, Mastercard and Visa

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 Underwater Gallery

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NAD-Lembeh Resort NAD-Lembeh Resort

NAD-Lembeh Resort

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Reviews (6)


I chose Nad as a recommendation from a friend and came on Nov for 9 nights as a solo traveler. I felt being home and among friends and family the moment I arrived!

I had done a total of 27 incredible dives which is very well organized in good size boat with a bathroom, towel, and hot tea/coffee.

Food is very delicious and always keep changing the dishes on different days so you are not bored with the same meals.

The dive guides and boat staff are friendly and very supportive with excellent attitudes at all times. The dive guides have a lot of experience spotting the hard-to-find creature.

They clean the rooms every day once you do your morning dives.

If I am coming back, I would only go with Nad and do recommend them to anyone visiting Lembeh Island.

Visited on 11/2022 - Submitted on 12/03/2022

I spent 10 nights at NAD Lembeh in September 2012. The resort is located on the Lembeh island, so you need to take the boat to get there. And once there, you pretty much stay on the island until your departure. Around the resort there are some villages, but the closest big city, Bitung, is on the mainland. Something to consider if you are looking to go to Bitung to get things.

The diving, well, I don't think I have much to add about diving in Lembeh (it's GREAT, but don't expect much coral). Most of the well-known Lembeh dive sites are north of the resort. The resort also has a house reef which is free to dive if you stay for at least 5 nights, but I didn't get a chance to explore it much when I was there, just dived it briefly when I arrived to check the weights.

Here is the routine for a typical dive day. Prior to the day you will see your assigned boat, guide, and dive sites. In the morning, you wake up to have your breakfast, and then off for your first 2 dives (surface interval on the boat). After the second dive you go back to the resort for your lunch, and then you leave for your afternoon dive. Tell your guide after your afternoon dive if you want to do mandarin or night dive (it will happen if there are enough interests).

It's reasonable to expect the same guide for most of your stay, however, it might be the case that your regular guide has a day off during your stay, in which case you will dive with another guide. Also for your mandarin or night dive, you might be with a different guide, depending on which guides are available to work on the night shift. However, not to worry, all the guides are great! The guides here are not divemasters and mostly there to spot critters (they have great eyes!). Each guide usually works with up to four guests.

Food is served buffet style, mostly Indonesian food. When I was there, everyone sat on a long table, that way you could interact with the other guests. They have two kinds of rooms, beach-front, which are kind of basic, and bungalows, which are nicer but require some climbing. I stayed in a beach-front room, and my accommodation rating reflects that. Internet can be spotty, depending on the status of the Indonesian Internet provider at the particular time (evening could be slow because a lot of people in Indonesia get on the Internet at that time). Also, don't forget your insect repellent!

All in all, would I go back and stay there? Definitely! I might want to check the bungalows.

Visited on 09/2012 - Submitted on 10/29/2014

NAD is a small resort targeted towards budget travelers. It is quite rustic and local. The rooms are quite basic but I appreciated the small ecological footprint as the energy and water needs are kept to a minimum. The food is local and quite good. Dive sites are all within 15 min boat ride from the resort and the boats are comfortable and fast, with drinking water, snacks, and fruits on board. I had arranged for a private guide, which was great as I got to dive on my own schedule and at my own pace.

Marine life in the Lembeh strait is legendary. There is an incredible abundance and diversity of critters living among the lush reefs and black sands. This includes all types of reef fish, cephalopods, crustaceans, sea slugs, etc. It is a good place to search for rare critters such as the blue ring octopus, rhinopias, stargazer, frogfish, etc. Most of the marine life in Lembeh is small. It is rare to see large fish or pelagics.

Visited on 05/2010 - Submitted on 08/26/2014

Stayed at Lembeh for the first time during Christmas/New Year. Choosing NAD was on recommendation and they did live up to it quite well.

The accomondation itself was more basic in respect of lodging and food. The best part for myself was the very good Camera room. Staaf was friendly and the dive guides very good. The only downside was that the dive guides was a bit tired on New Years Day.

However the best was of course the diving itself. Lembeh does have some very spectectular inhabitants. So, in conclusion, as NAD is relativly modest priced, very good value for Money. I'm actually returning in two weeks time.

Visited on 01/2014 - Submitted on 02/26/2014

Wayne and I stayed at NAD resort, Lembeh in November of 2013. This was our second trip to dive Lembeh Strait, and I was not disappointed! NAD is a lovely family run dive resort that is much easier on your bank account than some other resorts on Lembeh. What I enjoyed most about NAD is the “family” atmosphere. The resort owners, Simon and Zee, not only personally run the resort, but live here, too, with their adorable daughter Bella. Zee is an amazing, loving woman who instantly makes you feel warm and welcome. When it was time for me to leave, after six short days, I Zee and all of the employees stood at the doc and waved goodbye to us. I had tears in my eyes and I felt like I was leaving a family that I wouldn’t see for a long time again!

The atmosphere at NAD is casual and relaxed. The bungalows, which are a little more expensive than the beachfront rooms, are nice, but a little on the older side. The beachfront rooms are newer and more updated, and a closer walk to everything. Our friend had a beachfront room and one of the things I noticed was that the beachfront rooms had better water pressure and better air conditioning. I will choose a beachfront room the next time I return.

Meals were delicious and plentiful, mostly Indonesian cuisine, with coffee, tea and water being available 24 hours. The dining area was open air and spacious with two large tables, perfect for a large group. All guests sit together, promoting bonding and friendship.

The diving is amazing, of course this is thanks to mother nature alone! The dive guides are friendly and knowledgeable and great at finding all of the little critters! We dove with Oksin. He was amazing!

Two excellent features of the NAD resort that stand out over other dive operators are the camera room, and the dive boats. The camera room is the best I have ever seen! Simon, being a UW photo enthusiast himself, has created the perfect space for every camera! Each individual station features its own outlet strip that fits all international plugs. Also, each station has its own light, to inspect O RINGS, and work with your camera, housing and lenses. Towels for each user are plentiful, and Simon has a “drying cabinet” for any potential flooding or moisture. The dive boats are also outstanding. They are updated, clean and fast!

With the money that you save by staying at NAD, you can afford to hire a private dive guide easily, which is important, especially for the UW photographer diving the strait.

Will I visit NAD Resort again? Most certainly, YES!

Visited on 11/2013 - Submitted on 02/01/2014


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