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Galapagos Travel Tips

A whale shark seen during travel to the Galapagos Islands.
Travel to the Galapagos is an exciting and once-in-a-lifetime experience for many scuba divers. While it may be easy to get caught up in the excitement of visiting such an awesome destination, it's important to consider some essential Galapagos travel tips to make your trip much more enjoyable!

Cabo Marine Life Safari

A shark swims in Cabo

Cabo Marine Life Safari

Words and Pictures by Tim Yeo

Add a touch of adventure to your dive vacation and discover even more wildlife on our marine life safaris and expeditions around the Baja Peninsula. This fresh take on Cabo’s rich megafauna introduces various species rarely encountered during dives.

A view of Raja Ampat's emerald islands dotting the turquoise sea.

How to Book Domestic Flights in Indonesia

Indonesia is renowned for its incredible diving in the heart of the Coral Triangle and holds a high spot on most divers’ bucket lists. The sprawling archipelago boasts expansive coastline and prolific and varied marine life. While major islands such as Bali and Java are easy destinations to reach via air, some of the more remote areas can present travel challenges – particularly with domestic flight bookings.

Raja Ampat Trip Report 2024

A group of people at Piaynemo viewpoint in Raja Ampat
We celebrated New Year's Eve in Raja Ampat aboard the Emperor Harmoni liveaboard! Our itinerary covered Misool, Central Raja, and Dampier, so we got to experience all the best dive sites and encountered mantas, wobbegong sharks, walking sharks, bobtail squid, and a stunning array of corals. We also hiked to the incredible jellyfish lake and Piaynemo viewpoint.



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