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Caribbean ARTICLES

Top 10 Dive Sites in Bonaire

Best Dive Sites in Bonaire
A small island nation in the Caribbean, Bonaire is best known for being the “shore diving capital of the world”. With excellent scuba diving infrastructure at its well-marked shore diving sites along its coastline, Bonaire has long been a must-visit dive destination. With over sixty dive sites accessible from shore and an expansive coral reef system, there are plenty of options for divers of all experience levels and interests. What are the best dive sites in Bonaire?

Little Cayman 2023 Trip Recap

Little Cayman Squid
You can’t ask for much more when you are staying at a dive resort like the Little Cayman Beach Resort in the Cayman Islands. The entire experience is straight out of a post card. This remote island in the Caribbean is a perfect getaway for any level of scuba diver. 84-degree water, 100+ feet visibility, calm seas, great food, white sandy beaches, coconuts, iguanas….and simple diving with minimal currents that will definitely make you forget about the rest of the world. Read our 2023 GoPro video workshop recap...
Muck diving

What is "muck diving"?

Over the years, “muck diving” has become increasingly popular, especially among underwater photographers. For those of you who don’t know, muck diving refers to the practice of searching the ocean floor, often made up of black sand, sediment and general muck, for the tiny critters that live there. It’s the antithesis of diving vast coral reefs and gawking at massive schools of fish as they swim past.

liveaboard diving
Are you a new diver who’s caught the scuba diving bug and is itching to plan your very first proper dive holiday? Then liveaboards are a great option for getting the most out of a destination and exploring sites that are hard to reach by day trip from a dive resort. It is also a great opportunity to get more dives in and improve your overall diving skills. Yet a liveaboard holiday with multiple dives a day might seem intimidating when you first get your fins wet.

Top 20 Dive Sites in the World

Coral adorns a column at one of the best dive sites in the world

Top 20 Dive Sites in the World


Every diver has their favorite site; a hidden gem on their doorstep they’ve explored a hundred times, or perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime vacation dive that conjures awesome memories. From historic shipwrecks to breathtaking marine life hotspots, spectacular coral reefs to lesser-known but equally special locations, we’ve pulled together our Bluewater best dive sites in the world. Each of these sites has been carefully selected by one of our well-traveled Trip Leaders, and they all guarantee some fantastic diving.



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