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Philippines Dive Resorts

Boasting 7,000 islands, warm waters, and impressive marine biodiversity, the Philippines is home to some of the world's best dives. Pristine coral reefs, lush coral gardens, a myriad of fish species--big and small--there's something for everyone in the Philippines. Topside, the Philippines is no less beautiful and charming and is one of our favorite destinations for both solo travelers and families. The hospitality of the Philippines dive staff, along with its picturesque landscape, beautiful beaches, and hot and humid weather will warm your hearts.

Depending on where you stay in the Philippines, you can find a good number of land-based dive operations, many of them located by the sea, from budget to luxury. The diving season in most of the Philippines runs all-year if you don't mind some bursts of rain in the months of June through September.

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Philippines Dive Resort Areas

All the information you need to book your Philippines dive vacation and learn about Philippines dive resorts.

Anilao, Batangas

The country's capital of muck diving, located only a 2 to 3.5-hour drive away from Manila. Anilao is one of the easiest scuba diving destinations to get to in the Philippines and South East Asia. The macro photography opportunities are simply world-class, and diving in the area is land-based. Most of the dive resorts are photographer-friendly, making Anilao a favorite among macro photography enthusiasts around the globe. 

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Anda is an off-the-beaten-path dive vacation spot, offering white beaches, a laid-back and lush environment, and an abundance of marine life. It's a great spot for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Bohol. Diving with a resort is the norm in Anda, and you can access over 30 dive sites while staying at a resort. Four to five dives a day, including a sunset or night dive to see mating mandarin fish is quite common.

Dauin, Dumaguete 

It's arguably the best all-in-one luxury dive vacation spot in the Philippines. In Dumaguete, you can find excellent muck dives along the Dauin coastline, great coral reefs at the nearby Apo Island, and a great selection luxurious beachfront dive resorts which are relatively affordable compared to other diving destinations in the world. Most resorts in the area also offer a day trip to Oslob, where you can swim up-close with whale sharks. 

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Moalboal, cebu

Moalboal hosts a very diverse and vibrant diving scene. Best known to be the country's hotspot to witnessing massive schools of sardines, divers can also see big schools of fish, beautiful walls, fascinating topography, and great macro life. Dive resorts can be easily found in the area, and some liveaboards often include Moalboal on their trips.


This tiny island is known as the only place in the world where the sharks can be consistently seen daily at their cleaning station. Excellent macro, wrecks, and colorful corals rich in marine life also exist in the area. Throw its pristine waters and white beaches on top of all that and you've got yourself an idyllic dive vacation spot.  Malapascua can be dived via a resort or a liveaboard, usually in combination with other areas in the Visayas. 

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Puerto Galera offers an extensive range of dive spots, with great macro within a 10-minute boat ride from most resorts and world-class wide-angle dives at nearby Verde Island. You can find many land-based options in Puerto Galera, catering to all kinds of budgets. Topside, PG is a lively and social place, with easily walkable restaurants, picturesque happy hours on piers overlooking the water and a long list of things to do to keep you occupied.  

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Dive Resorts in the Philippines

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