Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort

Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort
Aiyanar Beacy & Dive Resort
dive resort
Aiyanar beach resort
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Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort, Anilao, Philippines

Sitio Looc, Barangay Bagalangit, Mabini, Batangas, Philippines | Full board + 2 dives from $290/ppn

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Aiyanar Resort Quick Pitch

A stylish dive resort with luxury accommodations that make staying ashore as pleasant as the incredible diving in Anilao. Aiyanar Beach & Dive resort has strategically chosen its location on the mountainside so that the guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the sunset sinking in the ocean. 


Quick Information  

  • No of Rooms: 16
  • Dive Center: On-site
  • Amenities: AC, infinity and lounge pools, camera room, game room, spa, wifi, non-dive activities and more
  • WiFi: Yes, free
  • Nearest International Airport: Ninoy Aquino Airport
  • Airport shuttle: Yes, surcharge 


How to Get There

Aiyanar Resort is located 88 km from Ninoy Aquino Airport. The resort offers an airport transfer service.  



Dive Overview

To put it short, scuba divers can expect colorful reefs with incredible macro life while diving there. Anilao, known as the nudibranch capital of the world, offers great possibilities for finding rare critters, and has world-class muck diving and unique blackwater dives.

Learn more about diving in Anilao from our Anilao Dive Travel Guide.

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Types of Rooms, Amenities and Photos

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Aiyanar Resort Accommodation Overview

Elegantly designed to blend perfectly with its natural landscape, sixteen rooms are spread over two floors, that provide an awe-inspiring sea view. 

The warmly-lit rooms provide an inviting atmosphere for that well-deserved rest, complemented by soft pillows and high thread count sheets for a good night's sleep. All rooms are well-furnished with all the amenities typical of a modern resort. Each room is also adorned with its own balcony area offering sea views over the sprawling manicured lawn below.


Suite Room 

  • 2 queen-sized beds, 35 Sqm floor area, private balcony overlooking the ocean, complete entertainment system.
  • Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort


Deluxe Room  

  • Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort
  • 2 double beds or 1 King sized bed, 26 Sqm floor area, private balcony overlooking the ocean, complete entertainment system.


Casitas Room 

  • Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort
  • 2 queen-sized beds, 33 Sqm floor area, shared balcony overlooking the ocean, complete entertainment system.


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Resort Facilities

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Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort

Aiyanar's majestic open-air dining room serves up 3 meals/day

Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort

Aiyanar's infinity pool overlooking Batayan Bay


Aiyanar Resort Features 

  • Restaurant and Bar
  • Spa
  • Secured Parking
  • Dive Facility
  • 15-ft Training Pool
  • Underwater Camera Room
  • Game Room
  • Wifi Internet access
  • Complete Gear Rental
  • Clubhouse
  • Infinity Pool
  • 24-hour security


Aiyanar Resort Food & Drinks

All-inclusive at Aiyanar's open-air restaurant.


Aiyanar Resort Activities 

  • Diving
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Table tennis
  • Jetskiing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Banana boat
  • Fun 4 all
  • Redondo

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Package & Rates

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For information on rates, availability and to book, drop us an email at or call us at +1-310-915-6677 and we will gladly help you plan your dream dive vacation!  

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Dive Information

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Anilao Dive Overview 

Over the years, Anilao remains to be one of the most popular diving destinations in the Philippines. Strategically located in Mabini, Batangas, only 2-3 hours drive from Metro Manila, Anilao is known to be home to the beginnings of the majority of the diving population of the Philippines. Divers who take their open water course in Manila or in any location within Luzon most likely have their first taste of real open water in Anilao, for example. In addition, it's accessibility to Manila makes it a favorite among weekend warriors and excursionists.

Decades ago, Anilao was merely a secret haven for locals. Today, resorts line the coast of Mabini catering to a myriad of clientele. It is a town built upon the love of diving. As such, development in Anilao strictly abides by the rules of conservation and sustainability. Locals proudly hold that Anilao has been a protected marine area since the 70's, and are determined to maintain it as such.

Today, there is an international boom in the interest in the Philippine diving industry, highlighting Anilao and its many diving opportunities. It is a haven that caters to divers of all skill levels and interests.

For example, those who like bigger animals will find that Anilao has no shortage of sharks, rays, and other good-sized schooling fish like trivially barracuda. It is also not unlikely to spot the occasional whale shark or other bigger animals while diving. These can be found at the more advanced sights with good currents and some deeper reefs (eg. mainit point, bahura kanto, mapating larry's garden and twin rocks).

In turn, those who prefer nice easy diving and colorful soft and hard corals will be fully-satisfied in Anilao. Located right in the middle of the coral triangle, Anilao boasts of some of the widest diversity of coral life that can be found on a dive. Good-sized hard corals such as brain, table and staghorn corals are on almost every dive, mixed with an array of soft corals, large sponges and gorgonian fans and you can have the most picturesque dive.

Lastly, for those with a keen eye and a love for critter photography, Anilao delivers critter diving that rivals the best critter diving in the world. Sites such as the more recently discovered "Secret Bay", and the Anilao classic "Basura" offer critter diving that equals the shores of Dauin, and even Lembeh in Indonesia. Critters such as the frogfish(the giant, clown and the hairy), wonderpus, flamboyant cuttlefish, and, lately, even the pinnacle of critter diving, the rhinopias, have been spotted on a regular basis off the shores of Anilao and have been photographed on a regular basis.

With a rich marine biodiversity within an environment maintained and protected by the local communities, Anilao proves to be one of the foremost marine conservation and diving destinations of the Philippines.

 Get detailed information about scuba diving in Anilao from our Anilao Dive Travel Guide.

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Dive Center Information

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Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort


Aiyanar Resort Dive Center Overview 

Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort has every tool to make a diver's and, especially, an underwater photographer's stay a pleasant and seamless experience.  The boats have been custom-designed to be longer and wider to become better suited for carrying UW photographers and their equipment.  In addition, Aiyanar has 4 fast boats of different sizes to make dive trips to farther destinations such as Verde Island and Puerto Galera, more accessible.

The Dive Center is complete with gear and tools to suit all diving needs. It sits on more than 120 sq. of a well-designed space that assists in the efficient flow of divers departing and arriving at the resort during peak operations.


Dive Center Features 

  • PADI Dive courses
  • Underwater camera room
  • 15-ft training pool
  • Large floor area for preparation and storage
  • Locker rooms onsite with cold and hot showers
  • Large rinse tubs with rubber lining
  • Immaculate air-fill station featuring Bauer Pure Air and Nitrox by membrane up to 40%
  • Up-to-date rental gear (atomic aquatic rental regulators) 

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Other Information

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Practical Information 

  • Electricity: 220 Volts
  • Time zone: UTC+8
  • Languages: Filipino & English
  • Accept Credit Cards?: Yes, VISA and Master Card 

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Got Questions? Ready to Book?

Call us today at +1-310-915-6677 or email us

And let us book your dream vacation!

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Underwater Gallery

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Aiyanar Reefscape

Aiyanar Marine Life

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Reviews (3)


I've been there three times and every time it was better and better for me, because I met very nice people (staff) there, excellent food all day long and very good diving. I'd like to go to the same resort again. I've had about 40 different trips in different destinations all around the world, but Aiyanar was one of the best for me.

Visited on 03/2021 - Submitted on 03/31/2021

Everything was super. No any problems. Excellent and friendly staff and perfect food and drinks.
I've been there three times and definitely will go again. Every time it was better and better for me, because I met very nice people (staff) there, excellent food all day long and very good diving.

Climbing to the boat is not easy, especially for not skinny person 67 years old and they need to improve and change the narrow piece of wood from coast to the boat.

I've had about 40 different trips in different destinations all around the world, but Aiyanar was one of the best for me.

Visited on 04/2019 - Submitted on 03/11/2021

Very nice resort and facilities. Loved the staff service kitchen porters and dive areas all excellent. Lots of stairs so not for immobile or sedentary. Great pool and pool area. Beautiful views and places to sit and just relax and watch sea, boats, sunset. Rooms spacious. Mine was rather stuffy but others in group had no complaints. My bad luck I guess.

We hired our DM. One on one as two in our group dropped out. Was great as we had different levels of expertise.
I fell in love with this unheralded jewel from day 1 diving the house reef. NEVER expected to see soommany new and incredible macro. Diving was so chill that in the next few days I dove 60 to 70 min dives. Am normally an air hog. I prepared by working on my buoyancy beforehand. Got rid of my split fins. I was so enjoying myself just hanging in the water watching and filming all sorts of "aliens". Like a safari except that I was able to poke my face and watch up close and personal without becoming a meal. I used blue water list and other web sites to compile my list. Figured if mentioned multiple times then must be good. Did not disappoint! Twin rocks, Bebot's, Koala, Secret bay at nite, Sombrero was awesome, Caban cove, Cathedral was so so, kirby's rock and Layag Layag excellent. Mateo was too diehard macro for me. Anilao pier at night too diehard macro for me. Have a microhd and filming these creatures or seeing them were quite challenging. Will bring magnifying glass next time. Mainit bubbles, Arthur's and Minilog were excellent. Got too chilled for planned night dive and no deco times on darned suunto. Otherwise the house reef was supposed to be good for mandarin fish at dusk!, I shall return. I'll be back and all those cliches!!! Anilao rocks.

Visited on 11/2015 - Submitted on 11/14/2015


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