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Scuba diving in Dominica

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Dominica diving highlights

The clear, calm waters of Dominica attract divers from all over the world. Diverse underwater landscapes feature volcanic vents, dramatic walls, and colorful marine life. A big attraction in Dominica are the sperm whales. There are only a few places in the world where you can swim with sperm whales.


intro to dominica

The mountainous island is a relatively unknown dive destination in the Caribbean Sea. Thus it's a great destination to avoid the masses and truly enjoy its topside and underwater beauty. The island is rich with natural hot springs and tropical rainforests. With some of the best diving in the Caribbean, Dominica offers some fantastic dive sites for all levels of scuba divers.



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Diving Information 

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Marine Life & Environment

Dominica's topography is breathtaking both above and below the water.  Canyons, steep walls, volcanic craters, and pinnacles - it creates a very diverse layout. Basically no current.  The underwater volcanoes are the cause of Dominica's unique landscape.  Specifically "the Champagne dive site" is a unique place to see it all in action.  You can see warm bubbling water, and feel the rising water temperature, created by geothermal vents in the rocks below! Electric rays, seahorses, frogfish, gurnards, Caribbean reef squid, sea snakes, and batfish are just a few of the things to keep a look out for while diving Dominica


Diving Conditions

  • Water Temperatures:  Water temperatures in the summer are in the mid-80s, while in the winter it moves into the 70s.
  • Visibility: Anywhere between 60 and 100 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Suitable for all levels of scuba divers


Best Dive Sites

These are some of the top dive sites in Dominica:

  • 1. Champagne Reef: Mild currents with seahorses, frogfish, flying gurnards, and squid.
  • 2. Soufriere Pinnacles: Colorful sponges, occasional turtles, mantas, frogfish, and seahorses.
  • 3. Point Break: Decent current with large fish in great numbers.
  • 4. Rina’s Hole: Moray eels, giant anemones, huge sea fans, large groups of chub, stingrays, and also nurse sharks.
  • 5. Cottage Point: The remains of an 18th Century wreck lie in shallow water.
  • 6. Whale Shark Reef: Colorful corals swarm with reef fish. Occasional barracudas, Spanish mackerel and jacks.
  • 7. Five Finger Rock: Mild currents with squirrelfish, flounders, tobacco fish, angelfish,  elephant ear sponges, and spotted eagle rays. 

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Travel Information 

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How to Get There

Visitors can fly in from another Caribbean nation to Douglas-Charles Airport or Melville Hall Airport in Dominica.


How to Dive Dominica

There are a number of dive operators and resorts available in Dominica.


Best Time to Dive

The rainy season is between July and October, but diving can be done year-round. If you wish to swim with the sperm whales, then the best month to visit is during November to March. 


Topside & Non-Diving Activities

Thanks to the surplus of rain Dominica receives through the year - hiking can be a great treat as you stumble upon countless waterfalls, some falling thousands of feet down (don't forget to check out the boiling lake!).  Scenic tours of the Layou River by kayak can be a nice excursion when you'd like to explore above the water.  Or take a scenic tour through Carib Territory - the Indian tribe which influenced the Caribbean Sea's naming.  The capital city, Roseau, is an easy walk and holds some great day/night markets to check out as well.


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Other Useful Information 

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Practical Information

  • Currency: East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)
  • Electricity: 230 volts, with Type D and G plugs.
  • Language: English is the official language of Dominica
  • Time Zone: UTC-4

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