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Bonaire Dive Resorts

Located just north of Venezuela and out of the hurricane zone, Bonaire is a year-round destination for some amazing diving. With more than 40 years of marine protection and conservation efforts, Bonaire's reefs are teeming with life. Known as the shore diving capital of the world, it also allows divers unlimited access to a variety of dive sites at any time during their vacation.

Diving in Bonaire means three things: easy shore diving, low cost, and a strong diving infrastructure. Staying at a dive resort is the way to go to explore's Bonaire's vast selection of dive sites. Take your pick of the numerous dive resorts. Most resorts are only a short swim away from marked dive sites and protected reefs. You can also drive from one dive site to the next with one main road running the length of the island! 

bonaire Dive Resort Areas

north End Bonaire

Dive resorts located around the north end of Bonaire make for easy access to the fringing reefs which have a more gentle slope. The dives here are generally easy, making it a great place for a relaxing dive vacation for all skill levels. At the popular Karpata dive site, you can expect to see a towering vertical wall and pelagics out in the open water. 

south end Bonaire

In contrast to the north, the dive sites here tend to be deeper and have a little more current.  Divers staying at a resort in this area are treated to a breath-taking drop-off to white sand. The Salt Pier offers excellent wide angle opportunities with lots of growth on the pilings and schooling fish under the shadow of the pier. It also a great place for night diving.

east side Bonaire

The east side is known for its washing machine currents. Dives here are perfect for the drift diver seeking a thrill. Since the east side protects the west from the strong ocean currents, the corals here are untouched and the marine life is abundant.

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