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Bluewater Travel's 50 Amazing Adventures

Bluewater Travel's 50 Amazing Adventures

Bluewater Travel's New Weekly Episode Series 

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Join us as we explore 50 unique dive destinations around the world. Each episode showcases a recent dive adventure with a Bluewater team member, customer, or a Travel with Bluewater trip in an exotic location!

With New episodes every week!!

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  1. 1. Raja Ampat
  2. 2. Diving the Maldives
  3. 3. Tanzania Dive / Safari Combo
  4. 4. Whale Sharks & Sea Lions in the Sea of Cortez
  5. 5. Moorea Humpback Whale Trip
  6. 6. Diving El Nido, Coron, & Palawan Philippines
  7. 7. Thresher Sharks of Malapascua
  8. 8. Exploring & Diving in Cuba
  9. 9. Up-close Gray Whale Interactions

Episode 1 - Raja Ampat


Raja Ampat is a true epicenter of marine biodiversity, featuring a stunning array of fish species, from diminutive glass fish to large bigeye jacks, swimming amidst its vibrant reefs. The reefs themselves boast an impressive variety of both hard and soft corals. Beyond its underwater marvels, Raja Ampat's scenic islands offer a picturesque topside view, with ample activities for non-divers including bird-watching and excursions to Jellyfish Lake. Divers should be aware that visibility underwater might not be as good as some destinations like the Caribbean, yet the overall health and richness of the marine environment continually attracts seasoned divers, who find themselves drawn back to Raja Ampat's unique diving experiences time after time. Highlights include large variety of corals and fish life, lots of wobbegong sharks, Jellyfish Lake and night dives with lots of critters.

Raja Ampat 2023 Raja Ampat 2023 Raja Ampat 2022

Read our full Raja Ampat Destination Guide.

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 Raja Ampat 2022 Raja Ampat 2023 Raja Ampat 2023 


Episode 2 - Diving The Maldives


Bluewater's 50 Amazing Adventures wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Maldives, and you can see why this honeymoon hotspot is also a renowned diving destination. The Southern Atolls of the Maldives are home to various species of sharks and are a famous spot for diving with tiger sharks. This idyllic location can be dived from land-based resorts and liveaboards, so we enjoyed a perfect combination of both. 

A tiger shark underwater in the Maldives  A colorful coral reef in the Maldives. A turtle swims along a reef in the Maldives

Episode 3 - Tanzania Dive / Safari Combo

Join us as we embark on the ultimate combination trip in Tanzania. Dive into the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean and meet the unexpected macro life beneath. With eels, frogfish, mantis shrimps, flatworms, and nudibranchs, our macro lenses were put to good use. 

The unforgettable adventure continued with a land safari in Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and the Serengeti. Enchanting encounters with Africa's famous wildlife awaited us, including cheetah, zebra, giraffe, lions, and elephants!

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 Episode 4 - Whale Sharks & Sea Lions in the Sea of Cortez

Step aboard for an unforgettable journey through the enchanting waters of the Sea of Cortez. Last year's expedition is the basis our fourth episode, delivering an unparalleled diving experience like no other.

Immerse yourself in the turquoise depths, where encounters with whale sharks and playful sea lions await at every turn, and prepare to be amazed by the sheer diversity of marine life that calls the Sea of Cortez home. From vibrant blennies and intricate nudibranchs to the elusive octopus, every dive promises a new discovery.

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 Episode 5 - Moorea Humpback Whale Trip

Experience the magic of swimming with humpback whales in Moorea, French Polynesia. Discover why Bluewater Travel returns every September to witness the majestic whales as they congregate in Moorea with their young. We love the warm tropical waters, beautiful topside scenery, and unforgettable marine life encounters.

We will be in Moorea for five weeks this fall, so join us for close encounters with humpback whales you'll never forget!

A humpback whale and dolphins in Moorea, French Polynesia A snorkeler photographs a humpback whale in Moorea Humpback whales in French Polynesia

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Episode 6 - diving El Nido, Coron, & Palawan Philippines

Join us as we dive into the famed waters of the Philippines to explore El Nido, Coron, and Palawan. Encounter the elusive dugong, swim along gorgeous reefs, and enter eerie shipwrecks. Discover why the Philippines is a world-renowned dive destination and add it to your bucket list.

Episode 7 - Thresher Sharks of Malapascua

Encounter thrilling thresher sharks in Malapascua, Philippines, where you can watch them glide gracefully through the water with their whip-like tails. Travel with us to Moalboal, Philippines and witness massive bait balls of sardines shimmering in the blue.

Episode 8 - Exploring & Diving in Cuba 

Explore the vibrant cultural scene and exciting underwater world of Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean. Join us on a journey through this fascinating country, from cigar factories and streets lined with classic cars to the magical reefs of Jardines de la Reina.

Episode 9 - Up-Close Gray Whale Interactions

Embark on an adventure like none other in San Ignacio Lagoon, Mexico, where you will meet the impressive Pacific gray whales. Look forward to incredible interactions as the mothers and calves approach the small boats to receive pets and kisses. 

People pet a gray whale in San Ignacio, Mexico A Pacific gray whale in San Ignacio Lagoon, Mexico People pet a gray whale in San Ignacio, Mexico

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Episode 10 - Coming Soon!



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