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Roatan & Utila Dive Resorts

Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja are the main islands of the Bay Islands of Honduras. Roatan is the largest and is easily accessible from the US with direct flights to Coxen Hole airport. While Spanish is the official language, many islanders also speak English or Creole English, making it even easier for visitors.

Hundreds of dive sites surround the Bay Islands, with suitable options for divers of every interest and experience level. Diving the Bay Islands includes stunning coral reefs, wrecks, walls, caves, and bucket-list marine encounters such as whale sharks and dolphins.

The Bay Islands are not only a fantastic dive destination but also offer many land and watersport activities for divers and non-divers to enjoy. Explore nature parks, botanical gardens, waterfalls, and beaches. Ziplining, ATV tours, and horse riding will thrill those interested in more adventurous land activities.

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The Bay Islands

The Bay Islands’ best dive sites are easily reached by boat from land-based resorts. Diving in the Bay Islands offers a variety of hard and soft corals combined with beautiful tropical fish, macro life, and turtles. Roatan’s shark dives are not to be missed, nor is Utila’s most famous dive site, Black Coral Wall, with its spectacular shallows and dramatic drop. Whale shark season on Utila is February to April and October to December, however, encounters require an element of luck. 


Located on the northwestern tip, West Bay Beach is Roatan's most famous area for diving and snorkeling. Its coral reef is protected from wind and weather, making it a terrific year-round dive destination. West Bay Beach is known as a lively area with a wide selection of resorts, restaurants, and shops. 

Not to be confused with West Bay, Roatan’s famed West End is a vibrant neighborhood a short distance up the coast. With smaller hotels, shops, dive operators, bars, and restaurants, West End is a perfect place to dive, dine, and drink.

Whether you stay in West Bay Beach or West End, it’s only a 30-minute walk or a 5-minute taxi ride between the two, so it’s worthwhile making the short trip to experience both locations. 


Just a one-hour ferry ride or 15-minute flight from Roatan, the small island of Utila has a lot to offer. You'll find all the resorts, restaurants, and dive shops on the main strip of the south shore. Famous for its high concentration of dive schools along the walkable strip, you will be near a dive center wherever you stay in Utila. Expect smaller budget hotels designed with divers in mind; enjoy the convenience of stepping directly from the boat to your room or the dive bar.


Guanaja is not as easy to reach as Roatan, with the main settlement on a key only reachable by boat. Just 19 square miles in size, one road connects the areas of Mangrove Bight (north) to Savanah Bight (south). This small jewel in the Caribbean is known for its natural beauty and is surrounded by an amazing coral reef, which divers and snorkelers enjoy. Non-diving activities include kayaking, kite surfing, and exploring the mountainous terrain via its numerous hiking trails. 

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DIVE RESORTS IN roatan, utila, & guanaja

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