Splash Inn Dive Resort Roatan

Destination: Honduras

West End, Roatan 99000, Honduras | Room + breakfast only + 2 dives from $91++/ppn

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Splash Inn Resort Quick Pitch

Splash Inn is a 25-room boutique hotel located in the heart of West End. They are an unpretentious and charming little village on the clear blue waters of Half Moon Bay. Dive shops, cafes, and restaurants surround this cozy Roatan dive resort, just steps away from the ocean. Splash Inn expects to ensure guests experience the island in the highest comfort.


Quick Information 

  • No of Rooms: 25
  • Dive Center: On-site
  • Amenities: AC, restaurant, bar, massage, private dock, laundry service
  • WiFi: Yes, free
  • Nearest International Airport: Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport
  • Airport Shuttle: No


Dive Overview

The Mesoamerican Reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world, surrounds Roatan and the Bay Islands. Home to hundreds of exotic fish species, sharks, and turtles, the reef stretches nearly 900 kilometers through the Caribbean. Roatan sits on the southern end of the reef, but the island's close proximity to it makes it a unique diving destination.

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Types of Rooms, Amenities and Photos

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Splash Inn Dive Resort Roatan Splash Inn Dive Resort Roatan

Hotel Rooms

Splash Inn has spacious, quiet, single and double rooms for individuals and couples, as well as double, triple, quadruple and dorm-style rooms for families and travelers looking to share close quarters.

  • 25 Rooms
  • Single, Double or Multiple occupancy rates
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • En-suite in every room with hot shower
  • Air-conditioning and fan
  • Cable T.V.
  • No Power Outages Ever! (Generators on site)
  • Safebox


Splash Inn Dive Resort Roatan Splash Inn Dive Resort Roatan


This very convenient and beautiful 2 bedroom/2 bathroom villa is located one block from the beachfront in the guarded & gated condominium community of Sunset Villas. It has a fully-equipped kitchen, a/c, cable tv, free wifi, access to the pool AND FREE hot breakfast at Splash Inn Dive Resort, which is located about a 7-minute walk away. This villa is near dive shops, restaurants & night life.

  • New sheets, pillows, and bedding. Cozy Caribbean decor.
  • Pool, FREE hot breakfast at Splash Inn Dive Resort, free laundry, discounted diving packages.
  • Quiet, comfortable and easy access to the wonderful beach town of West End.
  • Sunset Villas has 24-hour guards at the entrance gate every day of the year.
  • Easy access to local transportation: local buses, water taxi ride over to West Bay for $3 USD per person.
  • Standard $25 taxi ride to/from airport in safe, regulated taxi organization. 


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Resort Facilities

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Splash Inn Dive Resort Roatan Splash Inn Dive Resort Roatan


Splash Inn Resort Features

  • Beachfront
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Laundry
  • Gift shop
  • Massage treatments


Splash Inn Resort Food & Drinks

Their extensive menu features internationally inspired cuisine from Central America and Europe. And at the end of the day, enjoy their 2 for 1 Happy Hour from the open-air terrace bar and grill.

Splash Inn Dive Resort Roatan Splash Inn Dive Resort Roatan


Splash Inn Resort Activities

  • YOGA at Splash Inn
  • Roatan Tour by Bus
  • Cayos Cochinos (Day Trip)
  • Shark Dive
  • Night Dive
  • Snorkeling


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Packages & Rates

Splash Inn Dive Resort Rates

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Dive Packages

Packages include accommodation in a standard room and breakfast. Taxes and equipment not included.




Learn to Dive in Roatan (4 Nights/Open Water/Learn to Dive) - Includes full diving equipment and the cost of the PADI card



5 Dive Package (3 Nights/5 Dives)



10 Dive Package (5 Nights/10 Dives)



15 Dive Package (7 Nights/15 Dives)



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Dive Information

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Dive Overview

According to the Roatan Marine Park, there are 40 different dive sites to enjoy scuba diving in Roatan, all reachable within 10 minutes by boat. Roatan diving introduces you to shipwrecks, sponge walls, caves and tunnels, underwater cliffs, canyons, among many other reef formations and a variety of colorful marine life.

In addition to the dive sites available in Roatan, many places (including Splash Inn dive center) offer exciting ways to enjoy Roatan diving. Try a night dive and see bioluminescent creatures sparkling under the stars, or a world-famous 'Cara Cara' (face to face) shark dive.


Dive Sites

Here are some the dive sites you can visit in Roatan:

  • Hole in the Wall
  • Hole in the Wall is a staple Roatan scuba dive, don’t leave the island without diving here! Located just outside of Mangrove bight and a great dive for diving enthusiasts of all levels, there is something for everyone here. The “Hole in the Wall” opening this site is named for is a sand chute tunnel through a reef wall that begins at 40 feet. Coming out through the other side of the chute, divers will emerge at 100 feet. Beginning divers can enjoy the aquatic scenery surrounding the sand slope and the spectacular wall on the right side of it, while more advanced divers can descend down to just above the impressive abyss which drops thousands of feet below.
  • Ascending up toward the wall on the right, watch for eagle rays, turtles, Creole Wrasse, and Blue Tang. Once the top of the wall is reached, divers can continue forward to access the shallows where visibility and color vibrancy increases and unique “swiss cheese” rock formations (an apt nickname for this dive site) give way to caverns, swim-throughs, and canyons that house many different species of both native and introduced sea life, including the Spotted Scorpion Fish, King Crab, and Glassy Sweeper. Watch for the Spotted Drum Fish, groupers, File Fish, and the occasional nurse shark. Seasonally, schools of silverside sparkle in the sunbeams as they swim through the shallows and fill one of the caves.
  • El Aguila (Shipwreck)
  • One of three main shipwreck dive sites off Roatan’s coast, El Aguila is 75 meters (230 feet) long and broken into three pieces (courtesy of 1998’s Hurricane Mitch) providing plenty of areas and many nooks and crannies for divers to explore.
  • Spanish for ‘the Eagle,’ El Aguila is thought to have originally sunk off the coast of Utila while on course to Haiti from Puerto Cortes, carrying a shipment of concrete. After being underwater for many years, the ship was brought back up to the harbor by Rocky Jones of Utila, only to be dragged back onto the reef again by a storm, after which it was salvaged a second time and intentionally partially submerged to prevent further storm damage.
  • El Aguila is situated at 110′ deep and a short ride away from Sandy Bay. AKR purchased the ship while searching for a new wreck site for divers, as the common wooden-hulled wrecks of the time were starting to deteriorate and disappear. It took the team 5 weeks between purchasing, cleaning, towing, and finally sinking the ship in its current location in 1997.
  • Mandy’s Eel Garden
  • Mandy’s Eel Garden is located right off the prestigious West Bay Beach. Not only does the location make it a great option for visitors to Roatan, but the shallow depth of the dive also provides accessible and easy diving for divers of all levels.
  • Known for the patches of garden eels located at the sandy patch near the base of the wall, diving in the Eel Garden promises an abundance of all types of beautiful marine life. Watch for larger eels, like the chain moray and green eels, that house themselves in the coral heads. Turtles, peacock flounder, caribbean squid, octopi, scorpion fish, barracuda, eagle rays, sting rays, juvenile drum fish, parrot fish, lobsters, nudibranchs, seahorses and pipefish are all often found in the surrounding corals and sand patches.
  • The Odyssey (Shipwreck)
  • 110 feet under the surface off Roatan’s shore sits the Odyssey wreck. At 300 feet long, 50 feet wide, and 85 feet tall, this freighter is Roatan’s largest wreck dive, as well as one of the largest in the Caribbean. Intentionally sunk for divers in 2002, this ship is still intact and requires a more advanced skill level than the El Aguila to penetrate, so diving with a wreck diving certification is recommended.
  • The center section of the Odyssey has collapsed, but the bow remains tall and upright–providing scenic views of the surrounding reef wall, a nearby sand patch, and the rest of the ship. Holes for divers have been cut into the sides of the ship, but to explore inside an underwater flashlight is required. Schools of large grouper, barracuda, tuna, and sharks have often been seen surrounding the wreck by divers. It is impossible to explore the entire wreck in its multi-level enormity in a single dive.
  • Blue Channel
  • Blue Channel is a popular dive for snorkelers and divers, located right off the shore of Roatan’s famous West End. The shallow dive is a channel, starting from just inside the reef and curving out toward the coral ridge–the top of the gently sloping wall ranges from 10 feet below the surface to 45 feet deep.
  • The channel itself runs parallel to the shore and differs significantly from the reef surrounding it. From the wall, you can follow a swim-through toward the reef to see damselfish, juvenile spotted drumfish, snapper, triggerfish, barracuda, grunts, tangs, goatfish, and juvenile grouper. There is another network of swim-throughs along the south wall, and lively overhangs along the north wall to choose from as well. At the entrance of the channel look for the resident green moray eels and pipefish that have made their homes in the coral, and the fireworms, large feather dusters, and lobster that live there as well.
  • West End Wall
  • One of the most popular dive sites off Roatan’s coast, the West End Wall is beautiful wall dive which promises divers spectacular views of an enormous underwater wall and an abundance of marine life inhabiting it. Great for snorkeling as well, the crest of the reef is knit with plenty of stony coral and gorgonians (sea fans), which cut down the face of the wall. 90 feet below is the base of the wall, also lined with coral outcroppings, which levels out into a sandy bottom continuing to slope downward. Southern stingrays and Spotted Eagle Rays are often seen by divers here, where the base of the wall provides a perfect environment for their hunting grounds.
  • Turtle Crossing
  • Turtle Crossing is located off the shore between West End and West Bay, near coral channels that lead to a wall dropping off at 120 feet. There are two sandy plateaus here at 20 feet and 45 feet surrounded by coral structures where divers can find an abundance of marine life, making diving deeper relatively unnecessary to enjoy the many turtles, eels, and lobsters that live near and in the coral. Large schools of Sergeant Majors and Brazilian Chubs circulate the area, as well as flounders, coral banded shrimp, jawfish, crabs, and nudibranchs.
  • Great visibility and easy access make this dive site a perfect place for beginners and students, and the area beyond the wall that plunges to 150 feet provides a site for more experienced divers to locate reef-dwelling creatures at deeper depths.
  • Bears Den
  • A popular cavern dive in Roatan, Bears Den begins with a 120-foot long “chimney chute” swim-through at 50 feet below the surface, leading divers through to an opening that gives way to a honeycombed coral wall. While all skill levels can dive near the reef, this part of the dive is better suited for advanced divers because the chute is particularly narrow and excellent buoyancy control is required. At the top of the wall is the entrance to the Bear’s Den cavern, an enormous and beautiful cavern at 30 feet below, providing plenty of visibility and color. Spotted Drum, small Lettuce Leaf Sea Slugs and other types of nudibranchs can be seen here amongst the rocks at the cavern entrance. Inside, those diving will find a circular room with a sandy floor, crabs, lobsters, and scattered sunbeams shining over schools of Glassy Sweepers. The cavern can comfortably contain about 4 divers at a time. While a dive light is not necessary, coming equipped with one can illuminate some of the darker corners and cavities inside the cave.
  • Back outside, more swim-throughs, volcanic tunnels, and canyons can be found past the mooring, where Gorgonian Soft Corals provide shelter for Neck Crabs and rare seahorses. Divers are recommended to explore Bear’s Den earlier in the day to experience the best angle of the sun in the cavern. Bear’s Den is located to the east of Half Moon Bay, on the northern side of Roatan. Sea whips, sea sponges, black coral, butterflyfish, grouper, snapper, turtles, and barracudas are all often found on this beautiful and versatile dive.
  • Pablo’s Place
  • Pablo’s Place offers a popular dive site for those who are interested in drift diving in Roatan. Located at the western tip of the island near Flowers Bay, divers will encounter a vertical reef wall starting at about 50 feet below the surface and seems to keep descending almost indefinitely. The current flows from east to west and ranges from light to moderate for recreational drift diving. Barracuda, eagle rays, triggerfish, trumpet fish, dog snapper, and yellowtail snapper swim in schools around the wall, and colonies of black coral and big barrel sponges line its sides. On occasion, green moray eels, nurse sharks, reef sharks, whale sharks, and hammerhead sharks are also spotted here. Our dive instructors suggest going in the early to mid-morning, while the sun is in the best position to illuminate the magnificent wall.
  • Spooky Channel
  • For divers searching for something different, Spooky Channel is an interesting location that links the lagoon to Roatan’s outer reef. Once an ancient waterfall above the surface in the last ice age, this gorge now provides a beautiful underwater canyon for divers to enjoy.
  • Begin the channel in the shallows of Sandy Bay’s murky lagoon, then continue winding through it until you reach its maximum depth of 95 feet, with some areas within the channel opening to as wide as 50 feet across. The main, cathedral-like chamber at the maximum depth is riddled with starfish and lobsters, and while there isn’t an abundance of fish to be found in the darkness, houndfish can be found occasionally in schools. Above the heads of divers, the walls converge as they near the surface, with the opening at the top being only about 5 feet wide, and creating a ribbon of light high above that stretches along the channel.
  • Due to the very narrow gap between the walls, there is a very low level of light which enters the deeper parts of the channel, hence the name “Spooky”. The low light levels also create an uncharacteristically shallow habitat for many corals that are typically only found in much deeper parts of the ocean. As you leave the main chamber and back out to higher light levels and greater visibilities, the typical Caribbean marine life of Roatan begins to reappear with parrotfish, angelfish, and groupers. The mouth of the channel leads back to the coral reef, or for more experienced divers, to a tiny swim-through that exits dramatically to the deep vertical wall at 200 feet.


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Dive Center Information

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Splash Inn Dive Resort Roatan Splash Inn Dive Resort Roatan


Splash Inn Resort Dive Center Overview

Splash Inn is located in the heart of West End, right on the main road that runs through the popular dive town. The dive center is situated right next to the resort and restaurant, making it an easily accessible place not only for hotel guests, but for patrons who anticipate enjoying their cuisine.

Splash Inn offers many Roatan Diving Packages for interested guests at the resort, and 3 daily fun dives as an option for anyone else. Their knowledgeable and friendly team of dive instructors are fully qualified and trained to offer PADI certifications of all levels, from Open Water to Dive Master, and everything in between.

Whether it's your first time diving in Roatan or the island is welcoming your return, they provide all the equipment necessary for your diving experience. All products are high-quality Mares products, tested regularly, and maintained to be pristine and comfortable. They have 3 of their own (fast!) diving boats equipped with rooftops to deploy divers in all weather, air-conditioned classrooms, a warm outdoor shower, and of course, experienced PADI instructors to ensure you have only the best and most memorable time diving in Roatan.


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Other Information

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Practical Information

  • Electricity: 110 V
  • Time zone: UTC-6
  • Languages: Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish & English
  • Accept Credit Cards?: Yes (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)

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Underwater Gallery

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