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Sea of Cortez Liveaboards

Experience diving among incredibly diverse marine life aboard a Sea of Cortez liveaboard. Diving in the Sea of Cortez (also known as the Gulf of California) is an unforgettable adventure and exploring via liveaboard will enable you to visit the best dive sites throughout the area. Expect encounters with whale sharks, manta and mobula rays, sea lions, dolphins, huge schools of fish, whales, and even great macro critters!

Liveaboards are able to travel the length of the Baja Peninsula, so divers can enjoy a variety of dive sites and marine life from the north to the south. It is also popular to dive the Sea of Cortez from land-based resorts, however, dedicated divers will maximize their time in the water staying aboard one of the Sea of Cortez liveaboards.

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The Sea of Cortez is exceptionally easy to reach from the US and offers the most affordable big animal diving you’re likely to find. Every diver should include Sea of Cortez diving on their bucket list and experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s wide range of unforgettable dive sites.

SEA OF CORTEZ diving season

The best time to dive the Sea of Cortez depends on what you want to see, with seasonal encounters with different migratory animals on offer. July to December offers the best visibility and warmer waters. Whale shark encounters are most common in La Paz in December-January and can be spotted near Bahai de Los Angeles in July-August. From December to March the water is colder and visibility is poorer, but it is a great time to sight humpback whales, gray whales, and mobula rays.

Note: Diving with sea lions on Los Islotes is closed for mating season June through August, so plan around that if this is on your bucket list!

For another great location to encounter whale sharks, check out diving in the Galapagos.

  • Diving Season: Year-round, but liveaboard itineraries vary and some vessels move to Socorro during certain periods.
  • Nearest Airport:  Depends on the embarkation point, so check your itinerary closesly.
  • Water Temperature: Water temps range from 65-86°F (18-30°C).
  • Wetsuit: Usually, a 5mm wetsuit with optional hooded vest works well at Sea of Cortez. 
  • Required Diving Skill Level: No minimum skill level required.

See more information in our in-depth guide to diving the Sea of Cortez.

LIveaboards in the sea of cortez

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