Raja Ampat Dive Resorts

Raja Ampat is home to numerous dive resorts, from mid-range to luxury. Staying at a dive resort could be a great addition before or after a liveaboard trip in Raja Ampat. It's also a great option for divers who travel with a non-diving partner or family member or who simply would like to dive some more in one of the areas. Many of Raja Ampat's dive sites are worth visiting over and over again. There's so much to see in Raja Ampat that every single dive could bring new a whole new experience!

Raja Ampat is made up of four main islands, namely Waigeo in the north, Batanta and Salawati in the middle, and Misool in the south. The strait that separates Batanta and Waigeo is called Dampier Strait, home to some of the best diving in Raja Ampat, if not the world!

Raja Ampat Dive Resort Areas

Northern & central raja ampat

There is a number of dive resorts on Waigeo and Batanta Islands and the smaller islands nearby. These resorts offer access to northern and central Raja Ampat's, including the world-renowned Dampier Strait. Some of the popular dive sites include Manta Sandy, Mioskon, Mike's Point, and Arborek Jetty and the world-renowned Cape Kri.

Southern Raja Ampat 

Misool, the main island of southern Raja Ampat Dive is another dive area that you wouldn't want to miss. Famous for its colorful soft corals and topography, Misool also features some thrilling dives, packed with pelagic action hunting for prey. There a good number of good dive resorts around Misool, but keep in mind that most dive operations close down during the rough monsoon season which lasts from mid-June to early September.

Other Areas Near Raja Ampat

Triton Bay, a remote area, even further away from Raja Ampat is renowned for its pristine reefs, unique landscape and marine life diversity. It's also a place where divers can swim and dive with whale sharks. 

Cenderawasih Bay is home to the largest marine national park in Indonesia. Cenderawasih Bay is extremely remote but divers from all over the world flock to this area for whale shark encounters, its dramatic vertical walls with prolific sponge life, and the World War II wrecks near Manokwari.

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Dive Resorts in Raja Ampat

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