Palau Dive Resorts

Palau hosts a good number of dive resorts, ranging from budget to high-end. These resorts and hotels can be found in Koror, Malakal Island and near the airport in Airai.

We offer various different dive packages in partnership with Sam's Tours, one of Palau's best-known scuba diving and eco-adventure companies.  A typical day of diving with Sam's Tours begins with an 8:30 a.m. complementary pickup (unless otherwise stated) from various hotels in Koror to our their center in Malakal.

Most dive sites are located about 45 minutes from Sam's Tours, offering divers scenic boat rides through the mushroom-like Rock Islands. Surface intervals and lunch breaks are normally spent on either a virgin white sand beach with wild green vegetation, or on top of snorkeling sites with stunning shallow reef plateaus.

Palau Dive sites

Here are some of the dive sites that you can visit during your stay at a resort in Palau.

Chandelier Cave

This site is a large cave with several “rooms” and underwater tunnels allowing you to swim from room to room. Perfect for adventure-seekers who want to experience the thrill of exploring the unknown. 

German channel

Famous for its manta rays, the German channel offers virtually every sort of tropical marine life to the eager diver. Other than manta rays, divers can see eagle rays, reef sharks and many other species of schooling fish. With the right conditions, this dive spot can also be a great drift dive.

Jellyfish Lake

A must-do when visiting Palau, the Jellyfish lake is a unique experience of being surrounded by hundred and thousands of jellyfish. Not to worry, these jellyfish don't sting, but add to making a great underwater shot. Scuba diving is not permitted in this lake, but snorkeling suffices as the perfect way for observing and photographing the famous golden jellyfish.

Blue Hole/Blue Corner

The two most celebrated dive sites in Palau are known for their abundance of marine life. Blue Corner is situated on a current-swept corner of a steep drop-off, making it a natural gathering point for reef fish of every description. Within swimming, distance lies Blue Hole, a large cavern with multiple entrances and illuminated by shafts of sunlight from overhead. 

Other dive sites

Other notable Palauan sites include New and Big Drop Offs, Ulong Channel, Peleliu Wall, and Cut, Mandarinfish Lake and WW 2 Japanese shipwrecks Iro and Sata. There’s also a Zero fighter plane in very shallow water, plus countless other reefs and walls.

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