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Destination: Norway

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Orca Norway Quick Pitch 

In 1981, the owner of the Orca Norway,  Mr. Olav Magne Strömsholm established the diving center, Strømsholmen Sjøsportsenter A/S that offers a unique mix of thrilling adventures under and above water. The dive center has been offering Orca Expedition Trips through Orca Norway since 1992. Olav's company was the first operator in the wold that started swimming with orcas. They currently operate with 3 liveaboard boats, MS Sula, MS Bergsund, and MS Mårøy.



The trips embark from Tromsö. Guests will need to fly in to Tromsö Airport (TOS).


Orca expeditions

3 days and 6 days orca expedition trips. Every year from the end of October to beginnng of February, the probably largest gathering of killer whales in the world take place in Troms region, far north of Norway, due to enormous amounts of herring. Sometimes as many as 50-60 orcas and humpback whales can be observed at the same time. We follow the orcas closely to watch them play and feed. When possible, we enter the water and swim with them. To be with these magnificent animals in their own habitat is an experience for life. No snorkel experience needed to join the orca expedition trips.

Water temperature in  October - January is about 4 - 6°C (39 - 42°F) and air temperature ranges from -7 to +10°C (20 - 50°F).


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