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South Pacific ARTICLES

Fiji Trip Report 2023

Fiji Trip Report 2023
Fiji is a must-return dive destination for its scenic beauty, healthy reefs, diverse marine life, and vibrant underwater colors. It's accessible, safe, and has a friendly local culture. Our trip on the Nai’a liveaboard included incredible dive sites like Bligh Water, E-6, and Mount Mutiny, featuring stunning corals, fish, and underwater landscapes.

Fiji Trip Report October 2022

In October, sixteen adventurers joined Bluewater Travel for a ten-day trip to Fiji led by Craig Dietrich. Starting at the Pearl Resort in Pacific Harbour, they enjoyed thrilling shark dives before heading to Volivoli Beach Resort. Despite initial weather challenges, they explored vibrant reefs at Vatu-i-Ra Passage, ending with a memorable Fijian luau.

Bluewater Travel Solomons Trip Recap

Mangrove roots underwater
Mark Strickland's article recounts his Solomon Islands photo workshop experience with Bluewater Travel, emphasizing the region's rich marine life, pristine reefs, WWII wrecks, and local culture. The journey aboard the "Bilikiki" included dives at iconic sites like Leru Cut and Mary Island, showcasing vibrant fish populations and unique geological features. The workshops focused on photography, with daily reviews and a final slideshow. Interaction with locals was a highlight, demonstrating sustainable tourism practices. The trips combined adventure, learning, and appreciation for the Solomons' natural beauty and historical significance.

Solomon Islands Dive Trip Report

Soft coral in the Solomon Islands
A shipwreck in the Solomon Islands
A pygmy seahorse in the Solomon Islands
Clown anemone fish in the Solomon Islands
A school of fish in Solomon Islands
Joanna O'Shea's Solomon Islands trip aboard the Bilikiki revealed a diver's paradise: wrecks, caves, and vibrant coral gardens rivaling global hotspots. Despite logistical challenges, the world-class diving, from WWII wrecks to rare marine sightings like pygmy seahorses and mantis shrimp, made it an unforgettable expedition, supported by the Bilikiki's comfortable liveaboard experience.


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