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Anyone who has visited the Galapagos Islands will undoubtedly label it as one of the top destinations they’ve encountered. Masses of diverse marine life, unique endemic species, and some of the best shark diving in the world. Situated in such a remote location, it’s no surprise that the area’s isolated wildlife has evolved independently, creating a one-of-a-kind trip for nature enthusiasts and divers alike. 

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Bluewater Travel has long been an advocate of underwater conservation, and we understand only too well the value of a rich and diverse marine ecosystem. Many of our most memorable dive trips have been as a result of awesome encounters with iconic marine creatures, experiencing a brief but intimate snapshot of their world that will stay with our guests for a lifetime.


Have you ever wished you could give something back to the underwater world that has provided you with beautiful and fun experiences since the moment you learned to dive? Are you ready to dive for a worthy cause?

Buddy Dive is offering a new PADI Coral Restoration Specialty Course, which will give you that opportunity! There are several different levels requiring different time and dive commitments, including:

Kungkungan Bay Resort has made some big upgrades to their resort, which include a new and improved reception area, referbishing 9 rooms (including adding some wood floors) and more.

Also new is a weekly "One Hour Culture Show", which showcases local traditions for visiting divers. KBR staff members perform Tari Piring Dance from the island of Minangkabau and The Tumatenden dance, a fairy tale about an ancient couple in North Sulawesi. Kolintang music and a guitar trio provide music for the show.

Crystal Blue's Camera Room


A Look at Crystal Blue's Camera Room


Crystal Blue is a great resort for underwater photographers visiting Anilao, and it shows in their camera facilities. Upon returning to the resort from the dive boats, photographers have access to dedicated camera rinse tanks and padded shelves for temporary storage and lightly drying the gear. From there, divers take their cameras into the air conditioned camera room, which features:


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