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Travel Tips & Tutorials ARTICLES

A view of Raja Ampat's emerald islands dotting the turquoise sea.

How to Book Domestic Flights in Indonesia

Indonesia is renowned for its incredible diving in the heart of the Coral Triangle and holds a high spot on most divers’ bucket lists. The sprawling archipelago boasts expansive coastline and prolific and varied marine life. While major islands such as Bali and Java are easy destinations to reach via air, some of the more remote areas can present travel challenges – particularly with domestic flight bookings.

Sea lions frolic in Baja, Mexico
Solo dive travel has many benefits, including flexibility, independence, personal growth, and meeting new people. However, divers traveling solo often face a difficult choice: to pay a substantial single supplement or share their rooms/cabins with strangers. As seasoned divers with plenty of experience traveling solo, the experts at Bluewater Travel have put together a guide of liveaboards and dive resorts with single-friendly policies.


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