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Cabo Marine Life Safari

A shark swims in Cabo

Cabo Marine Life Safari

Words and Pictures by Tim Yeo

Add a touch of adventure to your dive vacation and discover even more wildlife on our marine life safaris and expeditions around the Baja Peninsula. This fresh take on Cabo’s rich megafauna introduces various species rarely encountered during dives.

La Paz Trip Report 2023

A turtle rests on the wreck of the Fang Ming by Eric Lin
The Sea of Cortez is a destination we always look forward to, and this year’s La Paz Photo Workshop was no exception. Eighteen guests joined Bluewater Travel for an unforgettable trip exploring the dive sites around La Paz, Mexico where we enjoyed 86 degree water and had interactions with sea lions, turtles, wrecks, and much more! Find out more...

Sea of Cortez Trip Report 2023

A small fish called a "signal blenny" displays its colors to an underwater photographer.
The Sea of Cortez is a dynamic entanglement of nutrient-rich currents, temperamental water temperatures, and an equally erratic atmosphere. Each of these phenomena contributes to an engine of evolution that drives a charismatic cast of characters found nowhere else on this planet. Read our full trip recap, and see some stunning images captured by our guests, from our 2023 Sea of Cortez trip!

Top 10 Dive Sites in Cozumel

Top Dive Sites in Cozumel
An island in Mexico’s Caribbean, Cozumel is a well-known diving destination renowned for its excellent visibility, beautiful coral reefs, and diverse marine life. With a wide range of dive-centric accommodation options, great nightlife, and an international airport, it’s easy to see why Cozumel is so popular for dive holidays.

San Ignacio Whale Trip Recap 2023

All the humpback whales we encountered gracefully glided through the azure waters in a calm, relaxing manner. Their majestic presence, mere inches away from the boat, left us in awe as they playfully swam in circles and engaged in breathtaking surface interactions. The rhythmic dance of their tail slaps on the ocean's surface created an entrancing spectacle, making the entire experience nothing short of unforgettable. Leran more about our San Ignacio Grey Whale Experience...

La Paz Trip Report 2022

la paz diving

La Paz, Mexico Sea of Cortez Trip Report – October 15th to 22th, 2022

Incredible Encounters with Sea Lions, Sardines, and Mobula Rays DURING BLUEWATER TRAVEL'S LA PAZ 2022 UNDERWATER PHOTO WORKSHOP

Trip Leader: Nirupam Nigam   |   Photos by Nirupam Nigam & Group




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