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Cabo Marine Life Safari

Cabo Marine Life Safari

Cabo Marine Life Safari

Words and Pictures by Tim Yeo

Add a touch of adventure to your dive vacation and discover even more wildlife on our marine life safaris and expeditions around the Baja Peninsula. This fresh take on Cabo’s rich megafauna introduces various species rarely encountered during dives.

Cabo Marine Life Safari

Baja California, a peninsula that spans the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, stands out as one of Earth's most distinctive terrains for those with a thirst for adventure. Situated at the southernmost tip, Cabo San Lucas is renowned as a popular spring break hotspot. However, it also serves as the perfect gateway for marine life aficionados eager to discover the wonders that Baja California has in store.

Cabo Marine Life Safari Cabo Marine Life Safari Cabo Marine Life Safari

Each season offers different wildlife encounters, all of them equally exciting and with the chance of unexpected encounters and marine life surprises. The best thing about a safari here is that you never quite know what will show up!

From November to May, liveaboard vessels set sail from Cabo towards the Revillagigedo Archipelago, also known as Socorro, offering some of the finest big animal diving experiences globally. 

From January to April, both divers and non-divers embark from Cabo to San Ignacio Bay. Here, they have the opportunity to engage with hundreds of gray whales gathering to mate, give birth, and ready their calves for one of the longest migrations undertaken by any mammal, all the way to Alaska. 

From July to November, the diving conditions from La Paz to Cabo Pulmo are optimal, featuring warm waters and clear visibility. During this period, divers have the chance to snorkel with whale sharks, dive alongside playful sea lions, and encounter massive schools of jacks, sharks, and a plethora of other marine creatures.

Safari Trips & Expeditions 

With numerous weeklong excursions setting sail from Cabo, merely using it as a launchpad means you'll overlook some of the most extraordinary marine life interactions available there. Embarking on a marine life safari from Cabo can become a trip highlight on its own. Depending on the season, a rich variety of marine life thrives just off Cabo's coast, offering experiences accessible to everyone. 

Shark Encounters - February to July

One of our favorite expeditions is a trip to one of the deep offshore pinnacles to chum the water and draw in pelagic sharks. This attracts elusive species like the extremely cute blue shark and the shortfin mako, known as the speed demon of the ocean. Guests enter the water in snorkeling gear and get close enough to photograph these awesome predators, an opportunity rarely encountered while scuba diving. There is also a good chance of spotting other pelagic shark species such as silky sharks and smooth hammerhead sharks. 

Cabo Marine Life Safari Cabo Marine Life Safari Cabo Marine Life Safari

While a combination of fish blood and guts are dropped into the water to attract the attention of these curious sharks, the goal is not to feed the sharks or to change their natural behavior. Once they arrive, a tuna head is added to the mix to keep their interest so that snorkelers can spend some time in the water with them. The sharks arrive of their own accord and leave whenever they want. 

Cabo Marine Life Safari


Mobula Ray Encounters - June and July

Another fantastic experience is swimming with the huge schools of mobula rays that frequent these waters. If there are reports of mobula rays in the area the boat will head out specifically to look for them. Mobula munkiana, also known as Munk's devil ray, typically swim in schools ranging from dozens to hundreds and are often spotted when they leap out of the water!  Because the schools don’t typically travel very fast, snorkelers can easily spend time in the water free diving and photographing them.

Cabo Marine Life Safari Cabo Marine Life Safari Cabo Marine Life Safari

Whale Watching - December to April

Every year, thousands of humpback whales migrate past the Cabo San Lucas and into the Sea of Cortez. The winter months are the perfect time to watch these awesome mammals as they near the end of their journey.

Open Ocean Exploration - Year-Round

Throughout the year, other marine animals that are regularly encountered in this wild and unpredictable environment include four turtle species (olive ridley, green, leatherback, and hawksbill) and pelagic fish such as mahi mahi, tuna, and marlin. There is also a high chance of encountering some of the many marine mammals that regularly travel into the Sea of Cortez. Dolphins, orcas, and sea lions are regular visitors, while humpback, grey, beaked, minke, and even sperm whales have been known to make an appearance.

How it Works

Over the years, I've taken part in several 2-3 day marine life safaris from Cabo, ranging from whale watching to chumming for sharks. These adventures have led me to encounters with numerous humpback whales, schools of mobula rays, and endangered turtle species such as Olive Ridley turtles, as well as blue sharks, mako sharks, hammerhead sharks, and silky sharks. Recently, orcas have started to appear more regularly, with occasional sightings of blue whales, sperm whales, and even the impressive migration of hundreds of silky sharks, among other marine life. 

Trip Duration

Trips range in duration from 1 or 2 days up to 6 days, depending on what you would like to see and do. We can be flexible and tailor your experience to suit your budget and timeframe. These trips are perfect for families, clubs, or groups of friends looking for a unique adventure.

The Boat

Our safaris take no more than six guests at a time to ensure the most intimate marine life encounters. An experienced wildlife and snorkeling guide will share their passion and energy for the local wildlife whilst advising on best practices and conservation issues that affect the species you discover. 

All you need to bring is your snorkeling gear and camera. Everything else is taken care of to allow you to focus on the wildlife. The boat provides towels, snacks and refreshments, and lunch. They can also provide snorkeling gear if you prefer to travel light.

Latitude Encounters Latitude Encounters

Latitude Encounters Latitude Encounters 


Accommodation is not included in the marine safari to keep trip duration flexible. However, we suggest staying at Tesoro Los Cabos Hotel which is located at Cabo San Lucas Marina and is a very short walk from the boat pick-up point. The hotel is at the heart of the modern marina district, offers a wide range of dining options, and has a great view of Arch Land’s End at the tip of the peninsula. Ask us about preferential rates at Tesoro Los Cabos Hotel.

Tesoro Los Cabos Hotel Tesoro Los Cabos Hotel 

Group Trip Extension 

For guests joining our La Paz, Explore Baja, and Socorro Group Trips, we can offer a 2-day, 3-night marine life safari as an extension to your trip.

Day 1: Depart group trip and transfer to Los Cabos. Check in to Tesoro Los Cabos Hotel.

Day 2: Full-day safari on the water

Day 3: Full-day safari on the water

Day 4: Check out and transfer to the airport for the return flight

Prices for the 2-day safari plus accommodation at Tesoro Los Cabos Hotel in a single room start from $685 per person. 


How to Book your Cabo Marine Life Safari

If you're planning a trip to Cabo, contact Bluewater Travel and one of our expert travel agents can get you on the best boats with the top guides, ensuring you experience the very best Cabo has to offer.


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