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Scuba Diving in August - Top 3 Destinations

Scuba Diving in August - Top 3 Destinations

There are numerous incredible places to scuba dive in August, which marks the height of peak tourist season in many parts of the world. We always suggest you discuss with your travel advisor what your preferences are, so you travel to the destination with the best diving for you at any given time of year. For some inspiration, we have rounded up three of the top places to scuba dive in August.

  1. 1. Sea of Cortez, Mexico
  2. 2. Alor, Indonesia
  3. 3. Norway

Are you ready to plan your August diving trip? Read on to learn more about our top 3 destinations to dive in August.



1. Sea of Cortez, Mexico

One of our favorite places to scuba dive in August is the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. This playground on the Baja Peninsula is a great destination near the United States to experience memorable encounters with exciting marine life. We love the Sea of Cortez diving in August for warmer waters and the chance to see whale sharks.

A playful sea lion underwater in the Sea of Cortez

Dive with playful sea lions, manta and mobula rays, and massive bait balls and schools of jackfish. Practice your macro photography skills on the smaller critters such as seahorses, nudibranchs, and signal blennies. The Sea of Cortez is home to a wide range of marine life from large to small, giving plenty of encounters for all divers to enjoy!

Dolphins swim underwater in the Sea of Cortez A signal blenny in the Sea of Cortez A whale shark in the Sea of Cortez

Embark on a liveaboard to explore the best dive sites throughout the Sea of Cortez or stay at a dive resort to enjoy a mix of diving and land-based activities. Photographers (and non-photographers) will love Bluewater’s Ultimate Whale Shark & Sea Lion Sea of Cortez Trip in August 2024.

2. Alor, Indonesia

Another great destination for scuba diving in August is Alor, Indonesia. With a long diving season from March through December you have plenty of opportunities to visit Alor throughout the year. However, if you want to visit Indonesia’s gorgeous coral reefs in August, Alor is a wonderful option to avoid more crowded areas.

A gorgeous coral reef in Alor

Expect some of the most vibrant and healthy coral reefs in the Coral Triangle and marine biodiversity to match. Visibility can exceed 130 feet – unveiling a dreamy landscape for wide-angle photographers to try to do justice. Alor boasts plummeting coral walls, sloping bottoms carpeted with anemones as far as the eye can see, and enough current to bring pelagics in when you least expect them. Macro lovers will also find plentiful photography subjects from nudibranchs to rhinopias.

Striking colorful reefs in Alor Stunning underwater landscape in Alor

Stay at one of Alor’s boutique dive resorts, or join a liveaboard that includes Alor on its itinerary (usually in combination with Flores or Maumere). Make the most of your time in Indonesia by visiting a resort in Alor either before or after a liveaboard in Komodo or the Banda Sea. Join Bluewater’s Alor Underwater Photo Workshop in September 2025 to experience the best of Alor from the Tiare luxury liveaboard.

Want to avoid the summer crowds? Discover our top picks for diving in September.

3. Norway

A surprise polar destination to dive in August, Norway is gaining popularity with divers and other adventurous travelers. August is an excellent time to view topside wildlife at its most active and experience 24-hours of daylight, also known as the “midnight sun”. Temperatures are also mildest this time of year, making the polar diving somewhat more comfortable.

Pack your drysuit to explore Norway’s coastline, which boasts an abundance of life, kelp forests, coral reefs, shipwrecks, and caves – all with spectacular cold-water visibility. Enjoy the freedom to choose between boat and shore diving, guided group tours or diving with your buddy. Visit the Svalbard Archipelago to experience its memorable polar landscapes, including vast glaciers and fjords. Encounter wildlife you never expected to see in person such as reindeer, Arctic foxes, walruses, and polar bears. Witness a variety of whales – humpback, beluga, blue, and minke can all be seen in the Arctic waters surrounding the archipelago.

Stay in seaside villages or board an expedition vessel to explore the icy Arctic waters offshore – the options for a dive and land adventure in Norway are endless. If that sounds daunting, join Bluewater’s Norway Polar Expedition in August 2024 to experience the remarkable Svalbard Archipelago with an experienced trip leader to handle the logistics.

If you're interested in another polar destination, Antarctica is on our list of places to dive in March.


While we recommend the Sea of Cortez, Alor, and Norway as our top three, there are abundant other incredible destinations to dive in August, including LembehKomodoFiji, and many more. We understand that “best” is subjective and divers have different preferences. Contact our travel advisors to discuss what the “best” means to you so we can customize your best dive trip in August. 



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