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Micronesia ARTICLES

Jellyfish Lake, Palau

Jellyfish swimming near the surface of Jellyfish Lake
A jellyfish swimming while thousands of others swim in the background
A snorkeler underwater surrounded by harmless jellyfish
Jellyfish swim under the lake's surface, with lush foliage surrounding the lake.
Visit Palau's Jellyfish Lake to swim with non-stinging jellyfish, a unique experience for the whole family. Put on your mask and snorkel, watch as jellyfish float around you, and get some once-in-a-lifetime photos! Learn more about why this phenomenon occurs and what to expect at Jellyfish Lake.

2018 Truk Lagoon Trip Report

Truk Lagoon Scuba Diving
The Truk Lagoon photo workshop, held from February 25 to March 4, 2018, offered divers the opportunity to explore WWII wrecks in depths ranging from the surface to beyond 200 feet. Highlights included diving on the Kiyosumi Maru, Yamagiri Maru, I-169 Sub, and Shinkoku Maru, with rich history, artifacts, and excellent underwater photography opportunities. The trip was well-organized by the Odyssey staff and featured spacious accommodations, calm conditions, and personal photo seminars.

Truk Lagoon Trip Report Feb 2015

A shipwreck sits eerily underwater
A shark swims in Truk Lagoon
Inside of a shipwreck in Truk Lagoon
A scuba diver photographs some soft coral in Truk Lagoon
An artistic composition of a shipwreck and the ocean's surface
The Truk Lagoon photo workshop in February 2015, led by Joanna O'Shea, featured 15 divers exploring the world's best wreck diving sites. The Truk Siren liveaboard provided access to WWII wrecks, with detailed briefings and multiple dives per site. Daily photo seminars and image reviews helped improve participants' underwater photography skills amidst varying visibility and light conditions.


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