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Arabian Aggressor: Liveaboard in Sudan and Djibouti

Arabian Aggressor: Liveaboard in Sudan and Djibouti

The Arabian Aggressor offers 7 to 11-night itineraries to Sudan and Djibouti. The beautiful 111-foot (34-meter), 20-passenger Arabian Aggressor liveaboard yacht features 10 private cabins with en-suite bathrooms and picture windows or portholes.

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Center: Master Stateroom & Right: Deluxe Stateroom

Diving daily, onboard accommodations, gourmet meals and snacks, soft beverages, and local alcohol are all included. All dives are done from her from 2 tenders which carry up to 10 divers each. One shore excursion is typically included, depending on the itinerary of your choice.


Diving IN Sudan

Highlights: Hammerheads, dolphins, manta rays, abundant reef fish life, wrecks.

Season: February to October 

Sudan is the largest country in Africa, bordered by Egypt to the north and the Red Sea to the northwest. The warm waters of Sudan offer divers pristine coral and walls, schools of sharks (hammerheads, white tips, grey sharks, and more), various rays including manta rays, interesting World War II wrecks, big schools of tuna, jacks and barracudas and much more. 

The waters in Sudan stay warm all year, hovering at 74 - 84°F (23 - 29°C).

The Arabian Aggressor operates from February to October from the Port of Sudan, offering 7-night trips to North & South Sudan AND 10 to 11-night trips to the “Deep South”. They offer to 4 dives per day depending on the itinerary and weather conditions. 


About Djibouti

Highlights: Whale sharks, soft and hard corals, manta rays, mobula rays, abundant schools of fish, hammerheads, dolphin, and wrecks.

Season: October to February

Djibouti, named after its capital city, is located in the Horn of Africa at the southern end of the Red Sea. Djibouti offers divers pristine waters bordered by the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. 

Underwater, Djibouti is an amazing place for “big animal” lovers. Currents coming in from the Indian Ocean attract large marine animals including whale sharks, pilot whales, beaked whales, sharks, manta rays, and dolphins. Djibouti also hosts healthy coral reefs with colorful soft corals and large schools of fish. Over 200 species of coral are found in Djibouti making it an extremely diverse ecosystem. 

Similar to Sudan, Djibouti overs warm waters pretty much all year round, averaging at 74 - 84F, 23 - 29C). 

The Arabian Aggressor operates from November to February from the Port of Djibouti, offering 7-night trips, visiting three different areas; the Seven Brothers Islands, Gulf of Tadjourah and Ghoubet al Kharab. 

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