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Unforgettable Tanzania Wildlife Encounters

Unforgettable Tanzania Wildlife Encounters

Unforgettable Tanzania Wildlife Encounters

Words and Photos by Smeeta Rishi

Tanzania wildlife encounter with bull elephants socializing during a Tanzania Safari

I visited Tanzania with a Travel with Bluewater group trip in December 2023 to enjoy an organized Serengeti safari and photograph wildlife. The safari had many memorable moments, but none quite as exceptional as our wildlife encounters on the fifth day of the trip.

In the morning, we jumped out of our comfortable and warm bed at Lake Masek Tented Lodge in anticipation of a hearty breakfast and a magical morning in the Serengeti. The Lodge is located where the Ngorongoro Conservancy meets the southern portion of the Serengeti. In the cool of the morning, all the animals are out and about, and the soft morning light creates an ideal setting for photography.

Tanzania wildlife encounter with a pride of lions during a Tanzania safari.

After a delicious breakfast at the Lodge, we drove to a riverbank where a pride of lions occupied a prime spot. This pride included at least two large males, four adult females, and playful cubs of varying ages that chased each other under the watchful eyes of their mothers. The males were lounging – what they do best when they are not busy defending the pride or courting the females.

Tanzania wildlife encounter with flamingoes in the Serengeti

After a while, we left the pride and stopped further along the riverbank to watch many flamingos, pelicans, and other water birds in the shallows. As we watched the birds, our attention was drawn to a group of giraffes emerging from nearby bushes and gracefully making their way toward the river. The sight of these elegant creatures against the backdrop of the Serengeti was a photographer’s dream come true.

Tanzania wildlife encounters with giraffes next to a riverbed in the Serengeti.

The magic didn’t stop there. After observing the giraffes, we continued the journey in our safari vehicle and were suddenly greeted by elephants approaching us. Among them were several large bulls – an unusual sight because male elephants typically live solitary lives except for fleeting moments of socialization with other elephants. Sure enough, we experienced one of these fleeting moments as two, then three large bulls engaged in a friendly display of trunk and head butting.

Tanzania wildlife encounter with bull elephants during a Tanzania Safari

Throughout these incredible encounters, the backdrop of the Serengeti landscape provided a breathtaking setting, with wildebeest and zebra casually grazing in the distance. I look forward to returning to this special place to experience more magical wildlife encounters. Join me as I lead an unforgettable Travel with Bluewater Tanzania Big Game Safari in October 2025 and experience the magic of Tanzania’s wildlife firsthand.

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