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Bluewater Travel Bali & Lembeh Trip Recap

Bluewater Travel Bali & Lembeh Trip Recap


with Bluewater Travel

Words and pictures By Brent Durand




Bluewater Photo recently held two back-to-back Indonesia photo workshops for 18 underwater photo and video shooters. We dived world-class macro sites, one of the most iconic shipwrecks in the world, spent hours with manta rays, drifted quietly over beautiful reefs and got to take in some local culture as icing on the cake.




We talked composition, post-processing, strobe positioning, backscatter, lighting and dove into many other photo subjects in great detail. During each trip, although more intensely during the Lembeh portion, we reviewed images. The quality of the images (and video) was great at the start of the trips and continued to get better and better. We definitely saw photo contest contenders in the image reviews!


Bali brought us some excellent muck and macro dives, plus the famous USAT Liberty wreck, which we dived at dawn one day to see the humphead parrotfish before they swam south. Lembeh brought macro, macro, macro, and we had large groups heading out for the night dives each night, which was fun to see.



All in all, we had a fun and successful trip, making new friends and bringing home some great dive experience and underwater photos/video.





 Smiling faces at the end of a wonderful trip. 



HOW TO BOOK A TRIP TO Bali, lembeh and the rest of Indonesia

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A Few Lembeh Strait Photos







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