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Cheng Ho Liveaboard

Cheng Ho Liveaboard Indonesia
Cheng Ho Liveaboard Indonesia
Cheng Ho Liveaboard Indonesia
Cheng Ho Liveaboard Indonesia
Cheng Ho Liveaboard Indonesia
Cheng Ho Liveaboard Indonesia
Cheng Ho Liveaboard Indonesia
Cheng Ho Liveaboard Indonesia
Cheng Ho Liveaboard Indonesia
Cheng Ho Liveaboard Indonesia
Cheng Ho Liveaboard Indonesia
Cheng Ho Liveaboard Indonesia
Cheng Ho Liveaboard Indonesia

Destination: Indonesia

Labuan Bajo - Komodo - Labuan Bajo and Maumere - Alor - Maumere (2-12 Nights) | From $400++/night

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Cheng Ho Quick Pitch

Cheng Ho is one of the most comfortable vessels for diving and leisure expeditions. She is based in Labuan Bajo, Flores and regularly visits the Komodo National Park.


Dive Overview

Komodo National Park is rich in marine life, including whale sharks, ocean sunfish, manta rays, eagle rays, pygmy seahorse, false pipefish, clown frogfish, nudibranchs, blue-ringed octopus, sponges, tunicates, and coral.

[See: Komodo Dive Travel Guide & Ambon & Alor Dive Travel Guide]

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Types of Cabins, Amenities and Photos

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Cheng Ho Cabin Overview

Cheng Ho Liveaboard Cheng Ho Liveaboard

Cheng Ho Liveaboard Cheng Ho Liveaboard

The Cheng Ho liveaboard has 14 cabins which can accommodate up to 24 passengers. The cabins have a private bathroom, basin, hot & cold shower, and air conditioner.

  • Six double bedroom type in the lower and upper deck
  • Four twin bedroom type in the lower deck
  • Four single bedroom type in the middle deck

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General Facilities

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Cheng Ho Liveaboard Cheng Ho Liveaboard

Cheng Ho Liveaboard Cheng Ho Liveaboard


Cheng Ho LIVEABOARD Boat Features

  • Restaurant with air conditioner, TV, Karaoke and DVD and 1 chiller showcase with 1 glass door for soft drink and fruits
  • Guest kitchen with 6 door freezer: 3 doors for vegetables/fruits and 3 doors for meat
  • Electricity 220V
  • Watermaker 6000 Liter per day
  • Coffee Maker
  • EAN 32% Nitrox
  • Satellite Phone
  • LCD TV 42'' & LCD TV 32''
  • Camera Station
  • Laundry service available on request

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CHENG HO LIVEABOARD dive facilities

  • 2 units speed boat Yamaha Enduro
  • 2 units engine life saving boat
  • ENOS Dive Locator System
  • Nitrox
  • DIN Adaptors
  • Diving platform
  • Freshwater deck showers
  • Diving gear rental available

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Cheng Ho Liveaboard Deck Plan

Cheng Ho Liveaboard 

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Schedule, Rates & availability

Cheng Ho Schedule & Rates

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Rates are per person in USD. Park fees are not included. Komodo Entrance Fee: 30 USD/person/night; Maumere: 100 USD/person/package; Alor (Dugong), Lembeh – Sangihe Talaud, Halmahera: 100 USD/person/package. Valid until December 2020.

[See also: Inclusions & Exclusions]



  • Accommodation onboard & meals (light breakfast, breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea time & snacks)
  • Coffee/expresso
  • Certified Dive Master (ratio 1 DM: 4 divers)
  • Compressor, regular air fills 3000 psi or 200 bar, tank, weight belt
  • Guided land excursions
  • Cruise Accident Insurance
  • Harbor and anchor fee
  • Free Souvenir (Aluminum Bottle, Singlet Shirt & Beach Sarong)
  • ENOS (Safety equipment for divers & snorkelers to show their position (with GPS) during the water activity)
  • DAN Insurance



  • International/domestic airfare and airport tax
  • Personal diving equipment (available for rent) and battery
  • Komodo National Park fee, Raja ampat entrance fee or Cendrawasih Fee
  • Gratuities to guide and crew
  • Onboard telecommunication
  • Laundry service
  • Alcoholic beverages & Soft Drinks (Corkage fee will apply when you bring and consume your own drink)
  • 32% EAN Nitrox

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Rates & Availability

For more information on rates and availability email us at or call us at +1-310-915-6677 and we will gladly help you plan your dream dive vacation! 

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Dive Information & Itineraries

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Labuan Bajo – Komodo – Labuan Bajo

Komodo National Park is an exciting and sometimes very challenging place to dive and liveaboard. Komodo island is one of the most diverse and rich marine environments in the world, home to over 1,000 species of fish and 250 types of reef-building coral. The coral reefs in the north of the park are rich with colorful combinations of hard and soft corals. Be delighted by the ever-present schools of Anthias, Wrasses, majestic angelfish, and larger predators - reef sharks and giant trevally.

Komodo offers a wide range of diving experiences: high-voltage current dives, gentle drift dives, cliff dives along walls of color, dives around monumental boulders, caves dives and swim-throughs, colorful reefs, seamounts and pinnacles, and sand slope dives composed of both black and white sand. Also awaiting discovery during a Komodo dive are large pelagic fish, mantas, 18 species of cetaceans, green and hawksbill turtles and much more.

Ambon - Maumere

Diving Expedition from Ambon to Maumere in Flores. Muck dives in Ambon at Laha then onto the Lucipara Islands. They are about 50 km west of Penyu Islands, both of which belong to the Molucca Islands they boast exceptional coral cover and deserted white sand beaches. We visit the dormant volcano Gunung Api for a full day of diving admiring the many frigate birds and sea snakes this island is known for.

Ternate and Pura Islands brings us some amazing reefs and plenty of muck diving with chances of Mandarin Fish and Rhinopias before we journey overnight to the rumblings of Komba Volcano for another full days diving and observing the volcano eruptions.

Seberte Island is known for its rich coral reefs and steep walls and our last stop is Babi Island, Babi is home to many diving sites. One, called The Crack, was formed during the 1992 earthquake. Located in a reef 20 meters below the water, the 70 centimeters crack reaches a length of 30 meters (98 ft).


Maumere - Alor - Maumere

Alor island is located between Flores and Sawae sea. Alor has amazingly underwater scenery and is recognized as one of Asia`s top ten dive destinations.

Whether you're into muck, big fish, macro, or walls, we cater to you're every need with a smorgasbord of diving possibilities in this region.



  • Day 1 : Labuan Bajo – Sabolan (1-2 dives)
  • Arrive at the newly built Labuan Bajo airport in Flores. Our representative will be waiting outside the arrival hall and ready to escort you to the ship for immediate boarding. Safety Breifing, Safety DVD, Crew Introduction, Necessary Dive Paperwork, Cabin allocation and ship orientation will take place before departing the Harbour. During the journey to our first dive site, Sabolan for a check dive, take this opportunity to familiarize yourselves with the vessel and make yourself comfortable.
  • Day 2 : Gili Lawa Laut – Gili Lawa Darat (3 day dives + 1 night dive)
  • Arrive early in the morning around the bay of Gili Lawa, an outstanding diving location in this region, which will includes the sea mound and the drift diving of the point. A few dive points such as GPS Point and Crystal Bomie will leave you the opportunity to spot napoleon wrasse, sharks as well as turtles. Stunning corals and reefs will excite you on your full days diving in this area
  • Day 3 : Sangeang – Banta Island (3 day dives + 1 night dive)
  • The boat arrives early in the stunning volcanic island, Sangeang. Sea Safari welcomes you to enjoy the half days of diving at the one of the best dive site in the island. Lunch will be served onboard while the boat is sailing toward to Banta Island where you will be treated to an enormous array of fish life as well as stunning above water scenery.
  • Day 4 : Tora Longkoy – Padar – Lohoksera (3 day dives + 1 night dive)
  • Arrive in Toro Longkoi. Here, one of the well-known dive sites is ‘Manta Ale’, located in the south west of Komodo. This is a home to famous manta cleaning station. This area is excellent wide-angle opportunity as the topography of this island is facing towards the wide-open Indian Ocean. The three rocks between this deep bay is all covered by multicolor of soft coral and hard coral garden, leather coral, shark and number of large fish with many different species such as Jack, Tuna, Napoleon, Barracuda, and many other schools of fish. During the season of October – November, you have a golden opportunity to snorkel and dive with Manta as they circle around you. This site is entitled with the most active area in Komodo.
  • Next will be in Padar, Pillarsteen is also known as ‘Pillar Rock’. This site is identified by a tiny pinnacle, just off the southern tip of Small Island east of Padar’s southern point. In honor to its designation on our old Dutch map. There are good caves at about 40 meters. Visibility averaged 10-12 meters. Then night dive in Lohoksera. After night dive and dinner, we proceed to Tatawa Island
  • Day 5 : Tatawa Besar – Tatawa Kecil (3 day dives + 1 night dive)
  • Our morning, after light breakfast, we begin with diving in Tatawa Besar and Kecil. The prevailing current, north or south, will dictate where you enter at the main dive site of Tatawa Besar. Turtles seem to be everywhere and you can expect to see many as you navigate the site. Before you leave the currents behind watch out of the balcktip reef sharks, giant trevallies, great and black-tail barracudas. Manta Rays also make occasional guest appearances.
  • Also to the south of Tatawa Besar is Tatawa Kecil. It’s best to dive the west coast of this island to explore its vibrant shallow coral gardens full of anthias. Its caves and boulders are perfect harbours for larger groupers. There are also large schools of humpback snapper, titan triggerfish and the occasional orange-spotted trevally.
  • Day 6 : Pink Beach – Komodo (2 dives)
  • Our boat anchors early in the morning in the famous Komodo Island. Before your encounter with Komodo Dragons, we will have 2 dives in surrounding area of Pink Beach. Lunch will be served onboard. After the dive, a park ranger will escort you across the island (about 4,5 km there and back ) to a viewing spot to safely watch the “ Komodo Dragons” at very close range. After this breathtaking encounter, the boat will sail to Labuan Bajo.
  • Day 7 : Labuan Bajo – Bali
  • The ship will arrive in Labuan Bajo early in the morning. You will be served breakfast and afterwards prepare for disembarkation. And you will transferred to the airport to catch 1.5 hours domestic flight to Denpasar, Bali.


7D6N sorong – misool – SORONG ITINERARY

The conditions for diving Raja ampat are the same throughout the year but to the south sites (Misool) the conditions are good all year, except in June, July and August due to winds and high seas.

  • Day 1 : Arrival at Sorong Airport
  • Arrive in Sorong at the newly built Dominique Edward Osok airport. Our representative will be waiting outside the arrival hall and ready to escort you the ship for immediate boarding. Safety Briefing, Safety DVD, Crew Introduction, Necessary Dive Paperwork, Cabin allocation and ship orientation will take place before departing Sorong Harbour. During the journey to our first dive site take this opportunity to familiarize yourselves with the vessel and make yourself comfortable.
  • Day 2 : Wayilbatan (3 day dives + 1 night dives)
  • Welcome to Wayilbatan. This is an interesting site, so pristine and untouched. On this site you will fund excellent macro life including several species of Pygmy Seahorse, Octopus, Nudibranch and Ghost Pipefish. Wayilbatan sites usually start on the wall in the northwestern quadrant and swim east if the current permits. We then continue to the Neptune’s Sea Fan. Here, when the current is strong, the surface water is very smooth and it’s easy to shoot wonderful images of the fan rising up toward a reflection of the island wall.
  • Day 3 : Fiabacet (3 day dives + 1 night dives)
  • Whale rock is the westernmost dive site of the Fiabacet chain, arguably the most beautiful tropical reef system on the planet. Especially when viewed from the south, the largest Fiabacet island looks like a caricature of an enormous whale floating at the surface. This is also the best opportunity to observe interesting juvenile fish, nudibranch and other invertebrates. 
  • In the Middle of the Fiabacet chain of islands, the submerged east point of Nudi rock is undoubtedly one of the top dives in Raja ampat. Here you can watch colonies of Convict Blennies huddle around sea fans while large Green and Hawksbill Turtles glide through the blue. A myriad of species of soft coral and sea fans cascade down the steep slope and smaller animals like Decorator Crabs and Cleaner Shrimp abound.
  • Day 4 : Boo (3 day dives + 1 night dives)
  • We will explore Boo’s Rock and Boo’s Point east, where we can see large Napoleon Wrasse, Green Turtles, Schooling Bat Fish and Snapper and the occasional Grey Reef Shark. Boo’s rock is best known for the ‘’windows’’ or rounded openings on the southern end of the largest rock that completely pierce the reef from the surface down to about 5 meters. Although the two rocks appear separate from the surface, they are connected underwater by a magnificent reef draped in soft corals and brimming with fish, this makes for an amazing photography dive.
  • Day 5 : Farondi (3 day dives + 1 night dives)
  • To the west side of Farondi we will enter through the sea tunnel and then exit on Farondi’s wall. Continue to descend to about 30 meters where the tunnel ends on the wall. There is a cave at about 15 meters depth. Explore the wall and floor of the cave for interesting invertebrates like crabs, flatworms, sea spiders and electric clams.
  • Day 6 : Wagman (2 dives)
  • Wagman Wall is an excellent dive situated off the east coast of the island. The wall is full of overhangs and caves where divers are likely to encounter groups of Snapper and large Groupers resting at the bottom. In south Misool the reefscape is draped with Gorgonian Sea Fans and colorful soft corals.
  • Day 7 : Sorong Island (B)
  • After breakfast, prepare for disembarkation. Be ready to leave the boat and you will be transferred to Sorong Airport for you next destination. Your diving journey has ended and we shall look forward to welcoming you onboard again.

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Other Information

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Boat Specifications

  • Name of vessel: KLM. CHENG HO
  • Type: Phinisi Buginese Schooner
  • Made of: Ulin Wood
  • Year built: Batulicin, 1996
  • Length: 33.15 Meter
  • Breadth: 10.65 Meter
  • Depth: 3.50 Meter
  • Gross Tonnage: 253 GT
  • Fuel tank capacity: +/- 50 Ton
  • Water tank capacity: +/- 40 Ton
  • Speed: +/- 7-10 Knots/hour
  • Main engine: 1 unit YANMAR – 6E 347 (6LA), 347 HP=259 KW, RPM 1720
  • Watermaker: 6000 Liter per day


Practical Information

  • Time Zone: UTC+8 & UTC+9
  • Local Currency: IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
  • Language Spoken: Indonesian & English
  • Electricity: 220V
  • Payment Onboard: Cash, Visa or MasterCard

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Underwater Gallery 

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Cheng Ho Liveaboard Cheng Ho LiveaboardCheng Ho Liveaboard Cheng Ho LiveaboardCheng Ho Liveaboard Cheng Ho Liveaboard 

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