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How Resort prices are listed


What Our Price Ranges Mean


We make it easy

Bluewater Travel makes it easy for you to compare apples to apples when looking at resort and liveaboard pricing. At the top of each resort or liveaboard page you will see a "quick facts" section which includes a price range.


Price: the regular package price per night

The first price you see is based off a 7-night dive/accomodation package, if the resort offers one. It is meant to be a guideline more than an exact price. We assume double-occupancy in a standard room. Please note that the resort/liveaboard may have specials with lower prices that we can offer, contact us for details.


Apples2Apples: we try to show prices for a 7-night stay, 3 dives per day, 3 meals

The Apples2Apples price is designed to help you compare prices between different resorts and liveaboards. We try to estimate the price per night for 3 dives per day and 3 meals, even if they are not included in the standard package.

For resorts, the Apples2Apples price is an approximate price per night, standard room double occupancy, including 3 daily dives, 3 meals, room taxes, no nitrox, unless otherwise stated. The low end of the range is generally calculated for a 7 or 10 night stay in the low season. The high end of the range is calculated for a shorter stay (4-7 nights) in the high season. Keep in mind that many resorts will have 2-dive options for lower rates. Please be sure to check for specials in the upper right corner of the page.

For a liveaboard, the low end of the range is the price per night for a 7 - 10 night stay on the least expensive route, and the high end is for a 7 - 10 night stay on the most expensive route.

Please contact for more exact pricing for the resort/liveaboard you are interested in.


You won't pay more!

Remember, you never pay more using Bluewater Travel compared to booking direct, and you will often pay less. And with Bluewater Travel, you get awesome service!


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