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SS Thorfinn


Destination: Micronesia

Truk Lagoon (7 Nights) | From $346++/night

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SS Thorfinn Quick Pitch

SS Thorfinn is one of the world’s best equipped liveaboard dive cruisers, having cruised/explored Micronesian waters since 1982. From operating base at Truk Lagoon, continuous non-stop diving is conducted 7 days per week, with up to 5 dives per day, on 5 differing sites – giving the opportunity to view 30+ wrecks during a one week visit. Thorfinn’s structures and safety gear comply with IMO (International Maritime Organization) standard.



Your trip’s ground transportation from airport or hotel to the ship is provided and included in your package. Friendly van drivers greet and transport you to a nearby pier for transfer by waiting dive tender out to the Thorfinn.

Direct boarding options are now also available, which  gives you more diving time onboard. The staff will greet you immediately after the airport for morning or afternoon arrivals, and then provides transfer to the ship at dive location, with full onboard services and facilities. Diving plans immediately begin the following day, until desired departure with free transfer back to airport or shore facility. 

Dive Overview

Truk Lagoon is considered by some to be the best wreck diving destination in the world, with over 60 World War II wrecks. The wrecks have a good amount of marine life on them, but some are quite deep, with the bottoms in the 100 - 150+ ft. range.

[See: Truk Dive Travel Guide]

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Types of Cabins, Amenities and Photos

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SS Thorfinn Accommodation Overview

The SS Thorfinn Liveaboard has 10 air-conditioned cabins and 1 exclusive luxury suite.

SS Thorfinn SS Thorfinn

Guestroom & Thor's Lair

SS Thorfinn Cabin Details

  • Guest Rooms
  • Ten air-conditioned staterooms accommodate 20 guests in double occupancy. All have in-room vanities, TV’s and DVD players, indirect lighting and full-length closets. Eight rooms located on ‘D’ and ‘E’ decks have double or queen size beds plus adjacent single berths. Private showers and toilets are fitted in each of these rooms. Three additional rooms on ‘C’ deck are bright and spacious with two shared shower rooms and two shared toilets.
  • Thors Lair
  • Thor’s Lair – an exclusive luxury suite – has been created from two former main deck cabins, featuring a huge king size bed, adjoining bed settee, 44 inch TV monitor/player, PC table/chair, carpeted walls, 4 view windows, walk-in closet, bar fridge, bedside lighting controls, and large shower/toilet room. It is available for a slight premium over regular fares.

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General Facilities

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SS Thorfinn SS Thorfinn

Dining Lounge & Guest Lounge

SS Thorfinn SS Thorfinn

Spa Deck & Sun Deck  


SS Thorfinn Boat Features

  • 13 Toilets, 11 Showers, eight in private facility guest rooms
  • ‘A’ deck with upper bridge controls, electronics mast
  • ‘B’ deck with navigation bridge forward, chartroom/business center, liferafts, emergency beacons, dive launch storage, aft sundeck with lounge chairs and shade canopy
  • ‘C’ deck Guest Lounge seating 30 persons, bar, DVD and reading library, surround sound CD/player with I-pod connex, 50” LED TV with DVD player, 2 shower rooms, two toilet rooms, Guestroom No’s 9, 10, and 11. Hallway storage closets
  • ‘C’ deck Spa Area with 11 person spa, 2 camera service/storage tables, and adjacent deck chairs
  • ‘D’deck forward interior with Dining Room, 5 tables seating 26 persons, adjoining galley and pantry, view windows, bookcase, stairs to crew area
  • ‘D’ deck aft interior with Boutique (handicrafts, t-shirts, postcards), dive service center, steering flat, ‘Thor’s Lair’, a large room with luxury appointments, and Room 3
  • ‘E’ deck with big ensuite Guestrooms 4,5,6,7,8


SS Thorfinn Dive Facilities

  • Dive deck
  • Large rinse tubs, fresh water showers, and bench seating round out these two stations with other storages aft
  • Freshwater showers in the two large launches with adjacent fresh towels, add to early rinsing prior to returns to ship
  • Optional Valet system of personal gear setup, breakdown, and storage, by your boat crew, under-seat personal gear bins in dive boats and also aboard ship are available if so desired
  • Optional camera valet transport from tables to boats, rinsing, and redelivery to tables post dive
  • Large local dive staff assure prompt service with expert guide in close attendance underwater
  • Large lifting derricks for each boat’s onboard stowage, assure quick, positive maintenance
  • 2 ‘state of art’ 10 metre/30 foot dive launches

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Food & Drinks Aboard SS Thorfinn

The friendly dining room staff serve breakfast cooked to order with other meals chosen daily by our chef from a varied menu taking any personal dietary requests into consideration. The two onboard chefs create a variety of delicious meals and daily fresh baked goods, with attention paid to all dietary needs. The bar provides a range of beverages – from coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and soft drinks, to beers, wines, and spirits at a reasonable cost.

SS Thorfinn SS Thorfinn

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SS Thorfinn Liveaboard Deck Plan

SS ThorfinnSS ThorfinnSS Thorfinn 

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Schedule, Rates & Availability

SS Thorfinn Schedule & Rates

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  The SS Thorfinn offers an exciting range of new all-inclusive packages for divers seeking the broadest site selections at Truk Lagoon. View top attractions of wrecks, reefs, and emerald islands at this huge dive emporium, via non-stop 7 value-packed diving days on Saturday itineraries from the longest established and most experienced liveaboard cruiser in Micronesia.

[See: Package Options & Rates]


SS Thorfinn packages 2024

Rates are per person in USD and based on double occupancy. A 5% Local Service Tax, plus an annual Dive Permit fee of USD $50/person is applicable. Oxygen aboard is supplied from high-capacity oxy generators at 93% ± 3% purity.



No. of Dives per Day

Daily Price

E- Plan

7 Days



Sunrise Plan

7 Days

Up to 5


Rebreather Plan

7 Days

Up to 5


Truk Tek Unlimited

7 Days

Within safety limits


Custom Charters

Contact us

Note: The SS Thorfinn has a new premium cabin, "Thor's Lair" for a nightly surcharge, if available. Reasonable single person room occupancies, as available at booking time.

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  • Double occupancy full facility rooms. Attractive single occupancy rates on request.  
  • Free wi-fi Internet from ship’s hotspot via local mobile service antennas.
  • Open choice tour arrival dates, and visits beyond 8 days as available at inquiry time.
  • Valet dive gear stowage, including cameras rinsed/delivered to C deck camera tables.
  • All meals, snacks, teas, coffee, ice water. Soft drinks, juices served at cost.
  • Airport or hotel transfers to ship with local history, ship details, and dive safety briefings.
  • Beer, wines, spirits served after daily diving at reasonable bar prices.


e-Plan Special Package inclusions

  • 3 daily air dives to differing sites with optional extras on request.


Sunrise Special Package Inclusions

  • Continuous diving up to 5 times daily as conditions/location permit, from fine 32 ft. launches.
  • Free Nitrox EAN32 single cylinders. Optional Multi-cylinders with custom blends (see prices on website).

Rebreather Package Inclusions

  • Continuous daily diving within safe profiles, from fine 32 ft. dive launches.
  • Free twin custom rebreather cylinders, filled with oxygen and air diluent.
  • Free air-filled 12 l bail-out bottle, with optional oxygen on request (for prices see website).
  • Extended deep schedules for groups with experienced local guide using air profiles.
  • Sofnolime 6-8 grain size at cost.
  • Optional Helium available upon advanced request, for personally supervised blending. (Helium requires six weeks notice for shipping prior to arrival, price on request!)


Truk Tek Package Inclusions

  • Continuous diving within safe profiles on air-filled Twins and a custom filled Stage Cylinder up to EAN50.
  • For additional cylinders, fillings or higher blends: please refer to price list on website.
  • Extended deep technical group schedules, with local guides utilizing air-only profiles.
  • Optional Helium available upon advanced request, for personally supervised blending.  (Helium requires six weeks notice for shipping prior to arrival, price on request!)

Recommended add-ons

The SS Thorfinn now offers direct boarding options that ensure additional diving time onboard. This includes airport greetings and provides transfers to ship at dive locations with full onboard services and facilities.

  • Morning arrivals with direct boarding to ship (when available) - $155 /person
  • Boarding day air dives - $45/dive
  • Afternoon/evening arrivals with direct boarding to ship - $ 125/ person


Booked plans begin the next morning with continuous diving until desired departure with free transfer back to airport or shore facility until 11:00 PM. 

Note: This feature offers accommodation, meals, beverages, etc along with an extra day of optional diving for AM arrivals, in lieu of lost dive time ashore.


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Rates & Availability

For more information on the rates and on availability email us at or call us at +1-310-915-6677 and we will gladly help you plan your dream dive vacation! 

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Dive Information & Destinations

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 Scuba Diving the Chuuk Lagoon

The 50 by 30 mile Chuuk Lagoon is among the largest lagoons in the world. Due to its geographical placement, its enormous size, and attractive conditions it was deemed a great spot for the Empire of Japan to house its main naval base during World War II. In 1944 the United States visited the area and sunk dozens of warships and other vessels as well as destroying hundreds of aircraft.

The great battles and tragedy that was experienced in the lagoon in 1944 can now be witnessed by scuba divers in what is one of the greatest concentrations of shipwrecks on earth. There are almost 70 wrecks within the lagoon alone.

While the wrecks are usually the main draw there is also no shortage of marine life that can be found in the area. A wide variety of fish, as well as schools of sharks and a good variation of corals, can be found as well.

During your days aboard SS Thorfinn, 5 dives are offered each day at short distances from the stable comforts of the large mothership. Thorfinn does not attach itself to the fragile wrecks in the lagoon, avoiding damage from this practice.

Durable twin-engine launches provide uncrowded diving for small groups, at separate dive sites avoiding the heavy silt outs caused by large group repetitive diving. This system provides a broad range of sites, always with the chance of returning to a favorite. Diving commences within 2 hours of daylight arrivals giving an opportunity of diving 30 or more wrecks over a standard 7 dive day week.


SS Thorfinn


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Other Information

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Boat Specifications

  • Length, overall: 170ft / 58m
  • Beam: 30ft / 10m
  • Draft: 17ft / 5.5m
  • Displacement: 1,100 tons
  • Fuel Capacity: 340 tons
  • Consumption/Speed: 7 tons/day @ 11 knots, 11 tons/day @ 16 knots
  • Water Capacity: 18,000 gals
  • Cruising Range: 9,000 nautical miles @ 11 knots
  • Main Engine: Fredriksstad Mek 4 cyl. double compound steam – 2,500 h.p. @ 140 rpm
  • Boilers: 2 x Foster Wheeler D type 18,000 lbs./hr @ 250 psi, 600 deg F superheat)
  • Generators: 2 x Yanmar 6HAL-DTN diesels driving Marathon 250 kw 220 VAC 3 phs 60Hz generators, 1 x Mitsubishi diesel driving 40 kw 220 VAC 3 phs 60 Hz generator
  • Maximum Speed: 16 knots
  • Maximum guests: 20
  • Number of cabins: 10


Practical Information

  • Time Zone: UTC+10
  • Local Currency: USD (US dollar)
  • Electricity: 220 and 110 volts
  • Language Spoken: English

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Underwater Gallery 

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SS Thorfinn SS ThorfinnSS Thorfinn SS ThorfinnSS Thorfinn SS Thorfinn


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Reviews (1)


Diving, history, education and much more. An underwater adventure with SS Thorfinn is not one’s typical diving holiday. It is an unbelievable journey, an immersive experience of a region rich with history and a true privilege to see it up close. Similarly, it was a joy to see the dive operator work. With Captain Lance and his team, It was always safety first, instilling in me, as a diver somewhat new to high caliber wreck diving, a profound feeling of confidence and comfort. I was in very good hands. Captain Lance and his team deliver what they promise. He knows the fine details of every wreck by heart and is happy to share his knowledge. I learned so much about every aspect of every dive location that I felt very satisfied throughout the trip. Despite our extensive underwater exploration, there is still so much to see. I am already looking to the day when I will return to these waters and go again with Captain Lance and the team at SS Thorfin. I highly recommend this operator!

Visited on 07/2023 - Submitted on 08/09/2023


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