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Scuba Diving in the Bahamas

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Bahamas Diving Highlights

There are many great things about diving the Bahamas, but the world-class shark diving is probably the best thing about this year-round Caribbean destination.

Divers flock to the Bahamas diving scene to dive with tiger sharks at Tiger Beach, oceanic whitetip sharks off Cat Island and great hammerhead sharks in Bimini. Various other shark species can also be regularly seen in these areas. 

In 2011, their government banned all commercial shark fishing, allowing sharks in the Bahamas to roam freely. Apart from shark diving, the diverse range of diving in the Bahamas includes blue holes and caves, historical wrecks and lush reefs, and dynamic walls.

The Bahamas also offers unmatched visibility and a wide range of diving opportunities for divers of any level, which, all in all, make the Bahamas a strong contender for those seeking the best diving in the Caribbean.

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Intro to the Bahamas

Home to colorful reefs and great visibility, the Bahamas diving hosts a stimulating underwater environment with easily accessed and diverse sites. There are over 700 islands in the Bahamas, meaning that there is truly a paradise for everyone.

Thrill-seekers can experience unique underwater adventures in the Bahamas, such as shark feeding dives, while parents can find plenty of family fun. There also is a Hollywood novelty to be found in the Bahamas as it has hosted many major motion picture film crews above and below the water's surface - bring your best underwater video camera. Divers enjoy incredible dive site diversity, exploring blue holes, walls, caves, wrecks, and healthy reefs in warm, clean waters.  

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Diving Information

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Marine Life & Photography Subjects

A rich and diverse marine life can be found in the waters of the Bahamas. The reefs are populated with eels, clownfish, angelfish, barracudas, Nassau grouper, nurse sharks and porcupine fish. Shark diving in the Bahamas is popular. The shark species that divers can encounter here include bull sharks, Caribbean reef sharks, oceanic whitetip, hammerhead sharks, lemon sharks, and of course, tiger sharks.

Check out other great shark diving destinations such as Fiji or French Polynesia.

Other marine life to encounter while scuba diving the Bahamas' waters include sponges, conch, lobsters, hogfish, snappers, bonefish, and many other fish. Several species of whales and dolphins, including humpback, sperm, minke, and pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins, and the Atlantic spotted dolphins are found in the seas around the islands.  

Read more about the shark diving diversity in the Bahamas.

shark diving bahamas

Shark diving at tiger beach, Bahamas

Tiger Beach is a popular area in the Bahamas for divers to take underwater photos and videos of various sharks such as Tiger sharks, Lemon sharks and sometimes great hammerheads. Divers will sit on the sandy bottom at 20-50ft depth with a dive guide, and sharks will often appear minutes after the dive starts.

Check out our detailed guide to diving Tiger Beach.


Best dive sites in the Bahamas

Besides the Tiger Beach in Grand Bahamas, there are plenty of other exciting dive sites and dive areas to explore. Here are some of the best dive spots in the Bahamas.

1. The Blue Hole/The Crater in Andros - If you dived the Blue Hole in Belize, you might want to also jump in the blue hole that is also known as the Crater in the Bahamas. It has unique topography and even a cave system below. Compared to the Blue Hole in Belize, it is richer in marine life and you can spot some rays, turtles and eels. So if you haven't tried cave diving yet, that may just be the best place to start. 

2. James Bond Wrecks in New Providence - Bahamas diving features the unique experience of exploring the wrecks made famous by James Bond himself. You will be able to dive the Vulcan Bomber from the movie "Thunderball" from 1965 or the Tears of Allah that was used in the movie "Never say Never Again" from1983. Besides reliving the movies, the sites have beautiful marine life, are relatively easy to dive and the wrecks are covered with gorgeous coral.

Interested in diving shipwrecks? Check out our list of the best wrecks to scuba dive.

3. Current Cut in Eleuthera - If you love drift diving, you must not miss this dive spot. Between the islands, the tidal change forces wather through a narrow passage making it a proper adventure dive. Lots of Caribbean Reef fish pass by and you can even see sharks and rays. The current is quite strong, which makes it more suitable for advanced divers. 

4. Runaway Wall/Stuart's Cove Dive Bahamas in Nassau - The capital of the Bahamas itself provides plenty of great dive sites, but the Runaway Wall or also known as the Stuart's Cove Dive Bahamas has a shark arena where you can get thrilling encounters with sharks. Having a reputation for some of the best shark diving in the world, this dive site will not disappoint. 

5. Victory Reef in Bimini Island - This lively coral reef is home to a large variety of marine life. Scuba divers can spot turtles, Caribbean reef fish, sharks and rays. Besides marine life, it has some great swim-throughs and reef structures. 

6. Conception Island Wall in Long Island - This exceptional Bahamas scuba dive site boasts plummeting walls, swim-throughs, and caves. Here you can find some amazing drop-offs, superb visibility and a mix of soft and hard corals and sponges. 

7. Columbus Point in Cat Island - This remote dive site is truly breathtaking and has some great marine life to display. Its pinnacles attract lot's of marine life, especially groupers. The stronger currents and depth of the dive site is also bring plenty of pelagic sharks to the area. 

Want to learn more about the Bahamas? Check out the recap of our trip to Bimini, Bahamas.

bahamas diving

Diving Conditions

  • Water Temperatures: Summer water temps are in the 80s, while winter months drop to the mid-70s.
  • Visibility: Average visibility is between 80-100 ft.

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Travel Information 

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How to Get to the Bahamas

The largest airports in the Bahamas are at the capital Nassau, on New Providence, and Freeport, on Grand Bahama. Smaller airports are scattered amongst the other islands. Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau in the Bahamas is the largest international gateway into the country. The Freeport Grand Bahama International Airport receives international flights and the George Town International Airport on Exuma also receives a few international flights.  

 How to Dive the Bahamas

Scuba diving in the Bahamas is user-friendly. There are a lot of land-based dive operators in the Bahamas, but liveaboard dive travel is the most popular choice for those who want to explore the scuba diversity of the vast range of islands.  

Check out our Bahamas Liveaboards or our Bahamas Dive Resorts.

The Bahamas is also one of the best liveaboard destinations for beginner scuba divers


Best Time to Dive the Bahamas

The diving season in the Bahamas is year-round. The best time to dive would depend on what you're hoping to see since many of the marine animals are seasonal, i.e. whales, certain sharks like hammerheads and bull sharks.


Topside & Non-Diving Activities

The Bahamas offer something for everyone. Between dive days, there are many activities and attractions, including dolphin encounters, cultural and historical tours, golf, tennis, cycling, kayaking, snorkeling, canoeing, jet-skiing, kite surfing, parasailing, fishing, ecotourism, spas, shopping, and more. In the capital of Bahamas, Nassau, you can join Bahamian food tours to get a taste of the local cuisine and visit a local rum distillery for a proper Caribbean vibe. Of course, with some of the most dazzling beaches in the world available, many visitors to the Bahamas choose to simply enjoy the sunshine. 

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Other Useful Information 

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Practical Information

  • Currency: Bahamian dollar (BSD)
  • Language: The official language is English
  • Main Airport Code: NAS
  • Time Zone: UTC-5
  • Electricity: 120V, 60Hz

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Reviews (8)


For my second trip to the great Bahamas (01/14), I chose Bimini on the hope to encounter the Great Hammerhead.

1. The trip

The boat is located in Islamorada - FL, a short drive from either Miami of Ft Lauderdale airport, or in my case a quick drive from Orlando. The crossing to Bimini can be bumpy but for a short period, most of the navigation is done along and protected by the coast.

2. The boat

The boat is a research boat, a bit crowded at time but cozy and well equipped. There is plenty of power but not a lot of space for the equipment inside, remember to pack light on the accessories.

3. The crew

Joe Romeiro, Curt Slonim, Megan, Mike form a great team of people, helpful, always upbeat and ready for a good laugh. Also professional and well train underwater at managing shark dives.

4. The place

Bimini is a small island with great ambitions, the development of infrastructures and real estate is probably debatable but if you leave the politics on the side and focus on the scenery and the underwater rich live, there is a lot to love !

5. The Beast

Hammerheads are amazing, their shape is so special that you can take 1200 pictures of them and still be surprised that you just "found" a new angle. The Bahamas are beautiful for their marine life and if you are unlucky with the weather you would most likely be diving a great wreck or reef in the area, full of marine life. Also where else can you see bull sharks right at the dock at night ?

6. The conditions

Water is warm, even in winter. I dove a 5mm but could easily go by with a 3mm, the vis was great but since you are diving (for the hammerheads) on sandy bottom, one must be careful to not steer too much sand. You want to dive heavy since you are not going to swim around anyway and you want to be lock at the bottom for steady shots and video.

In summary:
This is probably not the best floating amenities in the world (how would I know anyway I have only done 3 liveaboard so far) but that's not what you are here for. You are here for the hammerheads and dive in confidence with a professional team that will go above and beyond to make your dives safe so that you can focus on getting that shot, yes, that shot you always wanted :)

Bonus: a quick video I'd like to share about this trip:

Visited on 01/2014 - Submitted on 02/04/2014
  • Reviewer
Culver City, CA
United States

I have only been to Nassau on Providence. But there are many other island to explore, some only by accessible by boat. A liveaboard trip would be highly recommendable. Water temps were 81 in July and i have seen higher in September where you don't need any cumbersome wet suits to wear. A rash shirt or skin is sufficient. Any type of mm wetsuit is overkill. Visibility is Ok, in the 50ft range with some green algae clouds it seems, so the deep blue water is probably better away from all the development. The island has seemingly an abundance of reef sharks and a shark feeding dive will offer pictures of a life time. But, there are turtles and a big diversity of fish to be seen. Stuart Coves is the number one dive outfit on the island. They have top of the line dive boats, are well organized, offer pick up service, have a fully stocked dive shop and professional crew. But they are a big company. Bahama Divers is smaller and more personal and also offers pick up service. There was some wave action off Paradise Island. The Bahamas are exposed to weather from the north and storm that bear down the east coast of the US can and will affect the Bahamas at certain times. There is some good shopping in Nassau, great restaurants, plus the Fish Fry market near town has restaurants offering a wide variety of conch dishes ranging from burgers to salads. Beaches are beautiful offering plenty of picture opportunities.

Visited on 07/2013 - Submitted on 02/07/2014
  • Top Reviewer
Los Angeles, CA
United States

Warm, clear water with decent life, and close dive sites. Diving in the Bahamas is easy and fun. There are a few wrecks, local reefs, and things are easy to access. The dive operators are plentiful but the prices aren't as cheap as you'll find in other Caribbean locations. I think this is because many of the cruise ships access the Bahamas (just my opinion).

I traveled to the Bahamas in July and dove with Bahama Divers at the following sites: James Bond Wreck, 5 Dollar Reef, and one more local site of Nassau. Our group only wore bathing suits as the water was warm enough for all the dives (80oF). We saw rays, turtles, lots of tropical fish, etc. My favorites are the parrot fish but I also enjoy seeing the angelfish, and drum fish.

Other things you can do in the area are go spend the day at the Atlantis Resort, rent ATVs and head into the hills.
Nassau is very touristy and you'll find all the beachy bars and restaurants, as well as all the shopping and resorts. A fun place for diving, eating and shopping.

Visited on 07/2004 - Submitted on 02/20/2014

San Salvadore, the Bahamas. A dive heaven. dives from 30 foot fish dives to bottomless wall dives with large sharks and rare corals. Night dives are spectacular. There is not a lot of beach diving but the great diving is only minutes from the dock. This is the ideal "take classes in cold USA and open-water dives in paradise. Just great diving.
The Riding Rock Inn is a bit old but exceptionally comfortable. Great bar and restaurant. You must try their Bahama Mama, best drink in the Caribbean. Not a lot else to do on the island. I guided group trips here in the 70's and still in the 2010's it is a dive paradise. when on the east coast it is my go-to dive site.

Visited on 02/2014 - Submitted on 02/22/2014

I had the opportunity to dive the Bahamas in the Summer of 2009.

By far the highlight of my diving was doing a shark feed with Stuart Cove. This dive offered a chance to swim with, at times, 30+ Caribbean reef sharks - which is a truly adrenaline filled experience. That said, at no time did I feel unsafe. Doing this shark dive is something that I would highly, highly recommend.

The diving in the Bahamas is suitable to all experience levels. The water is warm and clear, and there was little to no current on the dives that I did. While the highlight for me was the shark diving, the other dives that I did (albeit only a couple) were enjoyable - the life in the shallows was healthy and abundant.

Topside, the weather was always warm, though we did experience one heavy storm in the week we were there. As far as topside activities goes, the Bahamas has a well developed tourism industry with plenty to do for all ages.

Visited on 07/2009 - Submitted on 03/03/2014


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