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Destination: Mexico

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Dressel Divers Playa del Carmen Quick Pitch 

Dressel Divers dive center in Playa Del Carmen offers first-class scuba diving adventure. Playa Del Carmen is the scuba diving capital of the Yucatan, with a wealth of alternatives that allow Dressel Divers to better meet your dive expectations.


Dressel Divers Playa del Carmen Features

  • Dressel Divers has rental equipment that feels like it's every diver/s own! The dive equipment is premium quality, regularly maintained and replaced with new and innovative products over time. They offer a wide variety of gear so that persons of all statures and ages will find something that suits them.
  • The dive centers include state of the art equipment rooms staffed by employees who wash, disinfect and store client´s rental equipment. They also include a place to store personal dive equipment. Our cylinders, filling stations and compressors are operated and maintained by well trained qualified staff in strict compliance with the generally accepted industry standards and all instructions specific to the brands used.
  • The boats are exclusively designed and built for Dressel Divers under the strict supervision of Javier Ibran, a lifelong diver and the company´s founding President. Dive boats are tailored to provide ample space for equipment and clients, as well as an easy entry and exit into the water for divers. Cylinders are provided on board our boats, the majority of which are catamarans or trimarans (to limit movement due to waves and therefore seasickness).
  • All boats, furthermore, are equipped with a sunroof, fresh drinking water, a radio, a GPS device, oxygen, spare diving equipment, and everything else deemed mandatory by the United States Coast Guard. The engines, all top brands, are subject to ongoing monitoring and servicing by the in-house mechanics. Boat captains, moreover, all have First Aid medical training. Last but not least, with very few exceptions all boats have double engines.
  • Almost all staff obtained their professional diving qualifications with Dressel Divers' own PADI Career Development Center. They are therefore trained within our own philosophy and in harmony with the objectives of Dressel Divers. They will give you not only a great dive but also a very safe one!



Varies, depending on the type of package and the type of accommodations. Contact us for more information.


How to Get There

Flying to Cancun (CUN) is easy thanks to all the visiting tourists. From Cancun, it's a 45-minute drive to Playa Del Carmen. The drive from the airport to the Isla Mujeres ferry is about 30 minutes and the ferries run every half hour during the day. You can also fly directly into Cozumel (CZM).


Dive Overview 

Scuba diving options are seemingly everywhere: along Playa Del Carmen’s coastline, in the nearby jungle and off the island facing it. Scuba diving the Yucatan jungle’s caverns is another reason for including Playa Del Carmen in your dive plans. Depending on the time of the year, visitors can even scuba dive with sharks.



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Types of Rooms, Amenities and Photos

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Accommodation Overview

Dressel Divers is the company chosen by the prestigious Iberostar Hotel chain for the last twenty years to run diving activities on the premise of its luxury hotels in the Caribbean, to ensure that this service has the same quality as the hotels. Dressel Divers have a dive center 

directly on the beach of Iberostar Cozumel Hotel.

Dressel Divers Playa del Carmen is located in the beach at Iberostar Paraiso Beach, Iberostar Paraiso Lindo, Iberostar Quetzal, Iberostar Tucan, Iberostar Paraiso Maya, Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar and Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso.

Dressel Divers Playa del Carmen Dressel Divers Playa del Carmen

Dressel Divers Playa del Carmen Dressel Divers Playa del Carmen


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Dive Information

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Playa del Carmen Dive Overview

  • Incredible diving all year-round
  • Average visibility: +75 feet (+25 meters)
  • Coldest water temp.: 78.8 ºF (26 ºC)
  • Warmest water temp.: 87.8ºF (31 ºC)
  • Wetsuits (full) rentals: 1,2 inch / 3mm
  • Aluminum Tanks: 80 cubic feet (12 liters)
  • Full Tank: +/- 3,000 psi (200 bar)
  • INT Connection, DIN Adapters available


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Packages & Rates

Dressel Divers Playa del Carmen Packages, Details and Rates 

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Cenote Diving Excursions & Tours

  • During the Cenote diving excursion, be prepared to recover your regulator quickly! It may fall out of your mouth in astonishment. In the middle of the Yucatan jungle, there are small ponds, in which entrances have been discovered to sub- aquatic caverns, unique on the whole planet: the world famous Cenotes. The Dressel Divers Cenote dive excursions take you diving in two of the most impressive Cenotes and should you wish to repeat the excursion again two different ones.
  • In these ponds and caverns, visibility up to 200 feet / 60 meter is not uncommon, giving you the impression that you are floating in mid-air! You will see beams of sunlight 
  • penetrating the cavern shafts, creating a magic light show and also the halocline effect. Admiring the breathtaking limestone formations of these Cenote caverns is an exclusive privilege of divers vacationing in the Yucatan.
  • The Cenote tour takes you diving in caverns, not caves, which have sufficient sections where access to the surface is always possible. The Cenotes can be enjoyed by certified divers with normal diving equipment configuration, as long as they are accompanied by a Dressel Divers Cenote guide, and have good buoyancy control.
  • Frequency: Every day upon request, except for Sundays

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Whale Shark Snorkel Excursions & Tours

  • The whale shark snorkeling excursion and tour takes you swimming alongside the largest fish in the sea. Whale sharks are gentle giants that swim very slowly and calmly at the surface allowing snorkelers on excursion to keep pace with them.
  • Dressel Divers organizes snorkeling excursion to these impressive whale sharks several times a week, from mid-May to mid-September when they come to feed on the plankton between Ilsa Mujeres and Holbox! Although whale sharks have very imposing mouths no need to worry because they mainly use it to filter plankton which are microscopic plants and animals.
  • These kind creatures only visit this part of Mexico during a couple of months a year but when they do they come in great numbers making it one of the most famous whale shark get-togethers in the world. Join the meeting with one or our tours! We can assure you that it will be an unforgettable experience. DON’T MISS OUT ON THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME!
  • Frequency: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from May to mid-September

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Bull Shark Dive Excursions & Tours

  • The bull shark diving excursion is a scuba dream come true for divers who want to experience a very thrilling dive. The Dressel Divers bull shark tour puts you face to face with these imposing animals and delivers a memorable adrenalin rush. Diving with them lets you meet up with wild sharks on their own turf and gives you a very close look at these imposing ocean inhabitants.
  • What brings them here? No worries! Not you, but perhaps like you the fresh water of the cenotes! Bull sharks can also 
  • swim in freshwater and seek its feeling. They are drawn to the freshwater cenotes pump out into the sea nearby the dive site and also the abundant food supply of fish and turtles in the area.
  • Frequency: On Thursdays and Saturdays, Dressel Divers offers these wonderful dive excursions and tours with bull sharks. When? During winter months: November until mid-March.

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Cozumel Excursions & Tours

  • Join the Cozumel excursion and feel like Jacques Cousteau for a day on the very famous reefs he documented! Did you know that Cozumel is considered one of the most important reefs of the world? The Dressel Divers´ excursions to Cozumel are fantastic for BOTH DIVERS & SNORKELERS! All day long this excursion to Cozumel keeps friends and families with different interests together, except during the reef visits.
  • From your hotel on the mainland, the excursion staff will transfer you to and from the dive center in the luxurious Iberostar Cozumel Hotel, situated on the south side of the 
  • island RIGHT INSIDE THE MARINE PARK. On arrival, you will immediately receive a hotel day pass including a five-star buffet lunch, unlimited drinks and use of the hotel facilities.
  • The Iberostar Cozumel will be the home base for all excursion activities and moments of rest throughout the day. The excursion boats leave straight from the private hotel pier in front of the Dressel Divers shop to take you to the most famous reefs nearby.
  • Frequency: Every day upon request, except for Sundays

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Diving Rates


Rate (USD)

Contribution Hyperbaric Chamber, per dive


Single Dive Without Equipment Rental


Single Dive With Equipment Rental


Private Dive Without Equipment Rental


Private Dive With Equipment Rental




Boat Rider Dive



Diving Packages


Rate (USD)

Cozumel Plus Pack (2 Local, 2 Cozumel)


Cenotes Plus Pack (2 Local, 2 Cenotes)


Bull Shark Dive Extra (Bracelet incl.)


DSD plus Cozumel excursion


DSD plus Cozumel excursion for non Iberostar Customers


Shrimp Package(5+1)


Single dive in addition to Shrimp Package


Dolphin Package(9+3)


Single dive in addition to Dolphin Package


Whale Package(12+6)


Single dive in addition to Whale Package


Family Package(10+2)


Single dive in addition to Family Package


Gorilla Package (6 local dives, 1 night dive, 2 dives en Cenotes, 2 en Cozumel)


Single dive in addition to Gorilla Package


BEST OF Package ( 7 dives singles + exc. Cozumel + exc. Cenotes)


BEST OF Package ( 7 singles dives+ exc. Cenotes + exc. cozumel) NON IBEROSTAR



Equipment Rental


Price (USD)

Equipment Single Item Rental


Full Equipment Rental ( 1 DIVE )


Full Equipment Rental ( 1 TWO TANK DIVE )


Lamp Rental for 1 dive (with batteries)


Computer Rental ( 1 DIVE )


Chemical Light Rental (night dive)


Snorkel Equipment Rental 1 HOUR


Snorkel Equipment Rental 1/2 DAY


Snorkel Equipment Rental 24 HOURS


Snorkel Equipment Rental 48 HOURS





Rate (USD)

Cenotes Excursion (Dives not included)


Cozumel Excursion Marine Park Fee (per day)


Cozumel Excursion (Dives not included)


Cozumel Snorkel Excursion


Cozumel Snorkel Excursion NON IBEROSTAR


Cozumel Snorkel Excursion UNDER 6 YRS


Cozumel Snorkel Excursion NON IBEROSTAR UNDER 6 YRS


Snorkeling Excursion ( local )


Snorkeling Excursion ( local ) UNDER 6 YRS


Mayan Tour


Mayan Tour UNDER 6 YRS


Whale Shark Tour



Stay & Dive Deals 

Dressel Divers can organize fantastic all you can dive prices or combined hotel and dive rates! Please contact us for more information.

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Rates & Availability 

For more information on rates, availability and to book, drop us an email at info@bluewaterdivetravel.com or call us today at 310-915-6677. We will gladly help you plan your dream vacation!


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Other Information

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Practical Information

  • Local Currency: MXN (Mexican Peso)
  • International Airport: Cancun International Airport
  • Language: Spanish & English
  • Time Zone: UTC-7
  • Electricity: 110 V

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Got Questions? Ready to Book?

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And let us book your dream vacation!

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Underwater Gallery 

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