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Reef Oasis Dive Club Viva Bahamas


Destination: Bahamas

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Reef Oasis Dive Club Viva Bahamas Quick Pitch 

Reef Oasis Dive Club is a worldwide network of 5* PADI Dive Centers in Egypt - Bahamas - Dominican Republic. Together with a combined experience of over 20 years in the Diving field, Reef Oasis Diving Network is ready to offer you only A-Class - top notch Quality Scuba Diving and teach beginners all the wide range of the available PADI Courses in the wonderful waters of the Grand Bahamas Atlantic Ocean.

Reef Oasis Viva Bahamas currently serves ONLY the guests staying at Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort.


Reef Oasis Dive Club Viva Bahamas Features

  • Offers free trial dive
  • Offers guided diving
  • Offers PADI courses
  • Offers snorkeling trips
  • Free Nitrox
  • Supplied by Mares and Scubapro equipment, Coltri and Bauer Compressors and Shop
  • All divers students are insured and maximum standards of safety are applied to any activities



The dive center is located in Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort.


Dive Overview

Grand Bahamas offers some of the best SCUBA diving. From great wrecks to excellent reef and wall dives, shore diving and diving from boats. With an assortment of marine life- Grand Bahamas has it all.



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Types of Rooms, Amenities and Photos

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Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort

Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort


Reef Oasis Dive Club Viva Bahamas Accommodation Overview

Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach is situated overlooking a 1,200 meter stretch of white sand and crystal-clear water beaches. Heavenly moments await in one of their 276 spectacular ocean or garden-view rooms surrounded by exotic, lush vegetation. This enchanting resort is the only one in Grand Bahama Island offering a versatile all-inclusive vacation package bursting with energy and action. The resort offers fun for the entire family.

Vacations at Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach include accommodations, all meals and snacks, unlimited beverages, cocktails and wine, kid’s club, selection of water and land sports, theme nights and the most striking shows, as well as discothèques.



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Dive Information

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Diving with Viva Bahamas 

Dive with the Big Boys and experience diving like never before! We will take you to dive with our Shark Expert to see Tiger Sharks, Caribbean Reef Sharks, Atlantic Lemon Sharks, Atlantic Nurse Sharks. Our boat departs directly from our beach in Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort. Reef Oasis Dive Club offers top-notch Quality Scuba Diving and teaches all the wide range of the available PADI Courses in the crystal waters of the Grand Bahamas. All divers start with a regular afternoon dive from the boat; they will get an orientation briefing on the 1st day, make a weights check, get familiar with procedures etc. This afternoon dive is mandatory before joining dives with sharks or/and morning boat trips. If the last dive was one year ago or more, the divers start with a refresher (refresh package).


Dive Sites

  • CAVES 1 and 2 - Two very interesting sites, well worth the visit. The site is comprised of thick spur and groove coral formations, teeming with life. So many cracks, nooks, crannies and hiding places for fish that it is almost impossible to see everything! Both Moorings are set along a sloping drop-off. Starting at 60’ sloping to about 80-90’ at the bottom. In the deepest part of this site, it is possible to see a sunken chamber. Groupers, Jacks, Remoras and sharks, from neighboring Shark alley, are frequent sightings. At both sides of this site, there are various swim-throughs to explore.
  • GALE'S GROTTO - Sharks and spotted rays are frequently seen here. There is a coral cavern that passes through the reef for about 100 feet. The cavern is inhabited by soldier and squirrelfish.
  • SEA STAR WRECK - (Formerly Emmanuelle) was sunk in April 2002. The ship is approximately 180 foot long and sits upright, in 2 sections in around 90 feet of water. As a freighter, she has a cavernous cargo hold which is open to exploration, where the diver can see evidence of how the ship was made ready for sinking, with cement ballast and holes in the side of the hull still visible. The wreck is now home to many varied species of fish and plant life, including some of the biggest arrow crabs in the area. Other interesting aspects of the dive include a small crane on the deck full of schooling snapper, and the chance for more experienced divers to explore the galley, crew quarters and wheelhouse
  • PLATE REEF - Many varieties of hard coral have formed here. Many plate coral overlap above the surge channels. The blue hole here is quite large and comes right out of the side of a high profile coral. Mahogany and yellowtail snappers, goatfish, and French grunts are usually seen. A staff favorite
  • THEO'S WRECK - Theo's Wreck dive site is located about 1.5 miles from the coast. The wreck is about 230 feet long and rests on the ocean floor on its port side, between the deep reef and the drop-off at a depth of about 101 feet. The bow points landward and the stern seaward, she rests on a flat, sandy floor, among a few isolated coral banks. Two permanent buoys, one at the bow and one at the stern, mark the ship's position. The waters around the wreck are subject to currents that vary according to the tides; use the buoys for safe resurfacing. Since she was sunk in 1982, the ship has become home to numerous fish and is now covered with rich vegetation. The bow anchor chain, in particular, has splendid gorgonian sea fans. The shaded part of the hull is completely smothered in orange false gorgonians.
  • PAPA DOC WRECK - A group of mercenaries headed to fight in the Haitian revolution to overthrow Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier made it no further than this spot. Their 70-foot boat sunk in a storm in 1968. As recently as ten years ago, ammunition clips could still be found among the scattered coral heads. Two engine blocks and assorted sections of the old shrimper are still visible.
  • ANGELS' CAMP - At the mooring pin you find sections of coral running from east to west. Running parallel to this is a large sand channel – an extension of shark alley. Queen, Grey and French Angelfish are often encountered in the area. Great place to find lobsters, stingrays, spotted drums and even the odd Gray Caribbean reef shark. A nice relaxing second dive.
  • BENS BLUE HOLE - This classic site could be considered our ‘house reef’ as its right in front of the resort. Mooring is set at about 40-45ft in a coral head, directly south of the pin you 
  • can see a large sunken horseshoe shape in the sand, this is bens blue hole. The Blue hole is a funnel, or channel for freshwater to come out into the sea, the water mixing creates an interesting place for fish to hang out. 
  • Often you will find a large green moray eel or grouper hanging out under the ledge of the blue hole. We also see loggerhead turtles here regularly. This site is very good for photographers on a sunny day who like to coral head hop.
  • PYGMY CAVES - The high profile corals here form small caves. One would have to be the size of a pygmy to swim through them! Quite often Lobsters or spotted morays are hiding in these small crevices. Here you will also see lapping plates of hard coral. Frequently you will see schools of spadefish near the surface.
  • ANN’S PARADISE - Anne was a local school teacher and diving enthusiast. This site was Anne’s favorite. A very pretty site with plenty coral growth - rows of thick coral heads. Always plenty of flamingo tongues and lettuce leaf slugs on this reef. Hogfish and yellowtail snapper are frequently seen.
  • ROSE GARDEN - This site features long lines of solid coral separated by surge channels. On the top of one particular coral head, right at the bottom of the mooring line, is a blue hole that shoots straight up. Schools of white grunts, Bermuda chub and black triggerfish inhabit the area around the hole
  • HYDRO LAB - The eastern side of shark alley. Connects with angels camp and Pretenders wreck. Comprised of scattered coral heads and sandy bottom, and lots of sharks! Called hydro Lab for the sunken Hyperbaric chamber holding down the mooring line.
  • PRETENDERS WRECK - The Western side of shark alley. Connects with hydro Lab to the East and Caves Sites to the south. A very interesting dive with many options for a tour. Named ‘pretenders wreck’ for the 45’ upside down tugboat hull holding down the mooring line. Plenty of Grey Caribbean Reef Sharks circling the area, along with Hugh Groupers, Schooling Jacks and Spadefish, often a stingray or two. And you never know what else!
  • PICASSO GALLERY - Shape of this reef forms a rough ‘painters palette’. It is said the coral heads at this site are like masterpieces in an art gallery, you move from one piece to the next seeing what each one has to offer. Colors are fantastic – considered a photographers delight. Lots of small life, Arrow crabs, slugs, juveniles. You will often find a stingray or a stray reef shark.
  • REEF CARIBE - This site features three lines of isolated coral heads running parallel to each other. Look carefully for Christmas tree worms and feather dusters. The tops of the heads are covered with assorted gorgonian and sea fans. Hogfish seem to frequent the area as well as stingrays with their ever-present jack escorts
  • LADY OF LUCAYA - Next to the mooring is a large swim through which is sometimes filled with silversides, especially during the summer months. Just east of the mooring on the other side of the opening is a winged statue that guards the entrance of the swim-through.
  • OCTOPUSSY GARDEN - Here can be found a sunken tugboat around 55 ft. in length, lying in the rocky and sandy seabed, surrounded by coral heads. Very often you can see here big groupers reef sharks, snappers, stingrays.

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Packages & Rates

Reef Oasis Dive Club Viva Bahamas Packages, Details and Rates 

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Reef Oasis Bahamas Rates

All rates are in USD. According to the Bahamian tax law, customers will be charged 10% VAT at the dive center.


Standard Dive Packages 

Dive package is personal and includes: tanks, belt, weights, guide. Not included: 10% VAT, shark dives, dive insurance, equipment rental, supplements. Prices valid until 31st Dec 2023.

Dive Packages


1 dive


2 Dives


3 Dives


4 Dives


5 Dives


6 Dives


7 Dives


8 Dives


9 Dives


10 Dives


Price per dive after 10th dive



Extras & Supplements



Night dive & early morning dive (torch is not included, min. 4 divers)


Theo's & Sea Star wrecks (minimum 4 AOWD divers required)


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Diving with Sharks

Caribbean Shark dive includes: tank, weights, belt, shark guide, equipment, FREE VIDEO. Not included: 10% VAT.

Tiger Beach trip includes: tanks, weights, belt, professional shark guide, equipment, FREE VIDEO of your dives. Lunch box, coke, water and transfer to West end and back. Not included: 10% VAT, Shark diving insurance. Prices valid until 31st Dec 2023.

Shark Diving


1 dive with Caribbean Reef Sharks at Sharks Alley / Pretenders Wreck


2 dives with Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach - 6 persons (per person)


2 dives with Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach - 5 persons (per person)


2 dives with Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach - 4 persons (per person)


2 dives with Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach - 3 persons (per person)


2 dives with Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach - 2 persons (per person)


2 dives with Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach - 1 person$2735


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PADI Courses 2023

All courses include use of diving equipment. The equipment will be Free of charge after the courses listed above except Refresh Package. Not included: 10% VAT, dive insurance, certification and manual. Prices valid until 31st Dec 2023.



BUBBLEMAKER (pool only)






















Scuba Review (pool session only - equipment)


Book & Certification fee


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Snorkeling Trips 2023

Included: mask, fins, snorkel, life jacket and water. Not included: 10%VAT. Prices valid until 31st Dec 2023.



Rainbow Reef (adult)


Rainbow Reef (child until 12 years)


Peterson Cay (adult)


Peterson Cay (Child until 12 years)


Excursionist for the boat tour (no diving/ no snorkelling)


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Viva Bahamas can offer All Inclusive accommodation at Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort. Contact us for details.

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Rates & Availability 

For more information on rates, availability and to book, drop us an email at or call us today at 310-915-6677. We will gladly help you plan your dream vacation!

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Other Information

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Practical Information

  • Local Currency: BSD (Bahamian Dollar)
  • Accepted Payment: Cash & Credit Card (Mastercard & Visa)
  • International Airport: Grand Bahama International Airport
  • Language: English
  • Time Zone: UTC-5

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Got Questions? Ready to Book?

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Underwater Gallery 

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Reef Oasis Dive Club Viva Bahamas Reef Oasis Dive Club Viva BahamasReef Oasis Dive Club Viva Bahamas Reef Oasis Dive Club Viva BahamasReef Oasis Dive Club Viva Bahamas Reef Oasis Dive Club Viva Bahamas Reef Oasis Dive Club Viva Bahamas


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