Anilao Spring Workshops

Bluewater Photo's 2017 Anilao Underwater Photo Workshop 

Join Bluewater Photo in April/May 2017 for the tenth Anilao workshop, and some amazing reef and critter diving at Crystal Blue Resort.


Two Workshops Offered:

April 27 - May 7, 2017
May 7 - May 17, 2017
Shared Accommodations - $2.299
Single Accommodations - $2,849

*Prices are based in USD


Why Join This Amazing Trip?

  > Debatably of the best Macro diving in the world!
  > Awesome itineraries, packed full of diving and workshop lessons
  > One of our most popular workshops offered
  > 3 Trip leaders in one trip!  Leaders who care about their guests' experiences


Why Travel with Bluewater?

  > "Bluewater helped me out when I needed it most, the airline wouldn't let me board because of a Visa issue.  They saved my butt" - Ray Tsusuki
  > Great support if flight/weather issues occur
  > Gear discounts and other benefits
  > We book resorts/ liveaboards that offer the best overall value


Trip Details

Anilao boasts some of the richest reefs in the world. Whether at 10ft or 100ft beneath the surface, you will be inundated with photo subjects that will fill up your memory card before the day is over. Almost all species on our critter list can be found in Anilao - such as Rhinopiasblue-ring octopushairy frogfish, pipefish, flamboyant cuttlefish & Bobbit worms. Anilao is also the nudibranch capital of the world!

Your 2 Bluewater hosts are currently TBA, but in addition, Anilao expert Mike Bartick will be at both workshops! Mike knows the Anilao reefs inside and out, and will show you where to take that perfect wide-angle, macro or critter behavior shot.

  > $2,299 includes 10 nights accommodations, 36 dives (includes night dives) and all meals.
  > Deluxe accommodations in sealed rooms with air-conditioning
  > Small 'dive guide to diver' ratios and long dive times
  > Daily photo clinics and workshops to help you improve your photography
  > Single rooms are available. Please email us for rates.
  > We will visit the best dive sites early and often! Most sites are just 10 - 20 minutes from the resort.
  > Prizes for photographing the most critters, the most nudibranch species, best video, and the best   macro, wide-angle, and behavior shots
  > Photographers with even the smallest point and shoot camera will feel very welcome here, and you will go home with some great shots
  > Additional costs: Nitrox ($99 for the week), transfers ($100 round trip from Manila airport), airfare


Read the reviews of Crystal Blue Resort here

See more photos from Anilao at the Anilao 2011 shootout page, and on our Guide to diving Anilao


Trip Itinerary 

Day one of the trip (i.e. arrival day) will include two dives in the afternoon. It is recommended that you arrive either the day before and spend the night at an airport hotel, or arrive before 10am on the morning of the first day. There are no refunds for missed dives if you arrive late!

Each subsequent day of the trip includes four dives consisting of two in the morning and two in the afternoon. There will be underwater photo seminars and image reviews in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

On the second to last day there will be two morning dives and departure will be on the following day at 8 am back to MNL.  Shuttle transfers take approx 3.5 hours between Anilao-Manila so book your departure flight sometime in the afternoon (we recommend anytime after 2:30-3:00 PM to be safe). 

*If your flight doesn't depart until the evening, you may want to consider getting a "day room" somewhere in Manila so you can be dropped off there instead of the airport so early!


Flight / HOTEL Information

We recommend guests arrive into Manila one day before the workshop begins and stay in a nearby hotel.  We have 3 hotel recommendations for guests; The Manila Marriott, or Resorts World Hotel - both very close to the airport.  The 3rd is the Oxford Suites Best Western which is about 30-40 minutes from the airport but is cheaper and a more desireable area (You can get there for about $8 USD via taxi).  Alternatively, you can arrive at the Manila airport (code: MNL) the morning of first day of the workshop before 10am and the shuttle will pick you up directly from the airport.  Everyone will leave in the morning of the last day (approx 8:00am) and be transferred back to the airport.  Booking an afternoon/evening flight would be advised.  If you have any questions, please email us for recommended departure/arrival times. We will arrange your transport to the resort.


Payment Schedule

In order to book a spot on this trip, we will need the following information;

  > A $500 deposit holds your spot. 
  > Final payment must be made by February 1st, 2017.
  > Send us your infomation including your full name, contact number, best time to reach you, email address and T-shirt size


Trip Testimonials

To get a little insight as to what the workshop is like, read some detailed testimonals from our 2012 trip, here!

"This was the best organized and informative photo trip that I have been on, and I’ve been on a few.” - Harry O'Neil


Trip Leader Testimonials

"If you haven't been to a Bluewater Photo workshop you need to go. My wife and I attended the Anilao Philippines workshop and not only had a great time diving but the help with our photo equipment and fine tuning of settings from Brent Durand and Tommy Stylski was extremely helpful. Brent has a great talent of critiquing your photos that is both helpful and fun. We will be going to this workshop again." - Barry Cline 
"I had planned to tag along to the May 2016 Anilao photo workshop as a critter spotter. However, after sitting in on the first day of the workshop sessions I was inspired to use my husband's backup camera and take some shots myself. Brent's critiques were both helpful & artistic and the art aspects got me hooked. Tommy was a great help in the camera room. We had a fabulous time & hope to dive with Bluewater again soon!" - Jody Cline
"Brent was a great trip leader as well as dive guide… he was incredibly flexible and easy going. He helped with everything from arranging flights, carrying luggage, as well as setting up cameras…
The trip was well planned and Brent always was open to suggestions. He is an amazing photographer and is always willing to share his knowledge and skill. He really made the trip rewarding and fun..." - Susan Scheer
"Last May 2016 we joined an amazing group of UW photographers to attend the workshop that you guys and Mike Bartick at Crystal Blue Resort Anilao in Philippines organised. We had the great pleasure to deal with two amazing, professional group leaders who are Brent Durand and Tommy Stylski. We had the privilege to share many dives with those two amazing guys. Brent directed the workshop most days and certainly the hours spent learning more about UW photography were really worth it. Always a smile on his face, always grateful but so humble. His way of interacting with the group was second to none. His advise, critics, comments led us to such an improvement in our way to see UW photography, that everything became easier. He had no hesitation to be hands on underwater and helped in the position of the photographer, the settings of the camera and strobes, the thinking beyond the subject, the thoughts about the goals when taking a photo. 
His knowledge is so deep that nothing was a problem, always a solution to offer, and a lot of dedication for the beginners we are. 
We will not hesitate to join him again in the future as he made our trip an unforgettable one." - Serge Bonnafoux


Contact Us

  • Email for more info and to book your spot!
  • Call  us at (310) 915-6677
  • Stop by our office at 3961 Sepulveda Blvd, Suite 206 Culver City, CA 90230


Photos from Previous Trips

crystal blue resort in Anilao

Banded Seasnake from our 2016 workshops


crystal blue resort in Anilao

Sea Spider from our 2016 workshops


crystal blue resort in Anilao

Christmas Tree Worm from our 2016 workshops


crystal blue resort in Anilao

Bluering Octopus from our 2016 workshops


From the 2012 Anilao workshop


From the 2012 Anilao workshop


From the 2012 Anilao workshop


From the 2012 Anilao workshop


giant sea horse in soft coral

Photograph giant seahorses in soft coral


anilao workshop

Mating mandarin fish, from the Anilao 2011 workshop


Lionfish, from the 2011 workshop


Mantis shrimp with eggs, from the 2011 workshop


rare Anilao pipehorse

Rare pipehorse, from the 2011 workshop


Goby on a sea pen, from the 2011 workshop


bumblebee shrimp

Bumblebee shrimp, from the 2011 workshop


Common scene on an Anilao reef, from the 2011 workshop


Flamboyant cuttlefish from 2011 workshop


Spawning anemone, from 2011 workshop, photo by Ingrid Jensen.


Lacy rhinopia, photo by Annika Persson, from the 2011 workshop.


Mimic octopus, from 2011 workshop, photo by Jim Willoughby


Anilao reef

Anilao is full of healthy reefs like this one


anilao bobbit worm

It's a great place to see the Bobbit worm


frogfish underwater photo

Lots of frogfish in Anilao!


hairy squat lobster

We'll find lots of these guys for sure


anilao nudibranchs

It's not uncommon to find over 100 nudibranch species on a trip, like these grazing Ceratosoma trilobatum

We also will see tons of crinoids, giant barrel sponges, mantis shrimp, garden eels, gobies, shrimps, crabs, seahorses, pipefish, several octopus species, and every kind of fish imaginable. Our group collectively will probably also find over 100 nudibranch species. There are calm sites, and sites with currents and pelagics. Muck and lush coral sites.


Photos of Accomodation - Crystal Blue Resort

crystal blue resort in Anilao

Here are the rooms at Crystal Blue Resort, near Anilao's best dive sites. The resort has a bar, restaurant, spa, jacuzzi, awesome food and great rooms - along with a great dive center that pumps Nitrox!

crystal blue resort in Anilao

Mike Bartick teaching some photo pointers during our 2015 workshops!

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